Need to spend more time with the gorillas in Uganda? A gorilla habituation experience might be ideal for you. A normal gorilla tracking activity grants you a maximum of 1 hour with gorillas which is not the case with a habituation activity. A habituation experience usually lasts for a whole day and gives you 4 hours instead, a perfect opportunity for you to spend more time with the gorillas.

Gorilla Habituation Experience in Uganda

Gorilla habituation can only be carried in the Rushaga sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and goes for a fee of $1500. It is way more expensive than the normal experience but comes with more adventure. The numbers of people for the habituation comes down to four, compared to the regular eight. Uganda Wildlife Authority put aside a gorilla family specifically for this activity.

The booking process however, remains the same and you have to go through the Uganda Wildlife Authority. This can be direct or through an operator though it is recommended to go through a safari company to simplify the process.

So what is so special about Gorilla habituation?

The gorilla habituation experience is quite raw. You try to make gorillas used to human beings by being around them for long, feeding them and playing with them. The normal gorilla tracking activity lets you meet gorillas that are already used to human beings.

So besides the raw experience, time and cost, there is no much difference between the normal experience and gorilla habituation.

If you haven’t carried out gorilla tracking before, you will not know how little an hour is to spend around gorillas. Most tourist wish to spend much longer with these primates but unfortunately have to go by the rules. Four hours around mountain gorillas is quite enough for you to get a superb experience hence, you should not hesitate to opt for it.

Is there gorilla habituation is Rwanda?

Unfortunately, there is nothing like a Rwanda gorilla habituation experience in place. Rwanda has something similar to this and turns out to be much more pricey. You can book an entire gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park at a fee of $15,000 and track it alone, with your family of with relatives.

The Rwanda package of booking an entire gorilla family sounds more fun but not many can afford the price. If you can afford this, you should definitely go for it or rather do a normal gorilla habituation experience in Uganda.

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