Hot Air Balloon Safari tours in Uganda

Hot Air Balloon Safari tours in Uganda are carried out in one and only Murchison falls national park under the management of the Dream Balloons. A hot air balloon safari at Murchison falls national park is one of the most entertaining,  adrenaline and yet much fun-filled adventurous activity that one should at least for once in a lifetime experience. Hot air ballooning is normally done by the people in love, especially honeymooners, people proposing to their loved ones, some families with less than 8 members, and all other adventurous travelers who intend to spend ample time in the sky while viewing all that nature holds from a glance. 

This adventurous hot air balloon safari at Murchison Falls Park is done in the savanna grassland areas where there are possibilities of clearly viewing the grazing mammals and the hunters as they hide close to their prey targeting the next meal without forgetting the different species of birds that thrill in the park 

Have you ever dreamt of Flying up amidst lions, leopards, and others dangerous cats alongside other mammals, birds, primates and green vegetation cover?, then opt for a hot air balloon safari in Uganda within one of our best and oldest national park, Murchison falls park and you will actually love the experience

Hot air balloon safari at Murchison falls national park  is not different from flying in a plane hence the pilots for the hot air balloons have to pass via Aviation schools and the company managing the hot air balloon safaris must be registered under the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority and as of now, hot air balloons in Murchison falls national park is managed by dream balloons which was registered and certified by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), Uganda Civil Aviation Authority(UCAA), National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA)and Uganda Communications Commission (UCC)  in 2011 and allowed to handle the hot air balloon safaris in the pearl of Africa, Uganda

Hot air balloons in Uganda are driven by certified pilots by both Egyptian Aviation Authorities and Ugandan Aviation Authorities. The number of people carried by a certain balloon is determined by the capacity of the air-filled in the balloon implying that the much the air capacity, the higher the number 

Well, as of now, the hot air balloon safaris at Murchison falls national park are recommended to fly up to the elevation of 10,000ft enabling only passengers above six years of age to take part in the adventure. Dream balloon organizes 2 balloon safaris in Uganda which include the sunrise and the sunset balloon safaris that takes off near Paraa lodge situated in Murchison falls national park. This side of the park close to para lodge features a large concentration of different wildlife species thus taking a flight on this site offers the best sighting than any other part of the park. The cost a hot air balloon costs $380 pp and this includes bush breakfast and a bottle of Champaign for participants in the sunrise flight, a pickup and drops off at the respective designated areas within the park, a certificate of participation, ferry crossing and a mini-game drive after the flight.

sunrise ballooning is more fascinating as travelers arrive at the site earlier when the balloons are being filled with air and then off to the sky they take off spending a full hour in space at a height equivalent to the tree height. Sunrise hot air ballooning starts at 5:00 am and goes up to 9:30 am. This period includes transportation to the starting point, experience the balloons as they are being prepared as in pumping in air, take  off to the sky where a lot is viewed from above including the sunrise, wildlife among others, return to the ground after an a hour of a fascinating adventure, enjoy a bush breakfast and a bottle of Champaign after landing amidst wild mammals then receive a certificate and meet with your driver to enjoy the morning game drive where you will sight more wildlife including the one seen during the hot air balloon

Sunset hot air ballooning starts at 4:00 pm, in the evening and ends at 6:30 pm allowing travelers to view the sun as it goes down, view the nocturnal mammals as they come out of their hiding place to look for food, view other mammals as they close the day and return to their resting places. However, the evening ballooning doesn’t come with any privilege like the sunrise ballooning which comes with Champaign and a bush breakfast. Once the sunset ballooning is done, travelers can proceed with a night game drive around the park or return to their respective lodges for dinner and overnight.

Hot Air Balloon Safari tours in Uganda
Hot Air Balloon Safari tours in Uganda

When the best time for hot air balloon safari at Murchison is Falls Park?

Like any other national parks in Uganda, the best season to visit Uganda’s national parks is always in the dry months where the roads in the parks are easily passable, the lodges are in good conditions and a lot of the wildlife is open for viewing with less vegetation and tree leaves weather off leaving a clear view of the park and all that reside in it. Since most travelers opt for a hot air balloon in order to explore the entire park from above, then dry months are the best when the vegetation cover is less minimal opening the door to viewing a lot of mammals, birds and the entire park clearly as compared to the rainy seasons when the park is filled with thick blush and hard to view the mammals.

Also during the hot months, several mammals especially the herbivores are seen flocking the shores of Lake Albert and Nile River to quench the thirst thus offering greater opportunities for the travelers to view the largest populations of herbivores as they graze and drink along the shores 

Conclusion: Take a chance of adding hot air balloon safari to you travel bucket while on a Uganda safari and enjoy the Spectacular view of the entire Murchison falls park, Lake Albert, river Nile and the wildlife at large that will leave you with everlasting memories and keep you agitating for more of in Uganda the pearl of Africa. Balloon safaris are done in very many countries worldwide but obviously enjoying the flight in a savanna grassland where several wildlife species is easily seen is more fun than never before so try this adventure now within the pearl of Africa.