Nyungwe forest national park is one of Rwanda’s most visited places boasting with very rich biodiversity supporting over 1000 types of plants, 75 mammal species, 13 species of primates, 120 species of butterflies and 275 species of birds. Nyungwe forest is the largest remaining montane forest in Africa, the park covers an area of 970 kilometers squared and it was established in the year 2004. Nyungwe rainforest is located in the southern part of Rwanda at the border of Burundi to the south, Democratic Republic of the Congo to the western part of Rwanda. Nyungwe rainforest national park is the best preserved Montana rainforest in central Africa. Its a great place for Rwanda gorilla safaris.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe forest national park is located in watershed between the basin of river Congo to the west part of the river Nile to the east. Nyungwe Forest National Park covers an area of approximately 975 km of grassland, swamps, bamboo, rain forest and many more.

Nyungwe forest has a wide variety of animal species which contains about 13 primates, 1200 plant species,300 bird species, 38 reptile species and many more that can be spotted. The Nyungwe canopy walkway is the only one of its kind in east Africa, the walk starts with a 30 minute hike, the walkway is very fascinating up to 50 meters above the ground though scary the spectacular views of the rainforest canopy are very magical plus lots of animals and birds to be observed from the tree tops.

Nyungwe forest national park is also a birders paradise gifted with over 250 species of birds 27 of which are endemic to the Albertine rift, some of the birds tourists can expect to see are Ruwenzori turacos, red breasted sparrow hawks, stripe breasted tit parus fasciventer, Neumann’s warbler, yellow eyed black fly catcher, handsome francolin, archers robin chat, red collared warbler, regal sunbird, red throated alethe, grauers thrush warbler, Ruwenzori apalis, Ruwenzori night jar, Batis diops, Shelley’s crimson wing, Kungwe apalis and francolins nobilis to mention a few.

Chimpanzee trekking is one of the most sought safari activities in Africa and Rwanda is one of the country’s that can offer you this thrilling encounter. This experience only costs 90 dollars per person which is less expensive than a gorilla permit. Trekking chimpanzees can take about 2-6 hours time. Nyungwe forest national park is home to various wildlife like forest elephants, bush bucks, giant forest hogs, Bush babies and various primates like Angola colobus monkeys, silver monkey, L’Hoest monkey, Dents Mona monkey, black and white colobus monkey, grey cheeked mangabeys, vervet monkey , olive baboons and many more.

Nyungwe forest national park boasts with the highest number of colobus monkeys in Africa, this only coats 70 dollars per person and commences at the park headquarters taking about 2-5 hours time. Nyungwe forest national park boasts with 13 hiking trails, this trails have got different sight seeing’s to offer and you can even trek them for one week. There are short trails of even one hour and others up to eight hours. Some of the hotels tourists can sleep while in Nyungwe forest national park are Gisakura guest house, Mount Bigugu campsite, Nyungwe top view hill hotel and Congo Nile divide campsites among the rest.