Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is Uganda’s largest lake as well as Africa’s largest and world’s second-largest lake. Imagine watching the gentle waves and listening to the sweet melodies of the several birds without forgetting to watch a breath taking sunset over the fresh water lake and capturing the entire scenery with your camera while on your Uganda safari.

About Lake Victoria 

Lake Victoria also known as Lake Nnalubaale in the local Luganda obtained its name after Queen Victoria and was named by John Speke Hannington when he discovered it in 1858 on his mission to discover the source of Nile River. Lake Victoria covers a surface area of approximately 68,870 Square Kilometers (26,590 Square Miles) making it the world’s 2nd largest lake after Lake Superior in North America that covers a surface area of 82,100 Square kilometers (31,700 square miles). L. Victoria is shared by 3 countries of which Tanzania takes over the largest percentage of about 49% which is 33,700 Square Kilometers of the entire lake surface area, Uganda the pearl of Africa takes 45%, equivalent to 31,000 Square Kilometers and Kenya takes the smallest percentage of 6% equivalent to 4,100 Square kilometers. 

L. Victoria harbors a good number of fish species with over 200 species of fish including the rare cichlid which are endemic fish species plus the most commonly caught fish species, the Nile perch and many more fish species implying that fishing is one of the major activities done on Lake Victoria.

Apart from Fish, L. Victoria support several wildlife species such as Otters, Hippos, mongoose and many other animals that thrill along the shores of the lake without forgetting the reptiles like the Nile Crocodiles, turtles, and crabs among others.

Lake Victoria and Environmental Issues

L. Victoria and the creature that inhabit it are threatened by a high rate of pollution, water weed, over fishing as well as encroachment on the water catchment area which all puts the future of Lake Victoria at a great danger.

Things to do / activities at Lake Victoria

L. Victoria is by far one of the gate way for several tourists in Uganda the pearl of Africa for honeymoon, leisure, vacation and even farm trips due to existence of several tourist attractions that make it one of the best destinations to visit in the pearl.

Let’s have a look at those activities that ought not to miss out on your next Uganda safari along Lake Victoria.

Swimming on Lake Victoria

You could be wondering whether it is a face thing to swim on Lake Victoria. Actually, it is safe to swim only within designated swimming areas along Lake Victoria since the Lake has Crocodiles and also the lake is deep thus there could be a possibility of being killed by the crocodiles or drowning in it thus swimming outside the designated area is at owns risk. It is in record that over 5000 people lose their lives annually in Lake Victoria most especially due to drowning. Also Lake Victoria has flat worms which cause Bilharzia a waterborne disease.  

Visiting Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and other islands

A visit to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee sanctuary is as well one of the things done along L. Victoria. This gives you an opportunity to meet and interact with the orphaned Chimpanzees that were rescued from poachers. One may choose to have a half day safari or a full day depending on one’s wish. Ngamba Island is as well part of Ssese Islands which thrills with over 84 Islands that consist of beautiful beaches making it a secret paradise worth a visit for leisure and relaxation.

Visiting Mabamba Swamp for birding

Mabamba swamp is one of the best and Important Birding Area in Uganda located along Lake Victoria that offers a birder an opportunity to watch abundant of birdlife including the rare shoebill stork. Taking on a birding safari at Mabamba swamp is such a rewarding activity enjoyed while on a canoe ride with the help of local guides. 

Safari to Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC), also known as Entebbe Zoo is yet another fascinating place to visit along L. Victoria. A visit to UWEC enables one to encounter with several species of fauna and flora. Some of the animals to encounter at UWEC include Elephants, Lions, Tigers and many other that thrill in this Education Centre. It is as well visited by people on research.

Where to stay/ accommodation facilities around Lake Victoria

There are several stunning accommodations where one can decide to spend a night while on a Uganda safari in Entebbe and some of these accommodations include;

  • Lake Victoria Hotel Entebbe
  • Protea Hotel Entebbe
  • Mirembe Resort Beach Hotel along Bugala Island
  • Mukusu Restaurant 

When is the best time to visit Lake Victoria?

Any time is good for an adventure in Uganda the pearl of Africa but the best season is usually during the dry months  are always the best option to explore the best of L. Victoria and Uganda at large.