Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park is situated on a land area of 13,747 square kilometers in border with Chyulu hills national park and Mkomazi game reserve. Tsavo East national park was gazette in the year 1948 and is managed by the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) which is a board responsible for managing the protected areas in Kenya. Tsavo East national park is part of Tsavo national park which combines both Tsavo East and Tsavo west. The park is yet the largest of all parks in Kenya where one is on a sure deal of spotting a large population of  big 5 game majorly a huge population of dust Red elephants and a huge population of other small mammals that thrill within flat plains that as well harbors lots bird species, butterflies and flora species including savanna grassland and woodland without forgetting other different physical features like hills, rivers including River Voi and River Galana which came into existence as a result of two rivers that is Tsavo River and River Athi merging together. 

Tourist attractions in Tsavo East national park

Tsavo East national park thrills with several tourist attractions including Fauna, flora and other physical features that all offer an adventurous safari in Kenya. Wildlife species in Tsavo east national park include Mammals, birds, butterflies and the stunning flora that all offer a breath taking ecosystem of the park. Mammals: Being a largest park, Tsavo East National park thrills with lots of mammals ranging from the big 5 game including dust red elephants, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos, lions and other mammals such as antelopes, hippos, crocodiles, cheetahs, kudus, dik-dik, zebras, gazelles, hartebeests, waterbucks, Oryx, warthogs, duikers, African wild dogs, mongoose and many more that thrill in dry plains of Tsavo east national park. These mammals are always seen along the water bodies especially during dry months.

Birds: Tsavo East national park thrills with more than 500 species of birds making it one of the birding paradise in Kenya. Some of the bird species spotted in the park include Ostriches, Black kite, king fisher, secretary birds, grey crowned crane, sacred ibis and many more. Just pack a pair of binoculars you’re good to explore the beauty that lies within Tsavo east national park especially in the southern part of the park.

Apart from wildlife, Tsavo east national park offer other stunning tourist attractions including;

Tsavo River: This River is one of the major tourist attractions and yet the name of the park that traverses through both Tsavo east national park and Tsavo west national park then combines with River Athi to make a magnificent Galana river.

Galana River: Galana River as mentioned above is formed as a result of two rivers that is river Tsavo and river Athi merging together from Kenya highlands and proceed to flow through Tsavo East national park till it outlets in Indian ocean. This Galana River acts as the source of water for several fauna and flora species as well as providing water for people that reside near the park where the river traverses.

Yatta plateau: Yatta plateau is yet a stunning tourist attraction that is worth a visit while on an adventure to Tsavo east national park approximately 290 kilometers that came in existence as a result of Lava flowing from Mount Ol Doinyo due to eruption. Yatta plateau is yet the longest lava in the entire world situated in the western part of the park.

Mudanda rock: Mudanda rock is a 1.6 kilometers inselberg that act as water catchments and as well as supply water to the dam which yet attracts mammals especially during dry months. This implies that Mudanda rock is one of the best spots for wildlife viewing in Tsavo east national park.

Lugard falls: these wafer falls were named after Captain Fredrick Lugard since he walked through this park during his explorer mission to Uganda. The water falls also act as viewing spots for wildlife species that are seen including a pool of crocodiles.

Arubu dam: Arubu dam is also a stunning attraction in Tsavo East National park that was constructed in 1952. There are several wildlife species seen along the dam especially during the afternoon as well as in dry months when mammals are in search of driving water to quench their thirst over hot scotching sun. This Arubu dam is situated just near Voi gate.

Top tourist activities in Tsavo east national park

Game drive: Game drive is always the top activity done in most of savanna parks and for Tsavo east national park, game drives are conducted in the southern part of the park with an opportunity of encountering several wildlife including grazing mammals, hunters and nocturnal mammals. The park offers both morning game drives, full day game drives and night game drives. Some of the mammals spotted during game drive include; Elephants, Hippos, zebras, Lions, Buffaloes, impala, elands, wildebeests, kudus, Leopards, serval cats, wild dogs and many more that thrill with in the park.

Birding: With more than 500 species of bird, Tsavo East National park is indeed a true birders haven to an extent of watching and listening to birds while in a comfort of your bed. The major tool for a birder is a pair of binoculars, a camera and a birders book. Some of the bird species to look out for during birding include; Black kite, secretary birds, Kingfishers, Marabou stork, Vulturine guinea fowl, Black headed lapwing, African fin foot, Fischer’s starling, Golden breasted starling, Martial eagle, Red bellied parrot, Shelley’s starling, Slender tailed nightjar, bee-eater, ostrich, vulturine guinea fowl and many more. Birding in Tsavo east national park can be done all year round though the best months to spot migratory birds is during the months of November, December, January, February, March and April. However heavy rains usually affects birding as the trails become impassable to trail through making it the worst season for birding.

Camping: Tsavo east national park offers best grounds for camping and picnic thus can be added on the travel bucket in order to spend ample time in the wilderness of the park separated by a tent from nature.

Photography: Tsavo east national park is yet a stunning destination for photography where you will catch those breath taking photographs of several fauna and flora species. 

Getting there

There are two ways of getting to Tsavo east national park that is either by road or by air depending on one’s choice.

By road transport: travelers  from Nairobi are able to access the park from via Mtito Andei entrance gate south of Nairobi while travelers from Mombasa can access the park through the same gate in North of Mombasa but the driving distance differs. There is yet a possibility of getting to the park via Voi gate for travelers from Mombasa.

By air transport: Tsavo east national park thrills with 8 air strips include mopeo air strip, Voi air strip, Buchuma air strip, Sala Airstrip,  Satao air strip, Aruba air strip, Ithumba air strip and sangayaya air strip where flights can land then travelers connect on a drive to their respective lodges.