Night Game Drive Tours in Uganda

Night Game Drive Tours in Uganda are so fascinating as a traveler gets to explore the random wildlife species in the night using a torch to light the species. Most of Uganda’s national parks offer the game drive tours either half-day or full-day depends on the visitor’s interest. Most done game drives are half-day drives including the morning game tours that normally start at 6:00 am in the morning, evening game drive tours and night game drive tours but combining two or three of them probably leads to a proper exploration of the biggest percentage of the wildlife in the park while driving in a tour vehicle. This brings out the proper meaning of the word game drive since game refers to mammals and drive is a common word referring to driving in any vehicle. But for the sake of the parks, we refer to driving in the cars while watching different species of mammals in their free natural habitat

Ever wondered what happens in the parks during the night? Take a picture of yourself driving amidst the wildlife with in the park at night, probably it’s an amazing and fascinating experience that anyone could wish to engage in during a Uganda tour especially a game drive tour. Well, night game drive tours in Uganda are best done in five best areas including Lake Mburo national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Kidepo valley national park, Murchison falls park and Toro-Semliki all offering a unique and greater probability of sighing nocturnal mammals and in some cases, these mammals are often heard than seen. Hunters and herbivores are also normally seen in their free nature at night

Some of the mammals that are seen in the night as the sun goes down include Hippopotamus which normally eat a lot of short vegetation at night best known as herbivores, carnivores and hunters which normally hunt during the night and the small nocturnal mammals. Here are some of these mammals that you will never miss out during your night game drive in Uganda include; Civet cats, porcupines, mongoose, hyenas, bush pigs, bushbabys, hares, buffaloes, elephants, hippos, lions, antelopes, jackals, nightjars, foxes, among others which are seen in different parks making Uganda the best destination for the night game drive

Night game drive tours in Uganda are done with the help of armed game rangers and experienced tour guides allowing visitors to drive inside the park with the use of sport lights for easy viewing of the wildlife that enjoys moving inside the park at night. Night game drives normally start at 7:00 pm and lasts for about five hours closing at 11:00 pm offering maximum views of different mammals that prefer moving in the park at night.

Night game drive tours in Murchison falls park

Murchison falls National Park being the largest park in Uganda offers the best game drives ever with several mammal sightings. Taking a night game drive in Murchison falls brings you closer to the lions, jackals, Hippopotamus, elephants, Uganda kob, and many more. So taking a night game drive in Murchison falls park will never disappoint you as you come close to several herbivores grazing in the night, hunters loitering the park in search of food and several nocturnal mammals which are sometimes heard than seen 

Night game drive in Toro- Semliki Wild reserve

Toro-Semliki is situated close to Budongo forest thus harbors several wildlife including herbivores, carnivores and nocturnal mammals which are seen during the night game drive such as leopards, Bushbabys, and mongoose, Buffalos, Hippopotamus, elephants such as forest elephants, nightjars, bush babies, nightjars among others thus offering the best night game drive in Uganda 

Night game drive tours in Kidepo valley national park: The nature of Kidepo valley national park with thick blush is really convenient for the existence of several wildlife species including some unique species that are not found in any other park

Mammals seen during the night game drives in Kidepo include; Cheetahs which normally inhabit savannah grassland areas and the only park that you can find them is none as than Kidepo valley national park. Other mammals seen during the night game drive in Kidepo include lions, Reddish brown coat Caracal, Jackals, Bat-eared foxes, Oryx among others 

Night game drives in Lake Mburo national park: Lake Mburo national park was the first park to organize night game drives and later on other pars also adopted and joined the trend. During night game drives in Lake Mburo national park, expect to see several mammals including the nocturnal mammal, carnivores, and herbivores. These mammals include African golden cat, mongoose, bush pigs, leopards, spotted hyenas, Otters among others but expect to see lions in this park 

Night game drive in Queen Elizabeth national park: Over 98 mammal species exist in Queen Elizabeth national park including those which are seen during the night game drive and these include Lions which are very plenty including the rare tree-climbing lions basically found in the ishasha sector known as the major attractions in queen alongside other attraction. In Africa, these tree-climbing lions are only found in two countries that is Tanzania in Lake Manyara national park and in Uganda with in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Night Game Drive Tours in Uganda
Night Game Drive Tours in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Requirements for night game drive

Planning for a night game drive, here are some of the things that need to be available for a successful night game drive in Uganda; 

  • First and foremost, a night game drive tour must be protected with armed rangers from Uganda wildlife authority like any other night tour to avoid harm from the wildlife 
  • A sport light is another essential needed to help in allocating the wildlife in the wild. Visitors may also use their torches to enhance the view and be in a position to sport more mammals
  • Keeping in mind that at night there is some dew and the park tend to be cold, so wearing the appropriate long sleeved attire with a warm sweater, a scarf and hand gloves will keep you warm throughout the drive
  • Being vaccinated against yellow fever and other infections is yet another important consideration before you embark on any tour in Uganda. Also, ensure that an insect expeller is doesn’t miss out in your backpack to protect you against insect bites including mosquitos which are common in wild especially at night
  • As usual, a camera should never miss out on any travelers backpack to capture any moment spent in the wild

“It’s more fun when Visitors cooperate a night game drive with either morning game drive or evening game drive in order to have a glance at all the mammals in the parks since it’s not guaranteed to see all the mammals in the night and Achieve Global Safaris is always willing to organize for you the best game drive tours and other tours including primate tours, birding tours, boat cruise tours among others”