Mombasa Marine National Park is a wonderful safari destination that sits on the coast near tourist areas and is a popular beach because of the snorkeling and diving activities, other activities that makes it one of the most visited destination on Kenya Safaris include windsurfing, recreational fishing, waterskiing and gainful view of other wildlife on land and underwater. Although, it looks to be small in size with only 10 square kilometers while the reserve measures 200 square kilometers but remains the most visited Kenya’s Marine parks. It also has coral reefs in its waters that make it a beautiful place to visit. While the reserve also inhabits variety of marine species such as Crabs, starfish, stone fish, Cucumber sea urchins, Corals, turtle, stone fish, cucumbers sea urchins, sea grasses and notable migratory bird species including crab plovers.

Climate; This Marine park is comprised of warm tropical condition varying at the surface between 25 degrees Celsius and 31 degrees Celsius during the year   and moderate nutrient levels.

Historically, before the legislation that occurred in 1987, this area was officially recognized as a National park because they wanted to prevent damage to both the park and the communities surrounding the park due to over fishing, coral reef stripping and revenue lost thus resulting less tourism. In regard to that, the park was also recognized as a marine park to become a home to the coral reefs and animals as well as trophy hunting. While the importance of legislation was to protect wildlife and marine life, fishing and poaching persisted. Then in between 1992 -94 both poaching and fishing ceased and the area was under full protection. –

Mombasa Marine National Park
Mombasa Marine National Park

Currently the place stuns with variety of activities which can be done and below are the activities you can do while one visit here;

 View Marine life

Mombasa National Park is a great location to enjoy different Marine life species such as sea urchins,  sea cucumber , leather back turtle ,hawk bill, humpback dolphin, parrot fish ,damsel fish , octopus ,jellyfish ,  stone fish , sea grasses ,spinner dolphin and loggerhead fish  many more.


 Tourists who visits the place can engage in snorkeling which is done in clear waters and clear views of the Marine life requires you to carry right gears or else you can hire.


Diving is also an impressive activity at Mombasa Marine National park one of the best diving sites, wreck and night diving is also available. If you don’t carry your diving gear, you can hire at the respective companies or hotel.


Visitors who love fishing visit Mombasa Marine National park   where you can also enjoy swimming and be able to enjoy the life style around the ocean.

Boat rides

 While here, you can enjoy your boat cruise with a packed lunch boxes as you might see unique aquatic birds.


Birders get time visit Mombasa Marine National park where you will be able to spot variety of water birds and migratory birds species.

Other activities to do while on tour to Mombasa Marine National Park as includes; sun bathing, water skiing, Wind surfing.

Mombasa Marine National Park
Bird watching 

Where to stay safari to Mombasa Marine National park

Therefore, there are lots of comfortable accommodation facility to sleep in, while on Kenya safari to Marine National park which range from Luxury, Mid-range and Budget with good amenities.; Such as Kahama hotel, Plaza hotel, New palm tree hotel, Afro chic Diani, Funzi keys among others.

Best time to visit the park

The best time to the park is in drier seasons of July to October and December to February. During this period of the year the day can be clear.

Getting to Mombasa Malindi Reserve

 There are several means of transport to access you to Mombasa Malindi National Park whereby you can the park by road, Air or by boat transport. Of which boats are always hired from Mombasa to the reserve