Entebbe City Tour

Entebbe City Tour is an amazing Uganda Safari activity whereby a traveler gets to tour the 1st city they land in from the airport i.e. Entebbe City. Elevated at 1180m is Entebbe city covering an area of 56.2km2 with an average temperature of 23°CSeveral visitors think that Entebbe is just a place harboring Uganda’s international airport but the truth is that Entebbe as a city situated on Lake Victoria has a lot of attractions that visitors can engage in for an overwhelming experience while on Uganda tours. These attractions range from Beaches such as Lido beach where visitors can go for breathtaking swimming or cruise as they sip on fresh juices and other beverages. 

Other attractions include; Ngamba Island Sanctuary which is a home for orphaned chimpanzees, Entebbe Zoo known as Uganda Wildlife Education Centre where several wildlife species are protected for research purposes, Entebbe International Airport the only international airport in Uganda, Entebbe botanical gardens which harbors several plant species, primates such as monkeys and  several bird species that attract several visitors to visit, there is also a Uganda reptile village, Mabamba swamp, Lake Victoria among others and all these attractions have a variety of activities taking place and can easily be explored either by walking, cycling, or cruising as explained below;

Ngamba Island Sanctuary: Ngamba Island is situated with in Lake Victoria and is the only home where the orphan chimpanzee are being protected and raised to produce and multiply in a sanctuary called Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary. This island can easily be accessed by taking a boat ride from the shores of Lake Victoria offering the best chimpanzee trekking in a small gazetted area. This is the only chimpanzee sanctuary in Uganda. Other chimpanzees are trekking from national parks such as Kibale national park, Kalinzu forest, Kyambura gorge, and Budongo forest.

Mabamba Wetland: At the extreme end of Lake Victoria lies this Mabamba wetland which harbors several bird species including the rare shoe bill stork which is very unique and uncommon making it the best place for birders that visit Entebbe. Other birds seen in Mabamba wetland include; the Goliath heron, Papyrus Gonolek, kingfishers, weaver birds, pygmy goose among others. This is yet another destination that shouldn’t be missed out while on Entebbe tour

Entebbe Zoo: Entebbe zoo currently known as the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria harboring several wildlife species including fauna and flora. The major wildlife protected here has been rescued from poachers and hunters and after a certain period of time, some the mammals are freely returned to the wild into different national parks in Uganda. A visit at UWEC is such an exhibiting opportunity that offers wild range view of several wildlife such as mammals such as Lions, rhinos, elephants, Giraffes, among others, reptiles which are normally protected in the cages such as snakes, lizards, several bird species, primates such as Chimpanzees, monkeys to mention a few that are really nice to the eyes of viewers. At UWEC, visitors have a chance of viewing the remains of some wildlife, especially for research purposes.

The strategic location of UWEC creates a good ground for kids to enjoy their games and swimming with in the fresh waters of Lake Victoria. Several people within and outside Uganda flock this zoo day in day out for tourism, research and learning purposes. In actually sense, you have not seen it all in Entebbe until you visit UWEC.

Entebbe Botanical Garden: These gardens are also amongst the major attractions in Entebbe and several visitor across the world never wish to miss them while on a tour to Entebbe. They are situated along the northern shores of Lake Victoria harboring beautiful flora and fauna of different plant species such as Tropical plants, temperate plant species, medicinal plant species, sub-tropical plant species, exotic plant species, and several endemic plant species among others all seen during a tour to Entebbe. Entebbe Botanical Gardens was established in 1898 with the major aim of protecting varies plant species in a gazetted areas. Some of these plants are used for research purposes, some act as local herbs to cure some diseases and many more thus a visit to Entebbe Botanical garden is an enjoyable adventure that brings you close to almost all plant species in just one location. Some of these plants have lived for over 1000 years 

Entebbe botanical gardens also is home to several colobus monkey species, several bird species such as African grey parrot, vultures among others that are all pretty to have a glance. These garden are situated in close vicinity with Botanical Beach Hotel and can also be easily accessed on foot from Gately Inn hotel in Entebbe 

Uganda Reptile Village: This area is situated about 4km from the Kampala city along Entebbe highway and was gazetted in order to protect the reptiles in Uganda. A visit to this Reptile Village offers visitors a close view of several reptiles that are normally sheltered in the cages and welded mesh. These reptiles include Crocodiles, lizards, Tortoises, and several snake species such as python, Cobras, mambas, pythons, cobras, Vipers among other poisonous snakes that exist in Africa

Lake Victoria: While on Entebbe city tour, there are some destinations that should be included on the bucket and these are none other than visiting Lake Victoria which offers several activities such as sport fishing in which visitors are in a position to catch different fish species including Nile perch which is the largest fish in Africa. Sportfishing on Lake Victoria can be done either on a half-day or full-day depending on the visitor’s choice. Sportfishing is best carried out by the use of speed boats that carry a maximum of 4 people at a time and canoes that cater for 2 to 3 people 

After the fishing on Lake Victoria, opting for a sunset cruise on top of Lake Victoria is yet another fascinating activity enjoyed while on the Entebbe city tour. This cruise offers crystal clear views of several water birds and beaches along the shores of Lake Victoria and helps in touring all the islands that are with in Victoria. This sunset cruise crosses the equator line offering a clear view of the sun as it goes down. This cruise takes between 2-3 hours on top of the Victoria water enjoying the cool breeze.

Markets in Entebbe: During the Entebbe city tour, visitors can visit the markets especially those situated alongside the roads which sell several products especially the agricultural produce like cassavas and bananas. There are also craft shops in Entebbe for the visitor who need to buy some souvenirs and several handmade crafts 

Beaches: Entebbe City Tour on Lake Victoria is surrounded by very many beaches and each of the beaches offers particular activities to its guest during the Entebbe city tour. These beaches include; Munyonyo beach, lido beach, imperial resort, spinach beach, white sand beach among others offering several activities such as Swimming, boat cruise, swimming and several games like volleyball and many more that makes a tour to Entebbe city very interesting.

Entebbe City Tour
Entebbe City Tour

Bars and Night clubs: Are you a party animal? If your answer is yes then make sure that you plan your Entebbe city tour for the best entertainment during the night as Entebbe got you covered with lots of night bars such as Entebbe sailing club, knight riders and many more 

Getting to Entebbe

Entebbe can be accessed either by road or by plane depending on the visitor’s interest and the distance to be covered 

  • By Road: Entebbe is just 40km from Uganda’s capital city kampala meaning that it can be reached within a 30 minutes drive from kampala considering all the traffic and stopovers.
  • By Air: Since Entebbe city harbors the Entebbe international airport, it means that all the guests interested in reaching Entebbe by air have to first arrive at Entebbe international airport and then drive by road to Entebbe city which takes around 10-15minutes’ drive from the airport to the city of Entebbe or to any hotel in Entebbe.

“Spending a day or two in Entebbe offers maximum exploration Entebbe and all that exist in it including Lake Victoria, animals, birds, and plants viewing while in Entebbe city tour and achieve global safaris is willing to organize for you a full day or two days Entebbe city tour at your own comfort zone. Just let us know your area of interest and we shall surely meet your expectations”.minutes