Rwanda Travel Tips: Tips for Wildlife Viewing in Rwanda

Rwanda Travel tips : Tips for wildlife viewing to other destination, travel to Rwanda especially for the first time, this requires a number of tips to ensure safe and enjoyable stay in the land of a thousand hills. Rwanda is widely known for receiving a high number of travelers who travel for Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, Conferences, canopy walk, Dian Fossey hike, hiking Mount Karisimbi and many more. Below are some of  Rwanda Travel tips

Rwanda Travel tips

Everyday there are thousands of travelers who check-in at Kigali international airport to enjoy the beautiful sceneries and discover all the hidden treasure making Rwanda their best optional for tourism destination. The country is one of the best tourism destination for wildlife, conferences, meetings despite its ark past war which ended in 1994.Rwanda is one of the best countries that are most connected to Asian and European countries.

There is easy accessibility since most of the flights have a connection to Rwanda such as from London, United Kingdom, and other West African country these have no hustling. There various airport pickups and special car hires which transferees to all destinations such as lodges, hotels, national parks and May more. There also public means like Matatu these connect to all directions of the town. The prices while you use public means depend on the length of distance and travelers bargaining power. Make sure to follow the laws that govern in Rwanda in order to avoid any collision with the government bodies especially the police.

Bottles and plastics are not allowed in Rwanda both in National parks, cities and over all areas of tourism hub. In Africa Rwanda is known as one of the most clean and organized country so everyone must maintain its ways. While driving through Rwanda remember to follow traffic lights ,driving speed is 50 kilometers per hour over time  is against the law.

Kinyarwanda and French are the most spoken languages in Rwanda however English is taught and spoken in Rwanda. if one wants clear conversation within Rwanda try to learn some Kinyarwanda for easy communication in shops , markets ,transport, streets. One is not supposed to be fluent with some local language but at least with simple things like asking for directions, greetings, saying bye and many more. For easy transactions in Rwanda in areas of shopping mall, taxis, markets your kindly reminded to carry some Rwanda Francss(local currency).

The local currency is preferred in tipping of the Gorilla trekking rangers, porters and local guides .When a tourist is tipped on Rwanda his considered the best. However big lodges accept payments in dollars, credit cards and visa cards can be accepted in some areas while other areas their not easily considered.

One has to be responsible for safety much as peace is restored in Rwanda, there pick picketers and robbers most especially in night hours. Therefore your always reminded to keep and guard your camera, phones at night, as well as one shouldn’t travel at night with expensive gadgets in order not to tempt robbers.

While in Rwanda cultures and traditions take part in countries traditional and culture, The Umuganda is one of the Rwanda’s unique traditions which involve general cleanness of all streets, and renovation of all broken structure in Rwanda.

Umuganda is done every last Saturday of the month, all people from president to local people have to take part in cleaning  the city travelers on the way till the end of 12:00pm for any traveler who takes part shows love for the local culture.

Rwanda is visited throughout the year with no much difficulty however the dry seasons are best suitable for safaris these include August, September, October, December, January, July, December. During wet seasons most activities are hard on safaris such as trekking, nature walks since the ground becomes quite difficult with slippery and muddy grounds. However low season like March, April, November call for discounts on room rate and transport costs, national parks are not few crowded.

Supporting of the local community is regarded as the best, and it’s a way of improving their standards of living. Most people depend on agriculture for livelihood yet the land is limited. People sell few things like crafts to earn a living. If you’re on a Gorilla trip a tip to a porter or ranger is an indirect support for local livelihood.

Mind your business, when you reach Rwanda focus on the reason of your travel whether conferences, wildlife viewing, meetings, gorilla trekking without involving yourself in other things which do not concern you. Having gone through a horrific past the government is always sensitive about new people in the country. Avoid suspicious conversations about the government ,unclear business, everyone in Rwanda is a spy to one another just mind your business.

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