Gorilla Trekking Safety

Gorilla Trekking Safety depends on quite a number of factors and a traveler needs to know about safety before there decide to go for the trek. Amongst the frequently asked questions about gorilla trekking is the safety, as in several travelers be like is it safe to trek mountain gorillas in Africa? and the answer is as long as the destination for gorilla trekking is safe, then yes gorilla trekking safari becomes a safe activity. Taking you back to only three countries/destinations in Africa and the entire world that harbor mountain gorillas that is Uganda, a home to more than 50% of the remaining mountain gorillas in the entire world which is one of the best places to encounter them in their natural habitats in Africa, followed by Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. 

This implies that before spending excessive dollars securing a gorilla trekking permit which is nonrefundable in any case, it is always important to seek clear information regarding the SAFETY and SECURITY of the country you are interested in gorilla trekking and then move ahead to obtain the permit. 

Back to the question, is it safe to trek gorillas? Yes gorilla trekking is one of the safest activity that creates a biggest percentage of revenue to the countries where it is carried out. And to attract more trekkers, the government always ensures maximum protection of the gorillas, trekkers and the communities that reside beneath and around the parks where gorilla trekking is done. Gorilla trekking is an art of hiking via different trails with in the jungle filled with different plant species, wildlife and even other humans that may be a threat to the lives of the trekkers. Thus the gorilla trekking safety and security measures have to be the first priority for visitors to enjoy the tour in any designated place for gorillas trekking. The safety measures range from the trekkers themselves, rangers whereby they have to direct trekkers in the best-defined trails and if possible use the pangas to clear off the thick blush for easy penetration and then goes on to the security provided by the park management teams in different sectors and the government at large. All you need is to listen carefully to your rangers, follow instructions and wear right gorilla trekking gears and all the activity will be enjoyable

However much gorilla trekking is a protected activity, different countries exhibit different security and safety levels. Let’s discuss each country’s security differently.

Gorilla trekking safety in Uganda

Uganda is one of the safest places that you could ever entrust with everything. And when it comes to tourism, Uganda is proud to be the leading destination for gorilla trekking within its two magnificent national parks of Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park all in the southwestern part of Uganda in Kanungu and Kisoro districts. Gorilla trekking in Uganda the pearl is always safe since Uganda is politically stable and guerilla free thus offering maximum comfort to the travelers in Uganda for any adventurous safari including gorilla trekking the topmost activity. During the gorilla trek tours in Bwindi impenetrable National park and Mgahinga Gorilla national parks, trekkers are offered maximum security of the armed rangers, and police patrols scattered all over the parks, as they protect the trekkers  against any harm. In most cases, helicopters are provided to patrol the entire park and the surroundings to maximize the security levels thus making the trekkers, gorillas and the local communities that reside around the parks comfortable and secure at all the times 

Gorilla trekking safety in Rwanda 

Rwanda is takes itself as a luxurious gorilla trekking destination in Africa and probably in the entire world with its permit stipulated at $1500 is the equivalent of a Ugandan Gorilla habituation permit that enables a full day in the jungle. Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda is also as good as trekking the same primates in Uganda since Rwanda has been political stables with minimal insecurities right from 1994 when they experienced a deadly genocide. This implies that gorilla trekking tours in Rwanda within Volcanoes national park are very safe and secure during the trek with the help of the trained armed rangers while in the park 

Gorilla trekking safety in Congo

Gorilla trekking in Democratic Republic of Congo is carried out in Virunga National park one of the biggest and oldest parks in Africa. Recently Congo has been facing political instabilities and outbreak of deadly Ebola disease which made tourists try by all means not to trek their gorillas however cheaper they were. But the good news is that nowadays Congo tried, by all means, to fix its political situation though it cannot be completely safe at least trekkers can now enjoy gorilla trekking at a cheaper price of $400 in peak season and $200 during low season. Important to note about the security in Congo is that any tourism activity done in any parks of Congo is always protected by the Convoy to ensure maximum safety security of both the travelers and the local communities so never risk your life and visit the Democratic Republic of Congo on your own.

Gorilla Trekking Safety
Armed and trained Virunga National Park Rangers to help with Gorilla Trekking Safety

Safety precautions during Gorilla trekking

To enjoy gorilla trekking in Africa, there are certain safety measures that were put in place in order to create a good relationship with between the trekkers and gorillas and these gorilla trekking rules and regulations include;

  • Keeping a distance of about 7m away from gorillas 
  • No using flashlight while taking photographs of gorillas
  • No eating foods or drinking anything or even smoking in presence of gorillas otherwise they will grab that food harshly from you
  • Never look directly into the eye of the gorilla  
  • While trekking, do not depart from your other group members and in case you want to do so,  make sure that the ranger is informed if your whereabouts in order to overlook you and ensure that you are safe

Conclusion: Gorilla trekking safety and  security always starts with the trekker and the topmost requirement during gorilla trekking is to follow all park rules and regulation alongside gorilla trekking rules and regulations since the parks are filled with different wildlife species that aren’t used to human beings  in order to avoid messing up in the park amidst Gorillas and trust me you will enjoy all the privileges of the other security provided by the rangers , different wildlife authorities and the police which always work hand in hand to enhance the growth and development of tourism sector in the Africa. All in all, your safety while trekking gorillas is guaranteed at no additional costs since all the conservation charges and protection fees are included indirectly in the trekking permit and the entire trekking destination will always be surrounded by armed people so never be scared about them just enjoy your safari in the wilderness keep your head raised high and always take safety first.