Quad Biking in Jinja Uganda

Quad Biking in Jinja Uganda: Quad biking in Jinja Uganda is one of the thrilling activity done in Jinja. Jinja is best known as one of the best places to visit while on a Uganda safari especially after spending time in perks doing different activities like Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, wildlife viewing safari and many more thus spending ample time in Jinja away from pollution of the Kampala city and noise is such a rewarding experience enjoyed once in a life time as you enjoy thrilling Jinja activities like Quad biking, white water rafting, horseback riding, sport fishing, bungee jumping, Kayaking, boat cruise, swimming, nature walk and city tour among others as Jinja is a best destination to go for Adrenaline adventures in Uganda and East African region. 

In this article, we are mainly focusing on Quad biking safari in Jinja Uganda which is one of the most fascinating activity enjoyed in Jinja as the rider enjoys an encounter with the locals in Jinja and closely interact with them. Quad Biking in Jinja takes you to varies places in Jinja including inside the villages where the locals will be seen busy in their farms going with their daily activities, explore the tea plantations, Sugarcane plantations, forests and the banks of River Nile.

To participate in this breathe taking quad biking in Jinja, one has to be at least 12 years of age and above which is the minimum age limit for this activity. However the number of participants is open thus any one as long as your age is above 12 years can engage in Quad biking in Jinja. Thus adventure takes about 1 to 4 hours depending on one’s wish. Quad biking in Jinja starts with a 30minutes briefing and training session about the dos and don’ts during quad biking such as over speeding and ridding off truck from the established riding trails and many other safety measures. After briefing, different riders are categorized into 3 groups depending on their ability to ride. These categories include; the experts, the beginners and the children and each rider then offered a bike either manual or automatic, fit in their overalls and helmets and follow the leading bike in a line. During the ride, there are guides that keep helping riders where necessary to ensure that every participant enjoys the activity. This Quad biking safari takes you through well-defined roads away from the main road thus the chances of encountering a car are minimal. However, expect to meet some boda boda riders, people walking on foot, children from fetching water and many more. Quad biking always follows a different route and returns via another route making the whole experience rewarding. Quad biking will as well lead you to the banks of River Nile where you will stop and enjoy the cool breath.

Quad biking costs $50 for 1 hour and can go as much as $110 depending on the time spent on the ride.

Packing list for Quad biking in Jinja Uganda,

Below are some of the equipment needed in your backpack while planning a quad biking adventure in Jinja. And they include,

  • Light clothes
  • Water proof boats
  • A camera obviously
  • And any other thing you feel like necessary on an African safari.

When is the best time for quad biking in Jinja Uganda?

While most people enjoying travelling during dry months, rainy season is the best option for Quad biking as it enables riders to slide in mud making the activity more exciting. Besides, the vegetation cover during rainy season is very green, fresh and thrilling offering a lot of attractive and scenic views of both fauna and flora along the way. Unlike in dry season when the riding trails are too dusty. 

Apart from Quad biking in Jinja, one can as well enjoy quad biking in Lake Mburo national park. The only park in Uganda that conducts Quad biking plus other sport activities like horseback ride and many more.

Other things to do in Jinja,

Apart from Quad biking, Jinja offers a lot of tourist activities that are enjoyed at any given period of time and these include;

  • White water rafting
  • Jinja city tour
  • Horseback ridding
  • Boat cruise to visit source of the Nile
  • Sport fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Bungee jumping
  • A visit to Mabira forest for (Zip lining, birding, guided nature walks, Mangabey monkey trekking).