Top things to do in Jinja; Jinja is economically developed town found in the southern Uganda  region along the shores of Lake Victoria ,  where  the source of the Nile starts from and being marked by  a stunning  monument honoring British explorer John Hanning Speke .However ,the Nile is also a great location that  stuns with Owen Falls Dam and Bujagali Dam and to its farther  north of the Nile River ,Itanda Falls is known for its white water rapids .Below are the top things to do in Jinja holiday tours as listed ;,

More about ,Jinja destination has over gained a strong reputation of fun and adventure, being a stunning location with spectacular physical features   such the longest River in the world ‘’Source of the Nile’’ which has attracted multitudes of people from far and wide who opt to experience much fun in life and also discover beauty of the Pearl of Africa. We advise you to use trustworthy tour operator with fully registered tour company in Uganda in order for you to enjoy these wonders.

White water rafting experience

White water rafting is one of the greatest life experience and here in Uganda best done on the world’s longest river with gainful view of the scenery around. The Weather is conducive all year round and the water rapids look surreal, and white water rafting on River Nile is best done in grounds because its filled with much fun and excitements. Of which an all-day rafting session covers a distance of about 21 kilometers through eight big rapids covering a distance of around 21 kilometers through eight big rapids. In other words, the water is calm, clear and perfect for swimming. The area around stuns with lots of beautiful bird species   which can be seen around the tree branches. This activity is one of the highlight of Jinja tourist activities.

Top Things to Do in Jinja
white water rafting

Bungee Jumping

The bungee jumping is all about testing the limits of your adventure spirit, because experts will have to tie you tightly for your safety for you to be able to enjoy an adrenalines pumping experience where you plunge yourself 43 meters down into open space before releasing you into the Nile water at the Nile High Bungee. Bungee jumping is an activity with much fun by those who would prefer testing how strong they are.

 Source of the Nile

However, Nile River is one of the top tourist attractions one to experience on Uganda tours, which can be organized on combined tour. The source of the Nile water   connects off from the still Lake Victoria water at a reasonable speed before making its way up to the Mediterranean Sea thus making it the longest river in the world.

Boat Rides Along the Nile

This boat ride is one of the greatest life experience and one of the best done activity that gives visitors a chance to explore the rarely bird species and rewarding scenery. While experiencing, you will be able to experience bird watching around the area and fun of friends has you jazz around.

Quad Biking Experience

 Quad biking is one of the uncommonly done activity on Uganda tours but popular on Jinja tourist activity. This is an activity which does not require much training in driving experience. Whereby they offer free training session to visitors before they set off for each safari and the adventure gives the best possible adventure around. You will greatly enjoy the sliding across the puddles and potholes in mud thus making quad biking much more fun.

Top Things to Do in Jinja
Quad Biking Tours


The Kayaking on River Nile is the best way to experience the beauty of the Nile up close. The weather is always favorable for the kayakers in order to explore the Nile and the beautiful surroundings and exotic bird species.

Horse riding

 Jinja horse riding is much exciting along the shores of the River Nile, where you will definitely enjoy Uganda’s beauty as you explore the surrounding scenic landscape as well as the local communities as the locals, children will be waving for you, ride close the nature thus becoming a fun and adventurous experience. If your birder too, you will be able to stand a chance of encountering many of the different bird species along the shores of Nile River such as Sparrows, common cuckoos, marabou stork, eagles among others. Horseback riding costs between USD60 and USD depending on how long the particular session is.

Gold playing

This is another famous life experience which is done along Nile Golf Course and the Big Game Mini Golf Course. Of which the Nile Golf started in late 1912 by the colonial administrators and marked as the top five golf course in Uganda, designed with a 9-hole course and is open to everyone who wishes to test golfing skills. It also offers a swimming pool, a snooker table a tennis court, a bar and a restaurant.

Then the big game mini-golf course looks smaller but designed for families with children. Well designed with 10 holes that are decorated with animal sculptures such as lion, elephants, buffalo, rhino and leopards and takes less than an hour to complete.

Where to stay on Jinja Tour destination;

Jinja is a popular Uganda safari destination because of the great  Source of the Nile and because of being a great tourists location has  got a lot of comfortable accommodation facilities for travelers who wish to have short stay on the pearl of Africa ranging from Luxury –Mid-Range and Budget  with well-established amenities that attracts holiday travelers and the room rate are affordable which can be booked in advance by the help of the tour operator who can also help you reserving transportation ,Uganda safari tour package among others Such as ;King Fisher Safari Resort ,Sunset Hotel International Source of the Nile Hotel . Bilkon Hotel, Gately on the Nile, Wild waters lodge among others