Jinja Tours

Jinja Tours will take you one of the most treasured places in Uganda which hosts the source of the Longest River in Africa known as River Nile. Have you ever thought of something more fun and adventurous in your life or planning to have it right away? , then grabbing a golden opportunity to Jinja for a tour will prove you that indeed Jinja is an adventurous capital in the pearl of Africa.

Some of the Seductive attractions that enhance the beauty of Jinja include; Mabira forest which is along the way towards Jinja, River Nile which is considered to be the second-longest river in Africa and the second-longest in the whole world after River Amazon. Other attractions include; Historical Site such as Mahatma Gandhi monument and Speke monument, Itanda falls which situated 27km from Jinja town along Nile River best is known for Kayaking and white water rafting and many more 

Tourist activities to engage in during Jinja tours

The strategic positioning of Jinja near the largest water vessel in Africa offers a multitude of fascinating activities of which most activities are carried out on river Nile and lake Victoria making it the best place to chill and relax all at any given time all year round away from the toxic capital city of Uganda. 

Jinja tours are delightful experiences that one needs to engage in at least once in a lifetime due to the nature of Jinja that offers several tourist activities with the most and commonly ones being the city tour, Tour to the source of the Nile, White water rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, Quad biking, sport fishing, horse riding, and many more that are worth a visit as explained below;

Jinja city tour  

Jinja city is the second biggest city in Uganda after Kampala City and the best city in the eastern part of Uganda. A brief tour to Jinja city is such an interesting opportunity of exploring the coolest a calm city and all that are within. A city tour takes the visitors to several areas including the railway station that connects Uganda and Kenya, visit the craft shops for the beautiful souvenirs, Visit the market centers for some food fruits and then visit the local communities of the Busoga people that are the natives of Jinja speaking their native language Rusoga 

Visiting source of the Nile River 

Most of the visitors from different corners of the world come to Uganda specifically to explore the source of the Nile River which was discovered by Speke the British explorer to be originating from Jinja. There are other activities that take place at the source of the Nile river such as boat ride that is the best means of transport used to take visitors to the exact spot where Speke confirmed that it was the exact source of the Nile and even proceed onto lake Victoria sailing while enjoying the cool breath from the lake Victoria and River Nile, visit the Speke Monument that was put in place in memory of John Speke the first British to discover the source of Nile River and also visit the Mahatma Gandhi statue situated along the river Nile.

Jinja City Tours
Jinja City Tours

White water rafting

White water rafting is one of the most charming sports activities that visitors on a Jinja tour can never miss out on. This is carried out at Itanda falls. This exhilarating experience allows visitors alongside the experienced guide (the captain) to use the Rafts as a team as they follow all the instructions from the captain to raft the waterfalls starting with grade 1 which is the easiest fall and navigate up to grade five .During white water rafting especially on stage one and two, visitors are still close to the shores and in position to sight out several mammals, birds, beautiful vegetation cover, bird species. Visitors can enjoy the swimming, paddling water as it splashes all over the boat and really has maximum fun during the rafting since it’s done in unison as a team full of noise and jokes that makes the game more interesting

Bungee jumping

This is yet a fascinating, scary and yet enjoyable activity that several visitors enjoy on the world’s second-largest river as visitors jump from a high raised platform with both two legs tied up with a bungee cord and then allows the person to jump up first with the arms wide open just like an eagle or butterfly, then face down and touch on the water for the long jumps where they are then untied and taken back to the shore by the boat. But for those who opt for the short jump, they stop at least midway and keep swinging in space for some time and then return up to the top. This unique activity in Uganda is only carried out in one destination and that is none other than River Nile. Bungee jumping can be enjoyed either during the day or at night depending on the visitor’s interest. However, it’s not recommended for people with heart-related problems and heavyweights and expectant mothers since it requires physically and mentally fit. The minimum age should be 13 years for one to participate in bungee jumping with a minimum weight of 35kgs and maximum weight allowed 260 kgs which can be supported by the tower. This implies that two people can jump together at the same time as long as they don’t exceed the maximum weight of 260kgs 

 Horseback riding 

This is a very amusing activity that allows the visitors to explore along the river Nile while comfortably seated at the back of the horse. This ride enables visitors to clearly view the river, several mammals along the shore as they quench their thirst, water birds, view several farmlands including the coffee plantations, and many more. This activity can be done in three shifts that is morning, afternoon and evening all offering maximum views.

Nile sunset cruise

This captivating activity of cruising on top of river Nile as the sun goes down is such an enticing feeling that enables the visitors to have a clear view of the sun over the horizon alongside other several sightings along the shores of river Nile. Actually taking an evening cruise opens the doors for seeing the wildlife that could have been missed during the day cruise including the all mammals, and water birds that flock the Nile River in the evening

Quad Biking 

Quad biking allows visitors to enjoy the ride on the bike through terrains along the river Nile bank while exploring different farms, visiting the local communities along the Nile River, sighting several mammals, birds, and the river Nile at glance 

Sport fishing

This is yet another activity enjoyed on a Jinja tour such as sport fishing in which visitors are allowed to take the fish they catch for roasting and enjoyment at their lodges. The major fish species caught on Nile River include, Nile perch, tilapia, and catfish among others.

Mabira forest

Jinja tours can easily be joined with a tour to the mabira forest since the mabira forest is situated along kampala- Jinja road. A visit to mabira forest is yet a seductive one that offers several activities ranging from birding, Zip lining which is only enjoyed in mabira forest and forest nature walks that enable visitors to sight out several mammals, primates, birds and butterflies that dwell in mabira forest. So combining a Jinja tour with mabira forest tour will bring out the maximum enjoyment that will surely stick to your mind

Accommodations in Jinja 

There are several accommodation facilities found in Jinja that offer the best amenities to the visitors with in a Jinja Tour ranging from budget, midrange and luxury facilities such as Gately on Nile Hotel, Jinja Nile resort, signature hotel apartments, K&K guest house, Nile village hotel, hotel triangle Jinja, Nile front cottages, pearl  on the Nile hotel, Nile village hotel Jinja, Hotel paradise, Jinja base camp, source garden hotel Jinja, forever resort, kingfisher safaris resort hotel, Gately On Nile Hotel, Victoria View Inn, Orchid Grand, Kent hill guest house, source of the Nile Suites, Royal park hotel, calm river inn, Nile anchor palace, Chel and Vade Cottages, and many more that offer the best relaxation to the visitors while on Jinja tours.

Getting there

Jinja is located in the eastern part of Uganda about 70 km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda along kampala- Jinja road and can easily be accessed by using road transport which is roughly 3-4 hours’ drive 

On another hand, visitors may also opt to cruise on top of fresh waters of Lake Victoria from Entebbe to Jinja in 2 to 3 hours using a boat that carries 54 passengers per trip. However, this boat is operated only three times a week offering the best feeling and exploration of several islands with in Lake Victoria.

A Jinja tour is a once in lifetime enthusiasm that anyone needs to engage in and truly get involved in the beautiful view of Jinja city, river Nile and enjoy all the activities that take place within Jinja and the surroundings areas and achieve global safaris is always ready to help you out and organize that breath taking tour to Jinja”.