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Unguja Zanzibar; is an ultimate tourist attraction on Zanzibar destination, as it acts as the largest and most populated island of the Zanzibar archipelago in Tanzania.  However, it was once nickname as Zanzibar Island because of its biggest size and being famous Island. More so, Unguja also renown as Zanzibar   because of being the main most visited Island by tourists  in the Tanzania archipelago of Zanzibar. Also stone town is known to be part of Zanzibar City which is a trade center with lots of Muslim people –mosques and winding lanes. However, the 1883 House of wonders is a former sultan’s palace with a clock tower and the old Fort around turn into houses of cultural center and a stone amphitheater.

In general, Unguja is located in Republic of Tanzania, a remarkable Island found in Indian oceans sitting around 22 miles off the coast of east- central Africa.  In year 1964 Zanzibar joined with Pemba Island and some other smaller Islands together with Tanganyika on the mainland to form the United Republic of Tanzania.

Geographically, Unguja is a stunning hill Island that measures about 85 kilometers long north-south and 30 kilometers -19 miles wide East west at its widest with an overall area of   about 1,666 square kilometers. This beautiful Island  lies in the northern  half of the Zanzibar Archipelago along Indian ocean measuring about 59 kilometers  south of the second largest popular  Island of the archipelago- Pemba Other side ,Unguja and mainland  Tanzania are separated by the Zanzibar Channel More even, Unguja Island is surrounded by lots fabulous  smaller Island and  Islets with only two of them ,which are Tumbatu and Uzi being inhabited .Other minor Islands around Ungula can visit also on safari adventure here include ;Popo ,Kizingo ,Chumbe ,Kwale ,Latham ,Mautani ,Miwi ,Nianembe ,Pungume ,Mwana wa Mwana ,Miwi ,Mnemba and Ukanga.

Politically, the Unguja and the surrounding Islands were divided into three regions that is Zanzibar Central-South, Zanzibar North, Zanzibar Urban-West. Meanwhile, Unguja belongs to Zanzibar which is defined by the Tanzania Constitution but at the same time part of Tanzania with a high degree of autonomy and the local Zanzibar government is found in Stone Town along the west coast of Unguja.

Unguja Zanzibar
Stone town

Moreover, Unguja renown as a landmark Island of the Zanzibar Archipelago  that offers the most developed tourism industry ,thus  accounting for a substantial part of Unguja’s  economy.

While on visit to this fantastic Island you will love the life of adventures on African continent and around the Island there are notable mammal species to explore including ;Zanzibar servaline genet ,African palm civet  as well as Zanzibar Red Colobus among others.

Activities –things to do at Unguja Zanzibar

Visit Stone Town

 The stone town is known as the ancient part of Zanzibar City which is a capital of Unguja Island. While on visit you will enjoy the perfect picture of how the old Swahili trading towns of East Africa look, sound, feel, smell and taste. The Islamic prayer calls in the place makes it the heart and soul of the island.

Jozani Forest

On visit to Unguja Island you can have a combined tour to this amazing forest which is just few meters away from the Island, where you will be able to enjoy vast spread of green, various hotspot that’s part of Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park visit with an expect of viewing the rare red colobus monkey. You will also enjoy nature walks which is done in different stunning nature trails through shafts of sunlight where butterflies flicker, a boardwalk that descends into mangrove swamps and if you’re lucky you will have great chances of viewing a leopard sighting among others.

Visit Nungwi

Visiting Unguja Island will automatically lead you to several stunning Island since it is located along the Indian Ocean where you will take a marvelous walk into a beautiful coral sands as pure touristic destination. Absolutely, you will love the place with its Double Tree Resort by Hilton   and other few lodges immersed in tropical gardens, beach cottages and sea –view restaurant, however, it might not be well known by international tourists but more with causal visitors but awesome. Along here, you can enjoy water sports since its plenty here, sundown cruises as well as organizing deep-sea fishing excursion in search of leaping sailfish.

Unguja Zanzibar
Nungwi Beach

The Market –Forodhani

You can visit the Forodhani market where you will get Zanzibar spectacular night time food market, meet good chefs who knows how to juggle spit the pan, you can choose to taste the aroma of range of dishes though you might be familiar with some of the offerings. The main served dish around the area are the fish plates served with fried potato balls, naan and samosas, UnguJa Zanzibar.

Visit Freddie Mercury Museum

This is amazing Mercury House through small in size that contains family’s former home pays homage to the Island’s most popular son. It’s a good place to discover a stunning displayed historical features. Like yellowing family photographs, the first piano he ever played at the museum in stone Town and declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

You can choose to visit some of the outstanding national parks and be able to engage in unforgettable activities. Take a visit to Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro crater Lake and other marvelous Islands many more. Activities like game drive, birding, wildebeest migration event that usually happens year from July to October, nature walk, hiking among others. Nothing great you choosing to experience a combined trip which can be helped by the trustworthy tour operator and if you don’t mind you can book with us Achieve Global Safaris as we do care for our clients.