Uganda gorilla trekking experiences are simply awesome and memorable, reason why scores of tourists make their respective long journeys to Uganda to reconcile with these long time brothers and sisters of ours in the thick forests of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Mountain Gorilla tracking remains one of the brightest stars in the Uganda tourism industry simply because Uganda harbors over half the world’s total population of the remaining endangered mountain gorillas in it’s forests of Bwindi. Embarking on a safari to Uganda for gorilla trekking means spotting these primates in huge numbers, something that every traveler would wish for! That’s one thing that makes Uganda exceptional from the rest of the two countries that harbor mountain gorillas (Congo and Rwanda) hence, should also be a strong reason for you to choose Uganda over the rest of the countries for memorable gorilla encounters. These gorillas share over 97% of human DNA hence, will act no different from you, try to mimic your actions or even get emotional in front of you, which are all indicators of how our past cousins lived and behaved before major transformation of the human species.

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