Best Uganda Boat Cruise Tours

Boat Cruise Tours: Uganda the pearl of Africa has several destinations for a boat cruise which visitors ought not to miss out on a Uganda safari making Uganda the best destination for people that enjoy spending ample time sailing on the water and have a close view of the aquatic mammals and other mammals that visit the water bodies to quench their thirst. Uganda is blessed with several water vessels ranging from lakes, rivers, waterfalls, among others that favor boat cruise and harbor a variety of wildlife like Hippos, crocodiles, fish and also provide water for other wildlife and human beings. Boat cruise safari is always combined with other tourism activities such as hiking, game drive, birding, and many more.

In fact, several visitors on a Uganda safari usually combine Boat cruise tours with the Uganda wildlife safari since they go hand and hand to bring out the best experience and delightful safari and below are the best National parks and places in Uganda that offer best boat cruise tours alongside other activities.

Boat cruise tours at Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls national park is located near Masindi district and is managed by the Uganda Wildlife authority in order to preserve the wildlife in their habitats. This park is known due to its several attractions including beautiful fauna and flora. 

The boat cruise tours in Murchison falls national park can be done either in the morning or in the afternoon depending on the visitor’s choice. Morning cruise best known as the Delta launch cruise starts at 8:00 am in the morning with the briefing at the head office offering the best trail to the shoebill stork where visitors watch as many shoebills as possible in one place. The shoebill trail normally follows the Hippo trail. This cruise trails downstream the Nile and proceeds towards Lake Albert shores offering the best opportunity to the birders. Bird species along this trail include the rare shoebills, the goliath heron, francolin, kingfishers and many more birds and the best birding hours are morning hours thus delta cruise is best done in the morning. However, visitors interested in enjoying the view of the sun as it goes down should opt for an evening Nile Delta Cruise.

The boat cruise upstream is usually done in two shifts that is the morning that sets off at 9:00am and the evening  Boat cruise sets off at 2:00 pm on a daily basis upstream to the bottom of the falls with several sightings along the shores such as the beautiful nature, water birds such as king fishers, aquatic mammal such as Hippopotamus crocodiles, Semi-aquatic mammals such as elephants and ground mammals like herds of Buffalos, Uganda Kob, giraffes which are normally seen during the evening boat cruise as they feast on the vegetation along the shores of the Nile River and quench their thirst. Most visitors normally combine the evening boat cruise with hiking to the top of the falls for the best view of the falls and the park. This combination of the Boat cruise with hiking to the top of falls is very appropriate since the boat sails up to the base of the falls and it’s the exact starting point for hiking to the top. All these cruises on Murchison Falls national park set off from Paraa Jetty and are managed by the Paraa lodge. Visitors may choose to book a 5 days muchusion falls safari including the chimpanzee trekking in Budongo, boat cruise and the Delta launch cruise on the Albert delta to spend enough time on the water and feel the breath taking freshness of the pearl of Africa, and enjoy the game drive around the park plus the Rhino trek along the way to the park or from the park at Ziwa rhino sanctuary.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Boat Cruise

The boat cruise tour in Queen Elizabeth national park is carried out on the Kazinga channel located in Mweya peninsula which is also known as the destination for birders with plenty of bird species such as the bee-eaters, crested crane (the Uganda National Bird), Pink-backed Pelican, yellow-billed stork, rare shoebill stork and many more seen during the boat cruise along the 40m long channel that joins lake Albert to lake George. Several mammals including the bloat of hippos bathing and trailing, crocodiles, and herds of buffalos are seen during the evening boat cruise as they flock the shores for water and fresh pasture for the case of herbivores. The cruise on the Kazinga channel is conducted in the morning, afternoon and evening with three rounds a day. However, the best time is in the afternoon and evening when most of the mammals are flocking the shores to quench their thirst and cool their bodies. The cruise lasts 2-3 hours and it can be done alongside game drive in Queen Elizabeth national park. Check out our 4 days Queen Elizabeth safari with tree-climbing lions, chips trekking, boat cruise, and the game drive to have maximum experience of your tour.

Lake Mburo National Park Boat Cruise Tour

Lake Mburo national park has 5 lakes inside the park thus creating an excellent boat cruise tour for water lovers. Several mammals such as the crocodiles, Hippos, several water birds such as kingfishers, African fish eagle and other aquatic mammals are seen in the water and along the shores. There are several mammals such as the elands, impalas, giraffe, antelopes, and the beautiful savanna grassland vegetation. The boat cruise on lake Mburo lasts between 2-3 hours and to enjoy the best safari, visitors can join the boat cruise tour with other activities in the park to enable them have ample time in the park. Check out our package for 3 days lake Mburo national park for the best offer that includes the game drive, boat cruise, bicycle tours, sport fishing and guided nature walks

Boat cruise tours on River Nile

Boat cruise on river Nile is carried out on two sides that’s is the side of the source where the cruise sails towards the source of the Nile at the exact spot that was confirmed to be the origin of the Nile River. At this spot, visitors are in position to visit the Speke monument and another side of the Itanda falls which is the best destination for several sightings

Itanda falls found on the river Nile are known for hosting several visitors all over the world to enjoy the boat cruise, white water rafting, kayaking, quad biking, bungee jumping, and sport fishing. The boat cruise on the Nile is as fascinating as visitors sail on top of the second-longest river in the world (after river Amazon) with a delight pleasure of the whirling burble of water whilst staring at several water birds and other mammals along the shores of the river. Book a 1-day tour / 2 days tour to river Nile and experience the true beauty of Uganda and Africa at large.

Boat Cruise Tours in Uganda
Boat Cruise Tours in Murchison Falls National Park

Boat cruise tours on Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is amongst the deepest lake in Africa found in the middle of two districts that is Kisoro and Kabale both bordering Rwanda boarders. The boat cruise tour on Lake Bunyonyi is also referred to as canoeing along any of the 29 islands found on Lake Bunyonyi. Visitors who wish to exploit more about the formation of these beautiful islands on Lake Bunyonyi should opt for a one to 2 days lake bunyonyi tour. During the cruise/canoe ride, several water birds are seen, mammals and the local Bakiga people are also seen in their farms. Apart from the boat cruise, there are other several activities to do whilst on a Lake Bunyonyi tour which include; Bird watching, swimming, the mountain biking, Cultural tours meeting and interacting with the Batwa and Bakiga

When is the best season for boat cruise tours in Uganda?

Boat cruise in Uganda can be done at any time all year round according to the visitors’ choice. However, the best recommended season to cruise in Ugandan national parks is during the dry seasons when the parks are a bit dry for the vehicles to drive on and view clearly the mammals while sailing on the water.

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