Activities carried out at Sezibwa Falls

Activities carried out at Sezibwa Falls are the amazing ventures that the travelers can engage in when they visit the falls to spice up their tour. It is always great to have a stopover or even spend a full day at Sezibwa falls to have a glance at the beauty that hides with in our landlocked country. Sezibwa falls are also listed amongst the heritage sites in Uganda to preserve the cultural practices by the baganda 

Sezibwa falls are strategically situated on river Sezibwa about 30km in the Kayanja trading center within in Mukono district along Kampala Jinja road.  Sezibwa falls are a great thing in the lives of baganda people due to the fact that they have a belief that the falls and the river sezibwa at large harbors their ancestral gods and every now and again most baganda take their sacrifices of animals to seek blessings from the gods of sezibwa falls after the birth of the twins. On the other hand, sezibwa falls also is known as a place of worship and retreat by Anglicans due to the conducive environment that offers ample time for believers to retreat and come closer to God during prayers and even baptism ceremonies can be carried out from these falls

Apart from tradition and religious beliefs, sezibwa falls has a lot of other things that are worth viewing including camping and picnic, birding, community encounters, hiking, and  rock climbing and many more as explained in this article ;

Camping and picnic: This is one of the top Activities carried out at Sezibwa Falls. The strategic location of sezibwa falls has good camping grounds that makes it one of the major things that attract visitors who prefer camping in a noise-free and refreshed environment as the watch the river flowing; listening to the sweet melodies of some birds, storytelling and many more 

Rock Climbing and hiking: this is one of the best sports activities carried out at Sezibwa Falls to be involved in while on a tour to sezibwa falls. This allows participants to climb up to the top of the rock then slope down and even move across the rock until they reach the designated endpoint without falling. This is such an interesting game filled with cheers, laughs and jokes but participants have to keep in mind that as usual accidents do happen though not common thus protective gear such as the headgears should be wore and also it requires physically and mentally fit participants to really enjoy the fun-filled moments. Once on top, climbers have an opportunity of viewing river sempaya from above and the entire waterfall as it gashes out through the rock while having that 

Bird watching: This is another of the activities carried out at Sezibwa Falls. since Uganda is home to over 1060 bird species, it implies that almost in any location there are birds making Uganda the best destination for birders. There are over 50l bird species seen around sezibwa falls including water birds along the falls and Sezibwa River, forest birds, and other birds that inhabit savanna grassland of which some are easily seen with bare eyes, others are best seen by binoculars and other species just heard singing in the jungle but at the end of the day, birders get to see as enough birds as they can. Here are some of the bird species to watch while on a tour to sezibwa falls and they include; Ross’s Turaco, Green throated Sunbird, Red-eyed Dove, Hadada Ibis, White-throated Bee-eater, Lizard Buzzard and pied crow, Klaas’s Cuckoo, Blue Kingfisher, Collared Sunbird, Lesser striped Swallow, African Paradise Flycatcher, Scarlet-chested Sunbird, Willow Warbler, Eastern Plantain Eaters, Double-toothed Barbet, Palm-nut Vulture, Cassin’s Honeyguide, African Pygmy Kingfisher, Grey Woodpecker, Woodland Kingfisher, Olive bellied Sunbird,  African Grey Parrot, Dusky-blue Flycatcher, Grey-headed Sparrow, Splendid Starling, White Casqued Hornbill, Crowned Hornbill, and Speckled Tinkerbird among others 

Swimming: water lovers also have a chance of swimming in  sezibwa falls, however, precautions must be followed and only experienced swimming are encouraged to swim in sezibwa which is also included amongst the best places to swim and relax the body from the strong heat and tiring day 

Community walks: during the community walks, an experienced local guide takes around the falls area while visiting the local community members, shrines for the traditional doctors, sugarcane plantations, schools, playgrounds among others

Activities carried out at Sezibwa Falls
Activities carried out at Sezibwa Falls

Nature walks: this is yet another interesting activity as it takes you in the wilderness of the forest, farms, and even around the falls with possibilities of sighting wildlife including primates such as red-tailed monkeys, and vervet monkeys, and other mammals such as Mongoose, and wild cats, reptiles and amphibians such as tadpoles,  Squirrels, Green mamba, adders, African cobra, lizards and different tree species including the bamboo, Mahogany, Musizi, fig tree, Muvule, Eucalyptus, Ebony and many more with some other plants that are used by traditional healers to treat different infections and diseases all seen in the forest around sezibwa falls and others seen within river sezibwa that make this tour or stopover so exciting and memorial.

Getting there

Sezibwa falls is easily accessed either from Kampala or from Jinja whichever way from Kampala City, it takes about 30km to drive up to kayanja trading center on a tarmac road and after reaching the center, there is a signpost on a marram and bumpy road leading to Sezibwa River Resort that takes you directly to the falls but all is required is a 4×4 tour vehicle to avoid getting stuck in mud especially during the rainy season. 


Most visitors on tour to Jinja for white water rafting and source of the Nile together with a visit to mabira forest for birding and zip-lining, usually make a stopover or an overnight at sezibwa falls and have a fresh feeling of what it means to be in a beautiful country like Uganda. So grab your chance today and explore the hidden secrets that exist in the wonders of Uganda. Just include it on your tour bucket now and you won’t regret it.