Arusha National Park; It’s one of a smallest national parks  in Tanzania though it covers part of Mount Meru, a famous volcano with an elevation of 4566 meter in the Arusha Region of north eastern Tanzania. However, it sounds small but varied with scenery landscape in three distinct areas, to its west, there are Meru Crater funnels the Jekukumia River, the peak of Mount Meru sits on its edge. And  there are Ngurdoto Crater in the south-east is grassland. Note, Mount Meru is the second highest peak in Tanzania after Mount Kilimanjaro something rewarding and it is just 60 kilometers away and forms a backdrop to views from the park to  east. More so, the park is positioned on a 300 kilometers axis of Africa’s most renown national parks while running through Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater in the west to Kilimanjaro National Park in the east.

Furthermore, Arusha National Park measures 137 square kilometers, established in 1960 and governed by Tanzania National Park Authority ,that sits few kilometers north east of Arusha, though the main gate is 25 kilometers east of the city. Mores so,the park is home to variety of wildlife species  ,despite it’s a small size of the park but home rich with animals like Cape buffalo ,Giraffe ,Warthog , black and white colobus monkey ,elephant ,bushbuck ,blue monkey ,flamingo among others ,leopards are presence but rarely adventured .The park also a good destination for birding with over 400 bird species include ;Great crested grebe ,Peregrine falcon ,Black saw-wing ,African fish eagle ,African olive pigeon ,Egyptian goose ,Great Crested grebe ,Little , Red –fronted parrot ,Tawny eagle ,Verreaux’s eagle ,Narina trogon ,Hartaub’s turaco ,Cinnamon –chested bee-eater ,Black saw wing ,Bearded vulture , Bar-tailed trogon among others.

Arusha National Park 
wildlife in Arusha

Attractions to See in Arusha National Park

Visit Mini Serengeti with rewarding view of the country side. Then Kilimanjaro view point just worth a visit.

Visit Mikindu view point   and Uwanja wa mbogo, best to view buffaloes.

Explore Rhino point views at every close seeing.

Take in Tanzania Mawingu Tours where you can be able to do dhow boatyard but very interesting walk to villages meet up with local people.

Things to Do in Arusha National Park

The park has diversity of touristic activities to do with tourists and below is the glimpse of what you should expect to do when on visit. You can tour the park in single day but discovering a lot of attractions. Note Arusha park is Tanzania’s northern circuit in which a walking safari is possible.

Wildlife Diversity

Due to scenic landscape that exist within Arusha National Park, there is low of diversity when it comes to wildlife. However, Arusha national park is home to Africa’s largest giraffe population and other wild animals. Wildlife to see include; water bucks, cape buffaloes, blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, trogon, turacos and some are occasion like lions and leopards.


 Arusha national park is hoven for birders ‘’enthusiast’’ hence making it a stopping destination for birding, home to over 400 bird. The park is a favorite place for birding where you can be able to spot water birds like little grebe, variety of heron, Augur buzzards, verreaux’s eagle and are easily among others. Birds to see in the park include; Greater flamingo, Helmeted Guinea fowl common, silvery –cheeked horn bill common, Egyptian, Little grebe, Narina trogon, among others

Mount Meru

 This mountain has the fifty highest lying on an altitude of 4,566 meter thus making it to rank the second highest height in the Tanzania land with an attraction of active volcano. According to limited ice and mist around its peak, Mount Meru is visible although the whole year which is not the same as mountain Kilimanjaro that seems often shy and hides behind clouds filled with ice. Not only climbing the summit offers a spectacular view of Kilimanjaro from its summit but the hike its incredibly offering gainful walking safari that takes you through multiple habitats where you can encounter giraffes, various antelopes and elephants and many more.

Arusha National Park 
Mount Meru Climbing Safari Tour

Those interested in climbing Mount Meru hikes, you can book with us Achieve Global Safaris and we arrange for you climbing permits, armed ranger escort, camping equipment and saddle Huts if necessary.

Canoeing the Momella Lakes     

In Arusha national park there is Momella lakes comprised of seven of shallow lakes such as Small Momella, Tululusia, Rishateni, El Kekhotoito. The Alkaline lakes is considerable algae growth and each of these lakes has a different stunning shade of green rather blue. Though water is not safe to drink it but rewarding for canoeing with high chances of watching flamingoes and animals like waterbucks, zebras and dik-diks among other.

Visit Ngurdotor crater

This is a stunning crater with lots of wild animals to see around and it’s the mostly known point for stop over during game drive experience in the park .While on game drive expect to see animals like monkeys ,baboons ,warthogs ,Cape buffaloes ,elephants ,monkeys ,baboons ,warthogs and different antelopes species . Then you can visit Ngurdoto forest a home to playful primate species such as black and white colobus monkeys.

Visit Ngurdoto Museum

 While at Ngurdoto Museum there is great sight of the forest with its population where you can be able to see black and white monkeys. Visit to Ngurdoto Museum which has amazing collection of examples of the various animals, insect and birds that can be seen within the park.

Visit Lake Longil

 On tour to the park, you can visit lake longil where you can have a great view of buffaloes and waterbucks because it is their watering hole. Other animals include buffaloes and waterbucks.

Visit Tululusia Hill

This hill is so popular since it provides a rewarding hiking site that affords visitors with an excellently gorgeous view of the lower reaches of the Arusha National park and two mountains of Kilimanjaro and Meru. Once you visit Arusha National park, never leave the park without visiting this place. Along the hill, you’re able to watch elephants, colobus monkeys, buffalo, red duiker, suni, leopard and even tree dwelling pythons.

Arusha National Park 
Visit Tululusia Hill

Getting to Arusha National park

By Road Transport; From Arusha town to Arusha National Park is only 45-minute drive.

Alternatively, travelers may use a domestic flight from Kilimanjaro International Airport to connect to Arusha Airport with in 20minutes.

Where to stay in Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park has a lot of perfect accommodations ranging from Budget to Luxury options which include;

Budget accommodation option; Banana Farm Eco Hostel, Zion Care Homestay, Graceland Hotel, Mambo hideaway.

Luxury options; Mount Meru Hotel, Kigongoni Lodge, Onsea House, The Bay Leaf Boutique Hotel and Restaurant, Arusha Crown Hotel among other.