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Tourists Attractions in Entebbe Uganda : Entebbe is a famous location in the country sited in the southwest of the Ugandan capital city ‘’Kampala’’, approximately 36 kilometers. Moreover, Entebbe is a location of Uganda’s commercial   landing site for both foreigners and the domestic travelers, with the Airport called Entebbe International Airport. Entebbe is also a location of state House’s official office and resident of the Uganda’s president, found in Wakiso districts. Furthermore, Entebbe is not only an arrival area for people coming in and out of the country but it also boosts with astonishing tourist attractions which can be sighted on visit to Uganda, most especially the cool white waters of Lake Victoria which is the second largest African lake on African continent with beaches where a traveler can spend his time enjoying cool fresh air around and you can as well engage in swimming because the lake is free from bilharzia. Below are the top attractions you can visit while in Entebbe Uganda and we recommend you to book with a recognized tour operator on local ground.

Entebbe Botanical Garden

On your visit to Entebbe or Uganda never leave without a visit to Entebbe botanical garden where you cannot spend more on transport, because the gardens are located few meters away from the Airport or Kampala Capital. More so, they are within walking distance from Gately Inn Entebbe and other comfortable accommodations .This gardens were established in 1898 and are home to over 320 varieties of exotic plants life that makes it beautiful , mammal species mostly monkey species  ,beautiful butterfly species  and a good place  for birders where they can encounter variety of bird species including Yellow backed weaver ,water thick knee ,Madagascar Bee-eater ,Cameroon ,Little and Tooro Olive Greenbul ,Black and white Casqued Hornbill ,Common Sandpiper ,Green sandpiper ,Gull-billed Tern ,Senegal Council ,Little Stint ,Wood Sandpiper, Yellow billed Duck ,Africa Jacana ,Lesser Jacana ,Eastern Grey Plantain eater , Long tailed Cormorant ,Slender-billed Weaver ,Green crombec ,Spur winged Lapwing ,Grey Headed Sparrow ,Long tailed sterling few mentioned.

Tourists Attractions in Entebbe Uganda
Entebbe botanical gardens

Entebbe Wildlife Centre /Entebbe Zoo – Uganda Wildlife Education

Entebbe zoo known as a Centre for breeding and rehabilitation of Uganda animals that have been rescued from poachers and   from injury in their habitats. These animal species are released back into the wild when possible by the Uganda wildlife education Centre work to educate the people, students of Uganda the more importance of our local animals and conservation. This place also attracts pupils of Ugandan schools where they can be able to see number of animals such as Rhinos, chimpanzees, lions, Giraffes, African Elephants, zebras, Ostriches, spotted hyenas, reptiles and bird species among others, all species can be spotted at close distance.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

The Ngamba Island is found on one of the Island on Lake Victoria which can be reached by boat. This Island was founded by Jane Goodall in 1998 and it is a home of 52 rescued chimpanzees. On your visit here you can engage in chimpanzee feeding and watching them from their fences via a raised platform. The sanctuary sits on 100 acres of rainforest situated on Lake Victoria and can be visited throughout the year to visitors who pay a normal entrance fee to view these unique chimpanzees.

Mabamba Swamp

Mabamba swamp is one of the recommended sites for bird viewer or lovers on Uganda birding safaris ,which is the most sought after shoe bill stork in its natural habitat .Bird watching  is the  main key activity around the swamp which can be spotted while on canoe as you navigate waterways that comprises lily pads and papyrus swamp with more than 260 species in the region   and some of bird species to see here include yellow warbler ,pallid harrier ,blue swallow ,Lesser Jacana ,Papyrus Gonolek ,Orange weaver ,Black Egret ,Black Crake ,Black-faced Rufous Warble ,Goliath heron among others.

Entebbe Golf Course

 The Entebbe Golf course is a playable all year round ground with a club that features two tennis courts, one basketball court and a cricket oval. The indoor games played include badminton, darts and snooker. This golf course is one of the best courses in East Africa and within Uganda is the number one play ground for golf course.

On visit to Entebbe Uganda you can engage in sunset walking experience and cruise along Lake Victoria, the experience is quite memorable and interesting thus Tourists Attractions in Entebbe Uganda.

You can choose to do fishing on Lake Victoria which is arranged on request by help of tour agent.

Uganda Reptile Village

The Uganda Reptile village is a home of over 50 reptiles    with 20 different species displayed including Cobras, boom slangs, skinks, monitors lizards, tortoise, Gabon viper and many more. The place is located 2 kilometers off the Entebbe Kampala highway the village. You can visit any time you fill a visit.

Tourists Attractions in Entebbe Uganda
Reptile village in Entebbe

Ssese Islands

On visit to Entebbe, you can visit one of the Island because Ssese Island consists of 84 islands, situated in Lake Victoria Uganda and the biggest of all is Bugala Island a main town and headquarter of Kalangala district. Tourists tend to visit the Island because of interesting attractions around.

Victoria Mall

This is one the coolest place in Entebbe located just as you head to Kampala from the Airport. The place is good for shopping with vibrant features ranging from fashion, dining, leisure and a lot of entertainment many more.

Bafrika Creations

Entebbe location has very many centers, shops where you can visit and buy African materials, some are handmade and others a tailored for example, rings, neckless, African wear and many.

Wildlife Expeditions Africa

The wildlife expeditions Africa are good in organizing group, family, individual tour that takes you deep into the heart of African wilderness and ensures that you have the best experience of animals in their inhabitants.

Aero Beach  

Since Entebbe is surround with waters of Lake Victoria and beaches, you can visit Aero beach for freshening and meeting up with new faces.