Tourist activities done on the River Nile River and Lake Victoria in Jinja City. River Nile and Lake Victoria are some of the out stunning Uganda Safari Destinations where tourists thrive unforgettable memorable experiences.

Whitewater Rafting

This is arguably one of the top activities to do in Jinja town. The Grade 5 Whitewater rafting experience in Jinja is the best in Africa. It is a scary activity but also very exciting and thrilling like nothing else. Whitewater rafting is organized as a half or full day activity. The activity not only involves navigating through the rapids but also making stops at some of the islands. The islands have an amazing collection of green vegetation, birds and primates like Vervet monkeys.

Prepare to be thrown out the raft at least once as you head downstream but with nothing to worry about – You will be rowing with some of the most experienced crews in the world. The crew will pick you up each time you are thrown out of the raft. You do not need to be experienced to take part in the activity. The companies know how to handle both beginners and expert rafters. White water rafting occurs throughout the year and costs between $140 and $150. All whitewater rafting companies take safety seriously. Participants are given protective gear and escorted by several rescue kayaks. The memory of floating down rapids of the longest river on earth will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Tourist activities done on the River Nile River and Lake Victoria in Jinja City
White water Rafting

Bungee jumping

This is It involves jumping from a tower (44 meters high) and down towards the Nile waters with a rope tied to the ankles. Bungee jumping is common around the world but we are talking about doing it over the longest river on earth. As one leaps from the raised platform, they get a birds view of the terrain below. This activity is not for the faint heated, It take 2 minutes at most but the memory will last a lifetime. The Bungee jumping site in Jinja is arguably the best and most thrilling in Africa. The jumps are organized both during the day and in the night. The crew has won several international awards for organizing the activity to the highest possible standards. Bungee jumping costs $115 per person.

Golfing: The Big Game Mini-Golf course in Jinja is intriguing. It was constructed with large statues of the big five (leopard, buffaloes, lion, buffalo, elephant and rhino) and other creatures. A typical golfing day involves putting past the rhino, rounding the python, teeing past the hippo, hacking from inside the buffalo or bogeying beside the lion. It is unique golfing experience and comes with a lot of fun, drinks and mingling with the local high class and tourists from all over the world.

Visiting the source of the Nile

As already noted, the river Nile is the longest river in the world. It flows from Uganda all the way to Mediterranean Sea after passing through several countries like South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia and finally Egypt. Using a speed boat, tourists can go to the point where the river begins its journey to the sea. John Speke was the first European to discover the source of the Nile in 1858. The site where Speke stood and first spotted the source has been turned into a park with beautiful garden that are perfect for relaxation and marveling at the river Nile. It is one of the most visited places in Uganda. One needs to take a boat to go up to the exact place considered the source of the Nile.

Gandhi is considered to be one of the greatest and most charismatic leaders of the 20th century. He is also considered to be the father of the nation of India and is remembered for the great role he played during India’s transformation into a democratic nation. Gandhi is also remembered for his work in Africa and one of his last wishes was to have some of his ash sprinkled on the river Nile. A guide can give more details about Gandhi and his work of activism especially in South Africa. Don’t go without taking a photo with the famous monument.

Kayaking and Canoeing

These are just some of the numerous activities that can be done on the river Nile. Kayaking and canoeing offer travelers opportunities to not only experience the great Nile River but also the surrounding villages, local people, farmlands and birds. These activities offer more effortless and quiet experiences compared to whitewater rafting. All participants are trained before embarking on these activities by experienced instructors.  The participants learn the flow of the river, back and forward paddling, basic strokes, rescue and capsizing skills. More experienced Kayakers can choose to go to river sections with stronger current and rapids. The company supplies the kayaking/canoeing and safety and equipment. The cost of kayaking starts from $125.

Mountain Biking along the Nile

Like horseback riding and Quad biking, Mountain Biking in Jinja is organized to allow visitors explore the river Nile and nearby villages. This activity is very challenging physically considering the unpredictable terrain and routes taken. The activity takes between one and three hours through village farms and the banks of the river.

Tourist activities done on the River Nile River and Lake Victoria in Jinja City
Mountain Biking in Jinja

Tubing the Nile

This is another of those amazing adrenaline raising activities that makes Jinja such a great place to visit. The activity involves drifting along the river Nile on an inflatable tube while sun bathing, marveling at the birds, beautiful islands, green forests and local people washing by the river banks. The companies offer both single and tandem tubing in either calmer water of the turbulent rapids of the Nile. To guarantee the safety or participants a group of safety Kayakers escort the crew, Tourist activities done on the River Nile River and Lake Victoria in Jinja City.

Fishing on the Nile: 

Jinja has some of the best fishing spots in Uganda and in the Nile Perch; the River Nile has one of the largest freshwater fishes on earth. It is possible to catch Nile Perches weighing over 150 kilograms. Fishing is arranged throughout the day. The best time for fishing on the Nile is in the morning but afternoon trips have also been known to produce amazing catches. Fishing is open to both experienced and first-time anglers. Full day fishing starts in the morning and ends late in the evening with breaks for lunch. For the full day option, anglers need to move packed lunch. The companies arranging the activity provide all the necessary fishing gear, bottled water, safety and camping equipment. Apart from the Nile Perch, the other notable species are the tilapia, catfish and yellow fish. Anglers are required to release all the fish in the water except for those that would not recover after being caught. The fishing techniques used include spinning, bait fishing and trawling.

Quad Biking

Go for a Quad biking adventure through the forests, villages, farms and the banks of the river Nile. You do not need to have any experience in order to take part in Quad biking. The Quad biking companies provide free practice sessions for participants. During the briefing and training session, participants are warned against overtaking and riding at very high speeds. It is important to be away of kids and animals crossing the roads. Quad biking is very adventurous and by the end of the day, you would have learnt a lot and seen how the rural people live their lives.

Tourist activities done on the River Nile River and Lake Victoria in Jinja City
Quad Biking in Jinja

Horseback Riding 

Horseback riding is a great way to experience the Nile River and the countryside. The horses are healthy and owned by an Australian expatriate. Like Quad biking, this activity takes you through the banks of the river Nile and villages of Uganda enabling you watch the locals go about with their daily lives. Prepare to see excited young children following you before disappearing back to their homes. The horse ride also offers opportunities to view beautiful forests, valleys and hills around the river banks. You do not need to have any experience with horses to take part in this activity. All participants are escorted by professional and experienced guides.