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Gombe National Park: Gombe National Park once known as Gombe Stream National Park is a hallmark primitive safari destination, sited in western Kigoma region in Tanzania, which is 10 miles away from the north of Kigoma. However, the park was established in 1968 though is one of the smallest national parks in Tanzania with a land covering 35square kilometers that goes along the hills of the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika. It has ecosystem which is distinguished by steep valley and the vegetation ranges from grassland, woodland then to tropical rainforest. Gombe national park is a famous location because of the great works of Dr. Jane Goodall who began her behavioral research conduct on the chimpanzee populations. She also started a study about the habituated community of wild eastern chimpanzee at Kasekela chimpanzee community in 1960 and on top that Dr. Jane Goodall featured   several books and documentaries   about primates mostly the chimpanzees. Due to the high population of chimpanzee species and increase has lead Gombe a popular tourist destination. Apart from chimpanzee species, there are other primates that inhabits Gombe including; Olive baboons, Red colobus, Red tailed monkeys, Blue monkeys and Vervet monkeys. More so, Red tailed monkeys and blue monkeys are also known intermix in the area.

The park is also a haven of bird species with over 200 species and home to wildlife species such as bush pigs, snakes, leopards and hippopotami among others. Despite the fact, Gombe National park is a great location to primitive viewing most especially the great apes ‘’chimpanzee’’ you can as well swim and snorkel in Lake Tanganyika a home to more than 100 species of colorful cichlid fish. This park is governed by body called Tanzania National Parks Authority.

Please note; The research carried out by resident primatologists Jane Goodall and spent many years in Gombe forests while studying the behaviors about the endangered chimpanzee’s habitat, food and other requirement brought in great improved design for new protected areas She also   conducted research on the baboon population in the area thus great appreciation to her great work.

It is well proved that chimpanzees share about 98% of their genes with humans and there is no need of scientist expertise is requited to distinguish between the two.

Although, the number has decreased due to the primarily threatening like human encroachment, lack of collaboration between the park management, government sectors and rural communities. But all can be controlled or stop if the government pulls out strict rules and regulations.

Gombe National Park
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 Kayaking is one of the amazing activity carried out in Gombe National Park which can be done on Lake Tanganyika, kayaking is done on small narrow boat where you need to use a double bladed paddle and it’s a four hour paddling with a great exploring of stunning features around the Lake, thus Gombe National Park.

Sport Fishing

You can also do fishing at your pleasure time and enjoy experience of catch and release which can be done on the Lake when the weather is Calm. Crew are experienced at all disciplines of fishing. All you need to use well-equipped sport fishing boats and informed crews who will ensure you with quite excitement out on Lake Tanganyika water.

Snorkeling and diving

Lake Tanganyika is a great location during your safari to Gombe National park where you can also carryout snorkeling and diving as a value to your visit. While enjoy the snorkeling activity, you will be offered with a whole other stunning world as you explore the under water. Gombe is a pleasing place for snorkeling and diving. The activity lasts 3hours within the lake.

Filming destination

The park is more liked by the journalists for hot spotting films and number of Tanzanian TV crew are seen flocking in here for best photography. In general, it’s an interesting chimpanzee and conservation. More so, the research also shows that over the years the international communities like the National Geographic and BBC where much interested on Gombe’s Chimpanzee and the forest.

Butterfly Gazing Experience

Gombe has a beautiful nature with rewardable looks of colorful butterfly among the smallest creatures in the Gombe forest. The park inhabits over 500 butterfly species.

Bird’s Life

 Gombe National park is a home to numerous bird species varying of the iconic fish eagle, the three kinds of kingfishers and the bright peters twin’s spots. Other species are the palm vulture and bird species can be spotted along the shores of Lake Tanganyika  and best time is during wet season when food is in abundant from November to April .Birds to see include ;African fish eagle ,African paradise flycatcher ,Kenya rufous sparrow ,Livingstone’s turaco ,palm-nut vulture ,Red-chested cuckoo ,Yellow rumpled tinker bird ,Ross’s turaco ,Red-capped robin-chat ,peter’s twin spot ,Double-toothed barbet ,Crowned eagle ,Backsaw-wing ,African broadbill among others.

Scenery; Gombe stream is located at the shores of Lake Tanganyika surrounded with scenic forest   which is divided by 13 streams that runs down the escarpment to the sandy beach. While on visit you can also engage in swimming at Lake Tanganyika where you can enjoy amazing look back at the way the forested slopes climb up the steep escarpment is worth an encounter and unforgettable experience.

Weather and Climate –Gombe National Park Safari

However, Gombe as a warm climate with dry season which occurs May to October and a humid, stormy. The wet season occurs from November to Aprils. It experiences the cool weather that gets around 15% degrees Celsius which isn’t bad. Though a lot of water gets dumped on the park when the rain falls.

Best time to visit; Gombe National Park is all year around visited destination though the best time to tour the place without any hindrance starts from July to October and December to February just note this, that Gombe National Park never get crowded, you can visit it any time you want. Then wet season happens in November to April by where you visit the park for chimpanzee tracking experience though during this period requires a lot more effort to find them.

Gombe National Park
Gombe National Park

Accommodation; Gombe stream has got perfect lodge units for the guest which ranges from luxury to budget with rewardable overlooking of the nature. Such lodges include; Mbali Mbali Gombe Lodge, Kigoma Hilltop Hotel, Leaders Lodge, Mahale Classic Lodge and Triple J Resort and sunset Vista Hotel among others.

 Get started you primates lovers to come to tour one of the best places in Africa to encounter these beautiful chimpanzees species in their preserved environment ,here at Gombe National park –Gombe stream it’s on high level of tracking these species ever since Jane Goodall visited the place and began a research center  on how to train chimpanzee to get used to humans thus making the place  to rank as the world’s longest running study of any wild animal population especially the remarkably habituated chimpanzee species. ,