Activities in Murchison Falls National Park

Activities in Murchison Falls National Park are the different ventures in which travelers can engage when they visit the park premises to make their safari exciting. Below are some of the most interesting activities in Murchison falls National Park

Boat cruise tours in Murchison falls park

Interested in cruising on top of Uganda’s fresh water, then Murchison falls national park got you covered as it enables to cruise on Nile river to view the exact point where the waterfalls are situated. Boat cruise tours in Murchison falls national park still remains the top thing to do while on a Uganda safari. Boat cruise starts at Paraa which is the most attractive part of the park congested with several wildlife species especially mammals that are easily seen during the boat cruise. Murchison falls national park offers two boat cruise tours one to the bottom of the waterfalls and another one towards the Albert delta. Each of these water boat tours has its unique features to view along the way ranging from mammals, birds, plant species, amphibians and many more. Taking a cruise downstream to the bottom of the falls provides a clear view of mammals such as elephants, Hippos, buffalos, crocodiles, and water birds. While taking a delta launch cruises takes you deep into the swamp that harbors shoebill stork which is most liked bird species. All these boat cruise tours in Murchison falls national park takes between 2-3 hours. One can opt for a sunrise boat cruise or a sunset cruise to view the sun as it goes down over the delta.

Game drive tours in Murchison falls park

The game drive is yet another fascinating activity carried out in Murchison falls national park. One cannot mention the activities in Murchison falls national park and forget to talk about the breathtaking game drive and game viewing. Being the largest and oldest park in Uganda gives it a wider opportunity of attracting several travelers at any given period of time. Murchison falls national park offers both day game drives and night game drives with the possibility of sighting out several species of different wildlife in its preserved game drive locations which include the heart of Murchison in the southern part of the park, the Buligi peninsula, and the area along the Albert delta 

Morning game drive in Murchison falls park allows travelers to view several herds of Elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, Uganda kob and many more herbivores as the feed on fresh vegetation, lions, giraffes, different species of birds among others. While taking a  night game drive opens up the curtains to the Nocturnal mammals, hunters and different cats which prefer moving at night in search of food these include Hyenas, lions, leopards civets, Nightjar and many more that are active in the night

Birding tours in Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls national park is one of the best birding destinations in Uganda and the rest of Africa due to its unique bird species thus making birding tours in this park to be among the top thing to do while on a Uganda Safari tour to the oldest park. Some of the designated birding areas in Murchison Falls Park include; the forests of Kaniyo Pabidi, Budongo forest, Rabongo forest, areas around water bodies for water birds and many more. Murchison Falls Park has different bird species including those endemic to Albertine Rift, water birds, and savannah forest birds. Here are the most species of birds that you will never miss out during the birding in Murchison falls park including Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Secretary Birds, Malachite Kingfishers, Red-throated Bee-eater, Hornbills, Woodpeckers, Cuckoos, Woodpeckers, Shoebill, Swallow-tailed, Open-billed Storks, Warblers, Black-bellied Bustards, Marabou Stork among others all you require is a pair binoculars and enjoy the rest of the park 

Hiking to the top of falls

This is usually incorporated by the travelers who do a boat cruise to the bottom of the falls since the hike starts just at the base of the fall taking 45 minutes to climb up to the top. This activity requires total fitness since it is a total ascent from the bottom to the top. Once you the top, you will be blessed with an overwhelming view of the fall from above, enjoy the sound of the waterfalls and watch different wildlife species including mammals and birds 

Hiking and Nature Walks

Amongst the activities in Murchison falls national park includes a guided nature walk within some designated parts of the park including Kaniyo Pabidi, and other forests to sight some primates including monkeys, baboons, other mammals and birds that thrive in those areas. A guided walk towards the Albert delta is also worth a trial as travelers move along the shoes enjoying the cool breath while on foot 

Hot air balloon safaris in Murchison Falls Park

Hot air balloon has remained significant activity enjoyed in Murchison falls national park and it is organized by the Dream balloon at Paraa Safari lodge enabling travelers to view the northern part of the park from above. Murchison falls national park offers two hot air balloon safaris one in the morning before the sunrise in order to view the early mammals and sunrise. This morning balloon safari comes along with a bush breakfast making it more interesting than the evening air balloon safari which only offers a clear view on the sundowner and the mammals that come out of hiding places in the evening. However, both the hot air balloon safaris offer the same feeling of flying up at a height approximately to tree height and give a clear view of the park 


Take part in fishing with the possibility of capturing some of the fish species including catfish, tilapia, Nile perch, tiger fish and Ngara. The park has some designated fishing spots where travelers are allowed to fish and once a certain fish is caught, you are free to take it for roasting and eat.

Activities in Murchison Falls National Park
Boat Cruise in Murchison Falls National Park – Activities in Murchison Falls National Park

Cultural encounters

Uganda is blessed with different unique cultures thus a safari to Murchison falls park allow travelers who love culture to visit different groups of people along with the villages as the learn different cultural practices and enjoy the cultural performances. Some of these cultures include Boomu Women’s group, Mubako cultural dancers, visiting schools, craft shops among others 

Conclusion: Book your trip now to Murchison falls national park and experience the unbeaten treasures hidden within Uganda, the pearl of Africa