Kenya beach holidays; However, Kenya is a East African country that lies within coastline on the Indian ocean, comprised of savannah, Lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands. Above all it’s a great safari location with diversity of unique species such as the big fives, attractions, reserves, birds, unique culture encounter as well as incredible activities that is worthwhile to gain its tourism hub. More so, it attracts number of tourists every annual wildebeest migration event that usually happens between July to Octobers which can be an interesting time on Kenya safari to Maasai Mara National Reserve annually, during that period huge congregations of people can be seen within the park ready to the great rewardable view of the wildebeest crossing over to Maasai from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

They migrate between that period of the year seeking for fresh pasture and when it’s done they return back to Serengeti. Visit the Amboseli National Park that offers a rewardable view of the majestically Tanzania’s 5,895meter Mount Kilimanjaro and all Kenya Safaris destinations have got a wonderful comfortable safari accommodation lodges ranging from Luxury, Mid-range and Budget. Here comes a unique and cool places for your leisure holidays while on your Kenya safaris, peaceful places to take rest, read your novels and relax during your evening hours. Furthermore, Kenya has got beautiful beaches which are divided into four main regions and each offers a unique experience of life styles.

Kenya Beach Holidays
Kisite marine Park

Below are the Beaches where you can visit and have a peaceful mind on Africa continent  Since these beaches are categorized into regions and here are some of the most visited with lots of interesting attractions that will wind your minds for the next visit to Kenya destinations.

South Coast.

Kenya lying on the coastline that rewards to be one of the most visited and loved African safari destination. However, the Kenya’s South coast is popularly known for palm-fringed white sand beaches includes the outstanding Diani Beach as well as accessible coral reefs.  More then, the scuba diving in regards at Kisite Marine Reserve is quite perfect and there are many wreck dives to entice advances divers.  Therefore, along the south coast   the area experienced with hassle free atmosphere which boosts with a wide range of accommodation, kid’s entertainment clubs and golf course that makes matchless family beach holidays.

The far south coast there are also beautiful beach that awaits at Msambweni 25 kilometers south of Diani. Therefore, while enjoying beach life, you can decide to do stunning snorkeling and diving within as well as having opportunities for sailing, fishing and watersports.

Mombasa region

Mombasa a perfect place to visit on safari destinations that offers a lively atmosphere that attracts a lot of tourists who are beach lovers, loving to enjoy a classic sun and sea vacation. Absolutely, beaches are good for relaxation and life filled with joy and memorable. There’s no worry of finding larger hotel resorts and famous beaches, Kenya Beach Holidays.

Just few kilometers away from Diani beach, to access other visited safari destination like Shima Hills National Reserve ,it might be a small park but filled with lot of unique attractions to windup your memory ,this park is located only 56 kilometers south of Mombasa and directly inland from Diani beach .From enjoying life beach ,visitors can opt   to visit Shima  and be able to do game drive  species to see includes  forest elephants  ,Sable antelopes  ,leopards and various noble birds species ,nature walk ,hiking  among others. Well it’s you to decide whether you combine your tour also with a visit to a home of the great wildebeest Migration and the country’s best year round game viewing thus making the best safari and beach combination. You can connect each safari destination either by flight or by road. By flight you connect to local regional airstrips. You might not even need to fly into Mombasa where you can visit the Indian ocean sunset the same day you experience with dawn game drive.

Kenya Beach Holidays
Diani Beach

Malindi region

To the North of Mombasa lies a stunning place popularly knowns as Malindi a Centre of some of the finest tropical beaches and beach resorts in Africa.  However, Malindi is a place of lots of attractions that enormously long clean beaches, also the place in Kenya for deep see- fishing, provides perfect diving and snorkeling at the Malindi Marine National Park.

Visit Lamu Archipelgo

To the far north of Kenya there is Lamu Archipelago that involves in hallmark activities as well as astonishing islands of Lamu and Manda. More so, in Lamu district makes life beautiful for amazing exotic beach holidays experience and this low-key little island has also become popular for its Lamu Villas-Swahili style beach houses with impressive cool living areas and rooftop terraces. There are also smaller Islands of the Archipelago that offers idyllic and exclusive settings for honeymoons and romantic getaways, Kenya Beach Holidays

 If you wish to have a night around the Lamu that boosts as home to lavishly luxurious accommodation in interesting setting. Apart from enjoying beach life, there are other activities you can engage in also including; snorkeling and scuba diving, historical walking tours, dhow sailing trips, Kayaking and diving with dolphins which are best done between ‘’November and March when the water is clearest ‘’. Getting here, we recommend you to fly over to archipelago   since the airport lies on Manda Island from where you will be transferred to the hotel or lodge by water transport by boat.

Kenya Beach Holidays
Visit Lamu Archipelgo

 In general, Lamu Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001 and its easy location for Swahili center and Islamic culture for decades, thus making it a popular and most developed Island. On visit to Lamu region expect to experience a great beach, dazzling coral reefs, perfect cruise and friendly, discreet service while on a Lamu holiday many.

This region has classic sleeping accommodations facility ranging from Luxury, Mid-range and Budget.

Visit Kenya on your next African safari adventure and be able to encounter more unforgettable activities in life.