The Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary / Reserve is fit for an exceptional recognition and is quite huge under the sponsorship of the European Union. This project re-introduced the extinct rhinos in Uganda and aims to increase it’s numbers with years. Most of our Uganda safaris tours to Murchison Falls National Park have brief stopovers at this Rhino Sanctuary.

Ziwa Rhino

It’s first phase was in 2001 when the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) that is situated in Entebbe got 2 white rhinos. When they received the Rhinos, an array beginning with 5 rhinos were placed in highly protected and fenced areas of approximately 68 square kilometers.

Till today there are 2 young rhinos with the last one being born in 2009. It’s claimed they will be shifted to Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley National park when they increase in numbers.┬áThe Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife ranch is situated in Nakasongola district and is the habitat of the only wild rhinos in Uganda. The Rhino revival project is an initiative of two organizations, Rhino Fund Uganda and Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is situated about one hundred and seventy six kilometers (approximately 100 miles) north of Kampala on the Gulu highway as you are heading towards Murchison Falls National Park. Before reaching Murchison Falls National Park, you branch off at Nakitoma trading center. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is the only place in Uganda where you will get the opportunity to see rhinos in the wild.

Ziwa Rhino

At the moment the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is a habitat to fifteen southern white rhinos. Ziwa Rhino sanctuary has become very popular with tourists in the recent years. It’s a perfect spot for rhino trekking, nature walks, bird watching and relaxation.

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