What to pack  & When to Go on Jinja Tour ; Like any other Uganda safari destination, you plan for it with good essential items to carry with you in order to make your tour comfortable. However, Jinja is another adventurous tourist destination to go found in southern region of Uganda, approximately 2 to 3 hours’ drive from Kampala to its main destination. The best way to enjoy Jinja tours is visiting with a friend, a group of people or as an individual because it has a lot of remarkable activities attractions to engage in with much fun, excitement and memorable encounter.

Below are the useful essentials to pack on your safari on Jinja Tours

What to pack with;

Warm clothes

While planning for safari to Jinja you need to pack warm clothes that will sustain the warms of your health and keeping you cool.

 Sunscreen lotion, moderate SPF

You will need to carry sunscreen lotion most especially visiting in peak season of June to August and December to February. This item will help you to be burn with sunshine.

Bug repellent

This item helps you in protecting your body way from barrier gains of mosquitoes thus including biting flies, chiggers, gnats, ticks west Nile among others. Carry this item for your safety.

What to pack  & When to Go on Jinja Tour
Packing List

Skirts –Both shorts and long

Along your visit to Jinja tours, you can pack an easy free skirt that will make your walking tour around Jinja town through visiting the craft short, the Nile so simple and marvelous.

Water proof sandals

You need to pack water proof sandals which are useful for the men, women and for the kids among others.

Breathable shirts

These are also good items to pack with you on safari to Jinja, which gives you cool breath, quick and protect you from skin damage for all men and for women.

A rain jacket to layer with a jacket

Visiting Uganda on Jinja tours during wet season we recommend you to carry a rain jacket for all, in order to warm your body temperature and the best way to survive the poor weather.

Pack light skirts to make your walk easy.

Carry waterproof footwear

You can pack such an item or even can be served the center where to experience activity. This waterproof foot wear helps in a visitor never to get wet, to be scratched with any sharp object, bit with red ants thus easing your walk around the land scape.

Rain pants.

This item is more useful   during wet season to both men and women that helps travelers not to get wet and cool and end up being disappointed.

Windproof Umbrella

You can pack an umbrella which can help you in both two seasons dry and wet seasons works as a perfect option on your visitation.

Waterproof bag

The best way to protect your personal documents is to carry –pack a waterproof bag.

What is the best time to visit Jinja Tours –Uganda Destination

Jinja Uganda Tours can be visited all year round though the best time to visit Jinja safaris tours to make tour comfortable and gorgeous starts from June to September and December to February.

Extra cotton socks; Pack for all men, women and boys for your comforts.


Visiting Jinja properly in June you will find it hot and best month to see thousands of tourists from different races of the world flocks in different Uganda tourism destination. Here in Jinja many can also be seen, since the temperature can be favorable to everyone and tend to raise around the high 20 degrees Celsius during the day while at night it goes dip into the low 60s F with high 10 degrees Celsius. In terms of precipitation, expect the rain to fall, What to pack  & When to Go on Jinja Tour.


 Travelling to Jinja in the month of Jinja, which is a hot month ‘peak season’’ to see numerous visitors on safari here combined with Uganda wildlife safari to Uganda’s National Park. However, rain can fall once in a while. The day temperature is in the low 80s F with high 20 degrees Celsius.

What to pack  & When to Go on Jinja Tour
White water rafting in Jinja


During the month of August Jinja can be hot and the rain can amount to several inches. By this time of the year, it can experience the average temperature in the low 70s F ‘’low 20 degrees Celsius’’ to low 80s F ‘’high 20degrees Celsius’’.


Visiting Jinja in September, you will definitely enjoy the cool weather. During this month rain is occasionally. Day time temperature can be low 80s F ‘’high 20degrees Celsius.


You can still visit Jinja in October, where you will come to notice how pretty consistently hot. Expect it to rain regularly. The day time temperature within this month can be in the low 80s F ‘’high 20s C’’.


Visiting Jinja in November can be comfortable because the month is hot and the rain can amount to several inches. During this time, the temperature average raise at low 70s F ‘’low 20s C’’ to low 80s F ‘’high 20s C’’.


During this month Jinja can be warm and the rain can amount to several centimeters.  At this period the temperature average ranges remain the same.


It also a welcoming month to number of tourists on Jinja Tours since it can be warm and favorable to engage in activities.

Some of things to see and activities to do on Jinja Tours include; White water rafting, Quad Biking, Bungee jumping, Kayaking, Sport fishing, Boat riding, Horseback riding, Birding among others.