Mount Meru Climbing Safari tour –Hiking; Mount Meru is located in Arusha National park ,70 kilometers west of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Its final gorgeous days to climb till the summit it takes four days ‘’4 days’’ but still if your energetic enough and physically fit in the day it can be done in 3 days to complete a trek to the summit. However, the mountain ‘’summit’’ measures a height of 4,566 meters and it is a dormant stratovolcano but very visible from Mount Kilimanjaro on a clear day. Above all, it’s the fifth highest mountain in Africa as the study shows, it is known to be the second highest Mountain in Tanzania. Despite the fact, with no traffic and stunning wildlife experience as you hike pass wild animals.

Key facts about Mount Meru, is Tanzania’s second tallest mountain at 4,566 meter.

It is well-known in abundant of wildlife sights on day 1 of the climb and a great acclimatization climb before trekking Kilimanjaro.

Ascent and descent via the Momela route over 3 days and dormitory style hut accommodation.

When it comes to Mount Kilimanjaro with the highest mountain in Africa it gets the bulk of the attention when it comes to climbing adventure in Tanzania, this mountain has peaks that are worthwhile on safari. Then Mount Meru which is found a short distance to the west of Kilimanjaro and serves as a great warm-up trek for those who have the time and are looking for an even bigger adventure.

Mount Meru Climbing Safari Tour
Mount Meru Climbing Safari Tour

Mount Meru climbing experience is quite rewarding to serve as a great standalone hike in its own right. To most of trekkers choose to use Mount Meru as an acclimation hike as prior to set off their trek up summit to Africa’s highest peak. Choosing to do so it increases their chances of a successful summit on Kilimanjaro and can reduce the number of days needed to climb to make up the summit at Uhuru peak.

 Travelers to Mount Meru have high chances of spotting wildlife along the trail, particularly in the early days of the hike. On your hiking tour, you’re accompanied by the ranger who accompanies the trekking groups on the first day of the activity to ensure that the climbing adventure is safely to the first campsite.

Then after, the route leads you to the north side of Meru’s volcanic crater, before finalizing it to the summit itself. At the top, the views are tantalizing and worth visit, particularly with Kilimanjaro gleaming outstanding in the distance.

Typically Mount Meru climbing takes four days or 3 to complete a trek to the summit, acclimatization is the key to success. Note, all trekkers take the same route up the mountain which starts at Momella Gate.

 While hiking, at the end of the day before accessing the top hikers stays in comfortable series of huts on their way to the top, accommodation to sleeping are located at two different campsites prior to the going to the summit which lies at a place called Socialist peak.

The climbing adventures offers two adventure to travelers; It Allows trekkers a chance to experience what it is like to climb Kilimanjaro on a small scale, providing an impressive adventure for those who don’t have a lot of time in their schedules. You should also take note; they don’t want to deal with the higher altitude that lies on Kilimanjaro.

Perhaps, it truly humbling way to prepare for the larger challenges that they will face on Kilimanjaro, through acclimatization process out of the picture before ever stepping foot on the mountain.

Climb Mount Meru Itinenary

 Below is a 4 days /3-night Climb Mount Meru Itinerary but if you wish to do 3 days /2 nights which we do not recommend due to long walking distance from Miriakamba Hut to the Socialist peak and back all the way to Momella Gate.

Day1: Start climb –Mommella Gate ‘1500M’ –Miriakamba Hut ‘2541 M’- ‘’4-6 Hours’’

Day 1; Wake up early have breakfast served from the lodge in Arusha and then after drive to Momella gate in Arusha National Park. Driving takes about 3 hours from Moshi and 1 hour from Arusha. At the gate you have to purchase your trekking permits meet up with your porter, guide, cook and game ranger and start climbing. You will climb passing in open grassland which will give you a good opportunity to explore buffaloes, warthogs and other grazers.

 You will then cross the River Ngare Nanyuki and continue climbing through beautiful mountain forest, where you will have great chances of seeing many different kind of bird species, black and white colobus monkeys. Finally, at the end of the day break off at Miriakamba Hut where you will stay overnight.

Day 2: Miriakamba Hut ‘’2541 M’’ –Saddle Hut ‘’3570 M’’-3-5 hours

Day2: On this day, you won’t be challenged because the climbing is quite short but demanding. Climbing adventure starts early   in the morning and ascent steeply through lush mountain forest full of various birds to access the halfway point of Elephants Ridge. After climbing you will access saddle Hut where you will enjoy your lunch from.

Later in the afternoon, go for hiking to little Meru rising ‘’3794’’ for superb views before sunset. Then after you will return to saddle Hut for overnight. As you get ready for the next day hiking.

Mount Meru Climbing Safari Tour
Mount Meru Climbing Safari Tour

Day3 Saddle Hut ‘’3570 M’’ –Rhino Point ‘’3850 M’’ –peak ‘’4566M’’ –Rhino Point ‘’3850 M’’ – Saddle Hut ‘’3570 M’’ – Miriakamba Hut ‘’ 2541 M’’.

Day 3: Wake up enjoy your breakfast with snacks between 1 to 2 at night. The route is very steep toward Rhino point ‘’3850 M’’ and from there towards the top, take along very narrow ridge. You will access the mount Meru summit measuring ‘’4566 M’’ right at the sunrise.

Just know sceneries around is rewarding and view to Mount Kilimanjaro is gainful at a close distance. Then after, you will take photo on the summit when descending back to saddle hut.

Note; On icy conditions it might not be possible to pass the ridge between Rhino and summit. Your guide will decide if only conditions are favorable to continue.

Day 4: Climb Miriakamba Hut ‘’2541 M’’ – Momella Gate ‘’1500M’’ /Walking Time 2-5hours

Day 4: You will wake early have morning breakfast and set off about 8am and descent to Momella gate. You will decide whether to take longer or shorter route down. On the longer way trekking back, you have very good changes to see wildlife and ash cone. Once you have made at the gate, it’s time to tip your guide, porter, cook and game ranger.

Then after drive back to be dropped to your home resident or drive you to Kilimanjaro International Airport for your flight departure.

Get started planning now! For your unforgettable Tanzania Safari as your adventure hiking along Mount Meru the experience is quite rewarding and worth adventurous.