Gorilla Trekking gear

Gorilla trekking gear are the tools, requirements, and the full attire wore by gorilla trekkers before setting off to trek the mighty primates in the wild. Trekkers are advised to always choose the best trekking gears that offer the overall body protection against any debris and other related factors while in the jungle

However, before choosing the gorilla trekking gear, one should first consider knowing the location for gorilla trekking that is either Uganda in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga gorilla national park, in Virunga national park in DRC and in Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, obtain the permit which varies in costs depending on the destination where one intends to trek. For instance, a gorilla permit goes for $400 in DRC, $1500 in Rwanda and $600 in Uganda which is less than that in Rwanda by $900. However, the Ugandan permit will slightly rise to $700 which should not be the issue as it will still be lower than that of Rwanda by $800 and then plan for the most appropriate trekking gear.

Back to Gorilla trekking gear, Here are some of the most required gorilla trekking gear that one opts not to feel lazy about while preparing gorilla trekking safari. 

Hiking boots: As usual a gorilla trek is referred to as hiking up the mountains, hill, sloping into the valleys, through the jungle chasing after gorillas until they finally settle down and you obtain ample time with them. So throughout this toil, one needs to be with comfortable shoes which are light to enable one move with them for some longer distances, the hiking boots should be really fitting to avoid coming out or getting stuck in the muddy trails, and all in all the hiking shoes should waterproof to protect your precious foot from getting dirty due to shoe leakages.

Long-sleeved attire: Trekkers are supposed to wear a long-sleeved attire but light as they will need to get some fresh air during the trek. This attire protects the trekkers’ bodies from Insect –bites. However by the time, trekkers reach on higher elevations, they might encounter coldness since it known that as one climbs up and there is a particular height where coldness increases and since we well know that gorillas prefer staying in elevated place, then it is advised that trekkers carry along their sweaters in the backpack as they prepare for a gorilla trekking safari to avoid freezing due to coldness.

Sunglasses: Trekkers need to possess good sunglasses to help in protecting the eyes from direct sunburns during the trek. These glasses also help in protecting foreign materials from falling into the trekker’s eyes while in jungle surrounded by the wild 

A cap: this is goes hand in hand with the sunglasses for protection against sun. However, the cap also protects the trekker’s head for incase anything falls from upon the trees including insects, birds’ droppings, and much other debris. This cap should be durable 

Sunscreen: trekkers need sunscreen in order to apply it on the exposed body parts to protect burn from direct sunlight

Insect repellant: several wildlife species inhabit the places with thick marsh, wetlands, forested areas, and hilly areas and well are the same habitats for gorillas.  This implies that gorilla trekkers need to pack an insect repellant to prevent insect bites

Hiking stick: this is the most important gear that at least every trekker must-have. These sticks are always provided at the park headquarters on the day of the trek to offer some support to the trekkers when it comes to climbing the hill trails and also prevent them from falling during the slippery and steep slopes during the gorilla trekking safari.

Packed lunch and snacks: remember gorilla trekking is such an unpredictable activity where you will never know the time to spend in the jungle. This implies that a packed lunch is a MUST for every trekker. Also, add up some snack to munch on along the trek as long as you don’t eat in presence of the gorillas or any other primates since they share the biggest percentage with pour DNA and are so sensitive just like human otherwise you will end up fighting for food with them in the jungle. 

Enough packed drinking water: trust me you will really need it , try to pack at least two or more Litres of drinking water in your backpack that you will consume during the trek and quench that burning thirst of long hiking from you and keep you hydrated throughout the trek

A raincoat: this is yet another important gear to include on the list of items required for gorilla trekking. In rainy forest, it can rain at any time even during the dry months so try to pack your pretty raincoat for emergency

Gloves: Not just any gloves but strong garden gloves should not miss out on the list of gears required in gorilla trekking. These gloves enables trekker to grab on the tree branches and even protect their hands from piercings, scratches, and many more injuries from different plant species in the wild during the gorilla trek. Since the trekkers encounter different people from different backgrounds, it also protects them from transmitting Skin diseases

A pair of Binoculars: however much you are planning a gorilla trek, bird lovers can also include a binocular in the backpack to watch different bird species alongside gorilla trekking.

After preparing the attire to put on during the trek, don’t forget about the engine that will capture all your memories in the wilderness amidst primates as long as you don’t make a mistake of taking photographs with camera flashlight “ON”. Try as much as possible to keep your flashlight “OFF” until you exit the presence of the gorillas. The same applies to chimpanzees but it’s okay to use flashlight with the monkeys. You will also capture other mammals, birds and many more.

Gorilla Trekking gear
Gorilla Trekking gear

A porter: according to the reviews about gorilla trekking, I observed that most trekkers find very helpful to hire a porter as these guys do a very import job in carrying the extra weights in the backpack, offing a hand where needed and most cases pull or push the trekkers who feel weak along the trek and so on. So it is recommended to obtain at least one if not two and you won’t regret their purpose. 

Conclusion: Gorilla trekking gear are very crucial and can enhance the trekking experience making more easy and fun-filled.