Uganda is a very good destination to spot the endangered Mountain Gorillas harboring over 500 of them, almost half the percentage of the entire Mountain Gorillas in the World. The mountain gorillas in Uganda can be found at two national parks: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Mountain Gorillas in Uganda

These Mountain Gorillas in Uganda attract thousands of tourists each year because very many tourists want to see gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. Tracking Mountain Gorillas has generated a lot of revenue to the country which has helped the facilitate the respective national parks and cater for their habitats too. You need a Gorilla Trekking permit to be eligible to carry out Gorilla Trekking and each permit goes for about $600 during the peak and low season.

During the Gorilla Tracking activity, tourists usually own some time to interact with the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda and are usually given a certain amount of time for interaction with the primates. This is a perfect opportunity for Visitors to see the traits of mountain gorillas along with their characters.

Besides the interaction, tourists are also permitted to snap some photographs of mountain gorillas except that the camera flash shouldn’t be active since it scares them away and might annoy some of them which might lead to conflicts. While in Uganda for Gorilla Tracking, never hesitate to take all the photographs you can because you got to look at them after and appreciate the adventure you had in Uganda.

Mountain gorillas are wild animals and have feelings just like humans implicating any activity or action they find odd might make them aggressive and counter tourists. This shouldn’t scare you because you have armed ranges by your side to protect you during Gorilla Trekking but it doesn’t give you leverage to go odd against mountain gorillas.

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