Horseback Riding in Jinja

Horseback riding in Jinja:  Horseback riding is one of the recreational and breathe taking tourist activity enjoyed by several travelers on a Uganda safari in Jinja. Jinja is one of the best and most visited city in Uganda that thrills with abundant of tourist attractions including the source of the Nile River that was confirmed by Speke, the city itself is yet another thing to visit while on a tour in Jinja, and many more. Taking on a horseback riding safari is yet one of the best way one can explore the Nile River Banks while viewing stunning tea plantations, Villages, Sugar plantations and lots of water birds among others along the shores of the River Nile where the horse riding is conducted.

Horseback riding in Jinja is conducted by Nile Horseback safari that has been licensed to conduct most of horse riding safaris in Jinja Uganda the pearl of Africa. Nile horseback safari ensures that all participants in horse riding in Jinja are safe at all given period of time while enjoying this thrilling activity.  The most fascinating part of this is that Horse riding doesn’t require any skills or experience to enjoy the activity since all riders undergo a brief training on how to control the horse and ensure that  it move at one’s pace. The horseback riding in Jinja is amongst the horseback riding safaris in Uganda just after Lake Mburo national park which takes a lead in this adventure thus Jinja comes in the second position.

Horseback riding in Jinja allows only riders whose weight are below 90 kg as the maximum weight allowed for Horseback riding in Jinja thus if you exceed 90kg, end ever not to waste your precious time as you won’t be allowed to be part of this adventurous experience of horse riding in Jinja. This is to ensure that the horses aren’t over loaded thus keeping them safe at all the time. 2 guides are always available one in front and the other behind ensuring that all tourists enjoy this horseback riding activity safely.

Horseback riding in Jinja is done in 4 shifts including the morning horse ride that starts at 10:00am, the afternoon horse ride at 2:00pm, the evening horse ride at 4:00pm both taking about 1-3 hours depending on one’s wish. The last shift is conducted at night known as the overnight horsehide that is usually enjoyed by experienced riders since it is strenuous and passes through difficult trails. Horseback riding in Jinja is enjoyed by both adults and the children though children are provided with ponies and are allowed to ride for about 30minutes unless they are really experienced riders.

How much horseback riding in Jinja?

The cost of Horseback riding is Jinja depends on the time spent but it ranges from $40 for adults taking an hour on a horseback ride during morning and afternoon session, $50 for 1 hour and 30 minutes, $60 for 2 hours, $90 for 3 hours. For sun set (evening) horseback riding in Jinja costs $60 taking 90 minutes ride and it includes water transport, local spirits, juice, beer and soda though to this sunset horseback ride requires a minimum of 2 persons. While those interested in enjoying the overnight session to haven, they have to choose amongst 3 accommodations for an overnight including and this comes as a package at various costs depending on the accommodation one chooses. For instance those that choose and overnight at Lazy Camping tents are provided the horseback ride, beds, towels, linen and all meals minus drinks at haven all at a cost of $325 per person, for those opting to stay at the Luxury Banda with en-suite pay $375 per person including horseback ride, meals and accommodation. For those who opt to stay at a Luxury Bungalow with en-suite $385 per person. Remember to book your Horseback riding safari in time especially those planning a night ride since the activity and accommodation depends on availability. For children on a short pony ride, they are charged $20 for 30 minutes. 

Horseback riding in Jinja can easily be combined with other activities such as Bungee jumping, Canoeing, Quad Biking, sport fishing, Kayaking, Jet biking, Swimming, nature walks, as well as Zip lining done in Mabira forest among others.

Packing list for horseback riding in Jinja include;

  • A camera
  • Appropriate attire (long pair of trousers)
  • Sunscreen
  • Closed shoes
  • A helmet
  • Sun glasses
  • Enough snacks

Getting to Jinja,

Wondering how best you could access Jinja for the horseback? Well, Jinja is situated just about 2-3 hours’ drive from Kampala the Capital City of Uganda making it the nearest city of all from the city center of Kampala. Jinja is located in the south eastern part of Uganda and one of the most visited city due to lots of stunning activities and easy accessibility. It I very easy to combine a Jinja safari with a visit to Mabira forest since the forest is situated along Kampala-Jinja road on a highway.