Zanzibar Island is a Tanzanian group of islands situated off the East African coast. So many tourists go on Zanzibar safaris annually and mainly for beach holidays. The island is one of the top destinations to visit in Africa for excursions. Its beaches are apparently among the best in the continent with a whole lot of water sport activities to engage in. Right on the main island, Unguja lies the stone town (a world heritage site) – an area full of history that dates way back. The town has a lot of Swahili and Arab influences. So many Arabs live here till date! You will see this on your budget and luxury Zanzibar safari holidays. The smaller of these islands are Mnemba, Chapwani, Tumbatu, Chumbe, Bawe and Changuu (Prison Island). Nyange and Pange are just some of the sandbank isles.

So many travelers misunderstand Zanzibar safaris. What comes first in their minds is beach holidays not knowing this island is a great place for cultural encounters and primate experiences. This island offers so much to see in the Jozani Forest Reserve. This forest is one of the finest places to see primates in Tanzania. Primate species like the kirk’s red colobus and sykes’ monkeys are common sights around here. Add this destination on your Zanzibar holidays bucket list and drown in its astornishing beauty. The northern areas of Nungwi and Kendwa are lined with wide beautiful beaches and hotels. These beaches are a true passport to paradise! It is from here where you will watch the old traditional dhows floating on the water of the ocean. The House of Wonders – a 19th century infrastructure that once sheltered one of the greatest sultans is an attraction you should not fail to see when you visit. See some of our Zanzibar holiday packages below.

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