Biharamulo Forest Reserve; This is a less visited safari destination in Tanzanian Safari but quite rewarding with its scenic nature beauty, located in Biharamulo district in Kagera region which is few kilometers away from Biharamulo town. Furthermore, the longest lake in Africa renown as Lake Victoria lies at the North Eastern corner of the park thus giving gainful view of its wonderful nature. In general, the reserve was designated in 1954, covering an area of about 1,462 square kilometers and managed by governing body –Tanzania Forest Services Agency.

 The reserve   is truly a birding site inhabitant’ ’Birdlife International ‘’   beautiful numerous bird species and the most common species of birds include; Sacred Ibis, Saddles, Martial Eagle and Billed stork, other to encounter are Marabou stork, Guinea fowls and Hornbill among others.

Activities -Attractions to see in Biharamulo Forest Reserve


The better way to experience the beauty of this reserve is to take a visit there, some of attractive species include; Miombo woodland and savannah woodlands found in the northern part of the reserve area.

Wildlife Species

Biharamulo Forest Reserve is a stunning area inhabiting a range of unique animal species not commonly seen in other Tanzanian Safari Destination which includes; Stein bucks, hippopotamus, common reedbucks and other mammal species to see include; elephants, sables, roans, antelopes, topis zebras and red colobus monkeys among others.

Biharamulo Forest Reserve

Guided nature walk

The reserve has got stunning trails which provides great view of notable bird species, spotting of wild animals like the antelope’s species.

 Getting there;

 Biharamulo forest reserve can be accessed both by road and by air transport.

By Road

The reserve can be accessed by using four-wheel drive cars because of the road which some parts are still in poor condition.

By Air

Yes, it is very possible to access the reserve by air while using chartered aircraft.


The temperature in the area ranges between 13 degrees Celsius to 41 Celsius depending on the area elevation.


Rain seasons is between January to April. This acts as a wonderful time for bird watchers although accessibility most of the roads becomes impossible because of heavy rains.

Best Time Visit

However, the reserve can be visited all year round but best enjoyed during dry seasons which starts from June to September and December and February.

On visit to Biharamulo Forest Reserve you can choose to combine your visit here to other touristic destinations such as a visit to Serengeti National Park ,Ngorongoro Crater safari , Visit stone town ,Tarangire National Park or even take a visit Uganda’s unique creatures the mountain gorillas that are inhabitant of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park which is renowned for hosting world’s large population of great endangered mountain gorillas  and other small primates like black and white monkeys ,colobus monkeys ,red tailed monkeys. One to access Uganda from Tanzania can use a flight from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and then flies you to Entebbe International Park –it takes 2hours and from here depending on arrival time, you will be driven to the hotel or flied or drove to the Bwindi, by car it takes 8 to 9 hours from Kampala Uganda’s capital to main visited destination and flight 1:30 hours lands you to Kihihi airstrips.

Take a visit to Serengeti National Park

Serengeti national park is a famously world safari destination because of the huge number of plain animal species especially ‘’ wildebeests, gazelles and zebras. More so, it’s the only place in Africa with vast land animal’s migrations which is annual event and also boosts as an international tourist attraction that become a UNESCO World Heritage in 1981. Moreover, the park was created in 1951 and covers a large land of about 5,700 square miles comprised of open grassland and with extensive acacia woodland savanna.

Biharamulo Forest Reserve
Game Viewing in Serengeti

However, it is sited along the western corridor to Lake Victoria where many of the park’s animals migrate.  This is one of the untouched wilderness in the world with good support of a magnificent animal species ranging from Big Five including; Lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and black rhino, other species to see giraffes, Grant’s gazelle, impala, Kongoni, topi and eland among others. The park can be visited throughout the year.

Choosing to do a combined Tanzania safari tour package, you will definitely experience different incredible attractions and amazing activities which will leave you wondering and unforgettable.