The Sezibwa Falls keeps a traditional culture and has always been a place where several Ganda rituals are carried out for so many years. The falls holds extremely significant value to Buganda Kingdom. The amazing scenery around Sezibwa Falls has since attracted scores of tourists.

Sezibwa Falls

This site has been mutated into a common attraction for amazing Mother-Earth adventures and experiences besides the cultural values it holds. Looking in on Sezibwa Falls means giving yourself a bounty of amazing scenic sights of the falls slipping over the steep rocks and cliffs plus the Mother-Earth scenery that surrounds it.

Precedent Buganda Kings (Kabakas), Mwanga and Mutesa II are claimed to have tethered twins from Sezibwa Falls and always visited it often. Any review about the scenery would definitely mark this Buganda Cultural Heritage Site as stunning and amazing.

Watching the river break-free and slip from steep rocks to burst into a river bank approximately 8 meters down preceding it’s long stride is definitely one of those adventures you wouldn’t want to miss in a lifetime. Fact is you can never get satisfied with the beautiful view around the falls. The vibrations of the falls through the rocks and the atmosphere is extremely the best for relaxation.

Besides the main Sezibwa falls, the surrounding is quite awesome as well. There are roads within the scenery that you can stride on to get more looks of the beautiful trees, wildlife, monkeys and some bit birds. Dangerous snakes like Cobras and Mambas can easily be found in the neighborhood during the dry season.

There are various types you will find around the neighborhood, these trees are very rich in medicine and still provide herbs to people around the area up to now. Most of these trees are claimed to have been sown by Kabaka Mwanga to provide more herbs to the people in his kingdom.

Sezibwa Falls is situated in Mukono district in between Bugerere and Kyagwe kingdom parishes, approximately thirty miles on the Kampala – Jinja Highway and about two kilometers off. Book a Uganda safari holiday with us today and we arrange for you a visit to the spiritual site that happens to be one of the most important attractions to Buganda Kingdom (The biggest and most powerful kingdom in Uganda).