Jinja safari tour Itinerary is an ultimate short safari tour package that leads you to the world’s long river famously known as River Nile ‘’Source of the Nile’ ’where you owe to do several exciting activities and other activities can be done along the way to Jinja. However, Jinja has become the fasted growing town because of the industrial project and the prime source of the Nile that acts as a major tourist attraction in Uganda in Eastern region. This is unforgettable tour where you can be part of it on your visit to Uganda   which takes you to Eastern region few hours’ drive from the adventure capital of Uganda. Above all, Jinja has a perfect scenery with beautiful landscape and endless treasures. The trip to Jinja takes you through the best life time experience just worth it.

The trip Highlight of 1 Day Jinja Safari Tours

The 1 day Jinja safari tour depends on traveler’s location, then our safari drive picks you up after your early breakfast. Then set off to Eastern region while he briefs you about the 1 Day Jinja safari tour, while driving through the   rewardable tea plantation, sugarcanes and African markets. You will have several stopovers   to experience the rapid of rivers, the beauty of forests, sweet sound of waters and falling of them right at the source of the Nile as well as Sezibwa falls.

While driving to the falls Sezibwa falls will be the first stopover to enjoy   the beautiful nature around like the water flow, birds among others. Sezibwa got its name from the phrase ‘’Sizibwa kkubo’’ which is a Luganda language which means My way cannot be blocked of hindered in English. You will also have stopover at Mabira forest where you will be able to spot variety of beautiful birds, monkeys, green nature, butterflies, you can also do zip lining at Mabira forest


Jinja Safari Tour Itinerary
Mabira Forest

You will hike in the forest where you will have great opportunities to adventure through notable birds, mammals, primates and reptiles among other species can be spotted.

After adventuring the Mabira forest embark to Jinja and visit the famous source of the Nile. It is more adventurous when you’re with a family tour and kids will enjoy more. Jinja has a lot of safari activities where one can engage in while on safari such as white water rafting, Kayaking, Bungee Jumping and Sun set cruise along the river Nile, you will be able to experience the beauty of Uganda while doing these unique activities on the mighty Nile during your Jinja tour.

You can choose to do white water rafting, one of the best done activity   along this world’s longest river where you will be able to enjoy the water rapids on Nile. Since the water is calm and clear is also perfect for swimming. While enjoying the activity there are plenty of bird species to see hovering around   and the scenery of the Nile is stunning.

A traveler can choose to do Bungee Jumping it is adrenaline pumping experience where you plunge yourself few meters down into open air before partly immerse your yourself into the Nile water at the Nile High Bungee. Bungee jumping is always experience by those who want to test the limits of their adventure spirits.

You can opt to do Boat rides along the Nile

 While on boat ride, you will be able to see lots of the bird species, experience the stunning scenery of the River.

Quad Biking

On Jinja tour, you can engage in quad biking one of the popular Jinja tourist’s activities where they first give you a free training session and after enjoy the possible adventures, just know sliding across the puddle and potholes in mud makes the activity much more fun.

Jinja Safari Tour Itinerary
Quad Biking in Jinja Uganda


You engaging in Kayaking you will get the greatness experience of the river up close. Though the activity depends on the weather. You will enjoy the beautiful surrounding and exotic birds. You opt to do Horse riding; the choice is yours.

Make the end of the 1 Day Jinja Safari Tour

Tour includes;

Knowledgeable English speaking guide

Pick up and drops

4X4wheel driver

Bottled mineral water

Boat cruise

Tour Inclusive

Personnel expenses; laundry services, tips, drinks, buying souvenirs