Visit Kenya Coastline; Kenya destination sounds as one of the most visited country on African continent that ranks with lots of tourist attraction such as beautiful beaches, outstanding national park with buckets of high lightening activities to do by the tourist. However, Kenya offers an idyllic coastline with miles of soft white sand fringed by palm trees that gives a rewardable way to stunning seas. More then, the small fishing villages bask in the sun, nets hanging to dry on bleached stick by huts tucked under cashew nut trees.

Despite the fact, the beaches around are backed by tall dunes where green turtles clamber up to nest and the many offshore marine parks in order to protect long coral reefs.  From the coast you can take a few distance and visit a number of beautiful archipelagos, Lamu with its dhows and donkeys, Sandbank, visit to Funzi Island with mangrove channels as well as a visit to Kiwayu with its mile of deserted sand.

Visit Kenya Coastline
Visit Kenya Coastline

This area has an average temperature that ranges 28 degrees Celsius and   during day time experience an average of eight hours ‘’8hours’’.

 A Long your tour to Lamu archipelago on visit to Kenya’s coastline, tourists will never lack where to sleep because   around at the Tana Delta there is a remote river camp as well as some of stylishly converted Swahili building with gainful overlooking the creek at Watamu.  More so the Island of the Lamu archipelago offers a variety of accommodation from the converted Arabic houses in Lamu Town and Shela Village. Also leads you to simple beach lodges made of reed and palms on Kipungani Beach as well as a visit to Manda islands makes your holiday tour awesome.

Visit to Funzi Island -Barefoot luxury

The Funzi keys offers the memories in barefoot luxury with large chalets tucked into mangrove forests with quite various comfortable hotels ranging in every type of room accommodation whether luxury you wish to enjoy luxurious life in one the hotel they are all available, offering quality of facilities or a palm frond bandas on a private island. All these will make you visit to Kenya’s coast more perfect and worth a visit.

 Besides that, to certain parts of Kenya’s coast are busy areas and best avoided with Mombasa in particular but boosts with a lot impressive large hotels crammed together, countless curio stalls, Kiosks and beach lover boys. However, visiting the Kenya’s coast you will never be disappointed because the place is quite more beautiful with a lots of attractions to see and do, just know traveling here you will enjoy more of the spots as well as small boutique hotel.

There are several beautiful places to visit in Kenya’s Coastline that can make your visit more memorable and unforgettable tour on African Continent –Kenya Safaris

Visit Kenya Coastline
Funzi Island

Kenya features with lots of tourist attractions that attracts lots of tourists who visit the destination on safari. Visiting the Kenya Coastline will definitely give you quite suggestions for what will make your travel gorgeous holiday trip, just know the showcase routes around will work for you amazingly. For that reason, there will be a lot of inspiration to make your trip unique and memorable which will be done by one of our specialists –guides from their own life experience   of visiting Kenya’s Coastline, of which the guide will help you to locates you to fabulous places that stuns with lots of attractions as the best way to do it here.

 Places to visit includes; Diani Beach , Funzi Island ,Lamu Archipelago , visit Tana Delta ,Kenyan National Parks such as a visit to Lake Nakuru National Park ,Masai Mara National Reserve , Meru National Park ,Amboseli National Park ,Visit Nairobi City Tour ,Samburu National Reserve ,Visit Laikipia Plateau among others .All the above mentioned places  are an ideal safari destination which popular most by tourist on Kenya safaris .How to choose your trip combine it with a visit to Kenya’s Coastline   can be tailed into a route that best suits your preferences as they all boosts with diversity of wildlife species ,bird species ,attractions and each of its history facts .Get started now and have chances of enjoying beautiful tourists attraction on Kenya Safaris /Visit to Kenya’s Coastline .

Things do or combine with while on visit to Kenya’s coastline include as follows

Hot Air Balloon Flight

This is one of the best done activities   by the tourists on visit to Maasai Mara National Reserve   which starts right from Little Governor’s Camp which can organizes for you bush breakfast as you wait to prepare the balloons just know it with inflating  while enjoying a hot drink and snacks.

Then after the balloon is ready and short briefing the guide will show you to how to board the basket and after it raises up over the Mara. The direction of the  balloon depends on the wind and it will fly in the sky over the trees ,open plains and rivers where you will have aerial view of the millions of wildebeest ,zebras along the plains of Mara and this happens if you visit between July to October a best time to watch the annual wildebeest migration as they tend to cross from Serengeti National Park to Masai Mara National park .Nothing rewarding you watching out diversity of animals in the skies like giraffes hiding in the tree shades, antelopes on the plains and notable birds species flying  as well as the view of superb can be stunning. Then after the pilot with land the balloon after an hour.

Dhow & Dolphin Cruising

 This is one of the best done activities in your leisure time such as enjoying the sunset cruise where you board a traditional dhow on the tranquil waters of Mida Creek   and a large tidal estuary a few miles away from Watamu village. Whereby, Mida Creek takes 10 kilometers of unspoiled mangrove-lined waters where the only human inhabitants like the local fishermen are seen while casting their nets in the traditional manner.

 You still have chances to experience dolphin cruise out into the Watamu Marine National Park.  The best time to enjoy it starts from September to March where it is every possible to enjoy some of snorkeling too.

Visit Kenya Coastline
Dhow & Dolphin Cruising

 Accommodations choices for the visitors on a visit to Kenya’s Coastline;

Around the Kenya’s Coastline there are selective range of accommodation option for when visit. Our choices usually recommend for their quality Amenities, facilities and service or location of which all properties we believe that they match your preferences.

Accommodation Facilities include;

Elephant Pepper Camp found in Masai Mara National Reserve with good quality amenities that fits visitors want.

Elsa’s Kopje found in Meru National Park is a comfortable accommodation with good amenities and easy location, welcoming staff.

Hemingway’s Hotel found in Watamu Island offering with all facilities in and out, quality amenities, enough space for park, easy location, clean swimming pool among others.

 Hemingway’s Nairobi found in Nairobi offering all in room amenities among others.

Karen Blixen Camp found in Mara North Conservancy.

Kinondo Kwetu found in Diani Beach with clean swimming pool to cool up in the evening and well organized bed rooms.

Laikipia Wilderness Camp located at the Laikipia Plateau with comfortable bed rooms and amenities.

Macushla House is found in Nairobi with good quality facilities and friendly staff among others.