Top Things to Do in Kenya – Kenya Safari Tours

Top things to do in Kenya; Kenya is quite awesome safari destination  that everyone  wouldn’t miss to visit on the African safari destination and quite wide country with  diversity of things to do .However ,Kenya holds  East Africa’s number one  travel destination as the record shows ;  that in the 2017  it received to nearly 1.5 million international visitors something that Impacted on Kenya’s economy and tourism hub ,in actual sense Kenya destination boosts with a wide range of adventures both rural and urban. Though wildlife remains the outstanding one and it also offers tantalizing Indian ocean beaches, world class mountain trekking, night life, cultural heritages and amazing ways to get around ‘’from ancient sailing craft to a spanking brand new railway line. Below are the top things to do in Kenya- the heart of Africa which can be reached by the international flights that is Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Wilson Airport among others and to those who have visited the Kenyan destination on Safari can witness to the rest as are highlighted;

 Mountain Trekking –Summit Mount Kenya

This is one of the top done activity on Kenyan safaris, so rewarding though it needs one to be energetic enough trek till the top. The mountain raises to around 17,000 feet ‘’ 3,800 meters and it’s amazing how Mount Kenya holds the second highest peak on the African continent. The summits trail is far less crowded than its snowy counterpart   of Mount Kilimanjaro across the Tanzania’s border.

 The best way to enjoy the mountain is to trek till its summit that spans with five days from starts to finish   and four nights stay on the mountain. It is very true and rewarding on Mount Kenya Safari as it offers guided trip via any of the three main routes on the top.

Top Things to Do in Kenya
climbing mountain kilimanjaro

Watch the great migration in Masai Mara –World wildebeest migration events.

This is the top life experience on Kenya safari where millions of tourists visit Kenya safari mainly for migration of wildebeest event which normally happens between July to November yearly. This is the right time to see wildebeest arriving from the neighboring Serengeti Plains ‘’Serengeti National Park   with millions of wildebeest, antelopes and zebras it can be a memorable time of life experience with rewardable sights. The predators that follow them thunder through Masai Mara National Reserve between July and October during the Great Migration. Note, the experience of an event can be viewed on game drives, airplane or hot-air balloon flights and walking or horseback safaris.

Soak up sea, Sun and Sand at Diani

Travelers who enjoy beach life, visit Kenya destination since it boosts with Indian sea and Islands where you can tour during your visit. You can visit the Diana beach best for beach life experience in entire East Africa. In addition to that, it has white sand good for volley ball, sun bathing and jade –colored waters which is protected by a coral reef. More so, Dian offers a wide range of outdoor activities such as the outdoor sports, ’kitesurfing, skydiving, snorkeling, jets king’’, trendy beachfront bars and restaurants and hip surfside digs among others.

Foster Orphaned elephants ‘’a blind rhino’’

These orphaned elephants can be explored at David’s Sheldrick Wildlife trust which is a good center to take care for baby elephants and it has a good record behind of more than hundred baby elephants have now survived   and a blind rhino named Maxwell is still alive because of this care taking center. This sanctuary has been existing since 1977 by the conservation pioneers David and Dame Daphne Sheldrick. Tourists who love to explore wild animals and experience the life of elephants as they feed them and getting closer to them. Just know it’s worth an encounter.

Visit the Mombasa train

You can visit the new Nairobi through travelling by Mombasa train on comfortable seats and it acts as an attraction to many. However, the Mombasa train was officially opened in 1901 and at first it seemed to be crazy idea to build a railroad through the African bush. But later, it had to be reconstructed into legendary line and was completely modernized in 2017 with worth USD2.3-billion-dollar upgrade of both the tracks and passenger’s trains. You can tour Nairobi city differently with life changing experience.

Top Things to Do in Kenya
Mombasa Train

Visit Elsa’s home turf –Meru National Park

This place is quite pleasing to be explored on safari to Kenya and has made Kenya to be known worldwide, because of the movie which was played in the area named as Born Free and the Blockbuster movie.

The orphaned lioness which  was raised by Adamson and her husband who lived in remote areas of Kenya which is now known as Meru National Park. You can also visit the camp where Adamson used to stay just below a rock outcrop, which is now called Elsa’s Kopje while her grave are found an hour away on the north bank of the Ura River.

Travel-Sail the Lamu Archipelago by dhow

It is an interesting lifetime adventure as you can be able to sail on water by Lamu which is one of the outposts of traditional Dhows. This dhow sails you on water slowly with a gainful sights around and also sails you to the golden age of Swahili culture. Just know that Lamu island on the north Kenya coast is among the last great outposts of traditional dhows and it was once the main form of transport between East Africa, India and the Middle East.

See Tsavo from the air

What quite remarkable experience of diversity of wildlife species in aerial view safari in air plane.

Then the Tsavo West national park also offers great bird’s eye view of Mount Kilimanjaro and the park’s orange –dust covered elephants in conjunctions with Campi Ya Kanzi.

Night life show in Nairobi

Kenya’s city famously known as Nairobi with outstanding clubs where night clubbers can thrive into modern nightlife on African continent. Just imagine, enjoying your nightlife in the heart of Africa it’s an experiential.

Commune with crocodile in Lake Turkana

Visit Kenya on the next visit and be able to visit one of the Kenya’s strangest places, the central Island national park for wildlife life viewing, beach life, snorkeling and visiting Lake Turkana –the world’s largest colony home of Nile crocodiles. Visit the three active volcanoes, three blue green crater lakes, black sand beaches, the Island flaunts a primordial, a single campsite among others.

Roam with rhinos at Lewa

This is one of the stunning place to explore rhinos and to listening to success stories of Africa rhino conservation. The Lewa Conservation is located in north central Kenya a home to both black and white rhino population, before as they began with 15 in 1984. Currently it’s now more than 150 species.

The area is now out of poaching due to introduction of armed patrols, fencing and interaction with local communities.

Top Things to Do in Kenya
Rhinos at Lewa

Channel the spirit of Karen Blixen

They were married couple who lived in Kenya for years from 1913 -1931. There used to stay in the remote areas of Nairobi and now it was dedicated as a museum to her life.

Snorkel the Indian Ocean

On visit to Kenyan Safari destinations, you can add this activity on your bucket list where you can visit Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park and to those who are perfect in snorkeling you can tuck down at the down at the bottom end of the Kenya coast that provides a great sight for whales, dolphins, sea turtles and around 250 tropical fish species and over 56 different types of coral.

Snorkel trip is available from Tiwi, Diana and Shimoni. Best time to do it is between August and March when the sea is smoother.

Watch thousands of beautiful flamingos

Bird lovers on Kenya safari we recommend you to visit lake Nakuru a great location for birding, located in the great rift valley. The best place to view the beautiful pink flamingos that descends upon the Lake in flocks.

Other places to visit include; Visiting the hungry giraffe, join for a marathon training in Iten, Visit the bio-ken snake farm near Watamu where you can be able to explore bush python, puff adder, cobra among others. Trip in Mombasa’s old Town, Cycle through the gates of Hell, enjoy the African bright stays –sleeping under the star