Primate Viewing in Uganda – (Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys, e.t.c)

Primate Viewing in Uganda is one of the top tourist activities that the country has ripped a lot of income from travelers who engage in the activity. The climatic conditions and the vegetation cover of Uganda filled with plenty of forested areas that are homes to several primate species making Uganda one of the best destinations when it comes to primate viewing in Africa which the major primates being the mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, monkeys and many more 

Here are some of the most primate species that are visited by several visitors all year round as explained below;

Mountain gorillas 

Mountain Gorillas are one of the primates that top up the primate viewing tour since they are the major attraction in Uganda. This is due to the fact that Uganda the pearl of Africa harbors almost half of the mountain Gorillas that are still available in the entire world followed by Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These mountain gorillas share about 95% of their DNA with humans.  

In Uganda, mountain Gorillas are found in only two destinations that is Bwindi impenetrable national park situated in western Uganda in Kisoro district which is the home to the biggest population of Mountain Gorillas with about 19 habituated mountain gorilla families available for trekking at any given period of time. Gorilla habituation is also available Rushaga sector with in Bwindi. Another destination for mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda is the Mgahinga forest national park situated in Kanungu district home to only one habituated Nyakagezi Gorilla family that can be trekked any time of the year. 


Chimpanzees are the most intelligent primates that share almost 98% of their DNA with human beings and are most referred to as our closest cousins. The only different between the chimpanzees and human beings is that chimpanzees have not been able to speak like us but obviously use different gestures, signs, and sounds during communication with each other. Several visitors on a primate viewing safari in Uganda usually add Chimpanzee trekking on their bucket for an awesome experience in the wild. 

In Uganda, chimpanzees are found in a quiet number of destinations with Kibale Forest national park topping up as it harbors a large population of chimpanzees as well as about 13 primate species as compares to other destinations. Kibale forest has over 1500 chimpanzees over the 5000 recorded chimpanzees that are found in Uganda. Kibale is the only place where visitors enjoy chimpanzee habituation experience in case you are up to spend more time with the chimpanzees alongside other habituators, researchers and the armed rangers for protection. Other destinations for chimpanzee viewing in Uganda include Ngamba island sanctuary situated along the way to Murchison falls national park, Kyambura Gorge, maramagambo forest, Kaniyo pabidi, budongo forest, kalinzu forest, semliki reserve among others making it very easy to view chimpanzees alongside other activities within different parks in Uganda 


Monkeys are the most cheerful primates that are encountered in different parks of Uganda and they are readily available and seen almost everywhere while on a tour in Uganda. There are several monkey species talked about in Uganda but do not expect a tour to trek all of them as they will be commonly encountered during other activities like birding, gorilla trekking, and chimpanzee trekking, game drives among others. However, Golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga is easily organized since these beautiful primates are only seen in one park thus trekking them is such an awesome experience. Other monkeys that are trekked in Uganda are the Mangabey monkeys trekked in Mabira forest but the rest species of Monkeys s are easily seen alongside other tourism activities in different corners of Uganda 

Well, several of these monkey species reside in Uganda’s forested parks since monkeys enjoy climbing and jumping from one tree to another cheerfully playing and Uganda is one of the forested areas with in Africa thus has plenty of food and habitats for the monkeys. 

Here are the several monkey species that are easily seen while on a  primate viewing tour and these include the Golden monkey species which are the most loved monkey species in Uganda because of their unique gold hair over their bodies making them very beautiful to the eyes of the viewers and in Uganda golden monkeys are only found in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park making it easy to track them alongside Nyakagezi Gorilla trekking in the same park bordering Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park and Congo’s Virunga National park which are also homes to mountain Gorillas. Golden monkeys like feasting on the bamboo shoots and these are common with in the bamboo forests with in Virunga volcano mountain ranges 

Ugandan Mangabey and Grey-Cheeked Mangabey are other species of monkeys tracked in Uganda just like Golden monkeys. They prefer staying in tropical rain forests and Mabira forest is one of the best destinations to visit for the Mangabey trekking tour. They can also be found in Semliki forest reserve and In Kibale forest all in Uganda 

Black and white Colobus monkeys also botanically termed as the “Colobus guereza” are commonly found in different parks of Uganda since they normally inhabit the woodland areas and truest me once on a primate tour in Uganda consider meeting as many as possible of these Black and white Colobus monkeys 

Olive Baboons botanically known as “Papio Anubis” one of the Monkeys that existed in the Old days thus termed as a member of Old world monkeys, the prefer to reside in savanna grasslands and forest thus widely spread in several Ugandan parks as they normally pose themselves along the roads inside the park waiting for the visitors vehicles passing by to grab some eats from them

De Brazza’s Monkey also known as Cercopithecus neglectus  is categorized under the Old World monkey and they prefer to stay in Swampy area , mountains and in the bamboo forests within Uganda so expect to encounter them in mount Elgon national park  

The Blue Monkey Botanically called “Cercopithecus mitis” are also members of the Old World Monkey like the Olive Baboons. These blue monkeys are easily seen in several parks in Uganda 

Other monkey species easily encountered in different parks of Uganda include the Red tailed monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkey, Uganda Red Colobus monkeys, Patas monkeys, Velvet Monkeys, and many more that are seen during the Uganda park tours 

Nocturnal primates 

Nocturnal Primates Nocturnal primates are normally encountered while on a night game drive with the help of armed rangers and the sport light since they tend to hide during the day and come out of their hideouts in Night to search for something to eat and these Nocturnal primates. In most cases, these nocturnal primates are not seen but their voices are heard in the wilderness and these include the Bush Babies and the Pottos.

Primate Viewing in Uganda
Golden Monkeys are among the Primate Viewing in Uganda


Once you visit Uganda for primate viewing, you will obviously confirm why most people say that the Evolution of man from the primates started from Eat Africa after viewing the mighty chimpanzees which share their 98% DNA with human beings and even can move on their two feet like a human being. During the primate viewing, visitors are always encouraged to follow appropriate rules and regulations as provided by the rangers in order to be safe in the jungle and avoid messing up the beautiful moments

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