Best time to visit Zanzibar Island: The best time to visit or enjoy a visit to Zanzibar Island is during dry season from July to September, which is a very popular time to travel. However, its worthwhile travelling at most times of year with balmy temperatures between 28 degrees Celsius and 34 degrees Celsius and sunshine the norm

The low season with short rains happens in November and December downpours are followed by blue skies. Then long rain tends to fall in April and May.

Zanzibar is a stunning place for holidays where you can feel hot and exotic at almost any time, the best way to enjoy your safari is during the short rains of November and December because there are fewer people and good deals where you can enjoy a fresh breathtaking relaxation way from the heart of the sun .

Weather and Climate

Visiting Zanzibar in March

In this period of the year the weather starts to turn as Zanzibar enters into a long rains and showers become more frequent. And from the middle of March onward it can be very wet.

Visiting from June to October

An African beach holiday means sun that drenched shores, palm fringed beaches and glorious sunsets which is expected more during the dry season. This is the best time to visit Zanzibar it doesn’t matter how long you will spend; the weather can be favorable because its shiner to explore the wonderful sights of the spice island.

Best Time to Visit Zanzibar Island 
Best Time to Visit Zanzibar Island

About Rainy Season in Zanzibar

When your planning take trip around Zanzibar, weather is very important to take note of the Zanzibar’s two distinct rainy seasons;

The Short Rain –November to December

Short rain usually happens in November when the temperatures rise and it tends break the dry mid-year winter. During the morning clouds tend to build up whether sunny or humid and breaks in spectacular, but generally rain can fall in the afternoons and give you enough time to retire to the beach bar before returning to your sun lounger.

The Long Rains – April to May

The long rains make the beaches along Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coastline hot and very wet. If you wish to enjoy the best weather in Zanzibar. This is not a perfect time to visit.

When is the best time to Scuba Dive in Zanzibar?

If you want to visit during the best diving season in Zanzibar, there are two periods;

January and March

July and August

Diving off the north coast of the island is awesome between June and October and off the south coast between November and March.

Besides knowing the best time to visit Zanzibar Island, there are lot of attractions that attracts tourists who come to visit these beautiful places as listed below;

Visiting the blissful Zanzibar beaches

Zanzibar is known as a land of idyllic beaches, warm tropical waters, coral reefs, balmy weather and home to marine which is an interesting under water destination for snorkeling and diving. To those who are beach goers Zanzibar beats with perfect stunning sandy beaches. However, is not only good for beach life but also safe and rewarding destination to take options in nature walk, culture vultures and adventure.

Cultural encounter /Unique culture of Zanzibar

Zanzibar has a unique history dimension to the island, you can go explore the cobbled alleyways of Stone Town’s old quarter which is a UNESCO world Heritage Site, where you can be able to explore a captivating mix of architectural styles in the mosque and houses. You can as well visit, old mansions, palaces like House of wonders, the old Turkish Baths and market stall, shops as well as visiting the famous carved teak Zanzibar doors, visit the Dhow Countries Music Academy which is a great location to go and listed to the local music style known as Taarab which is combined of classical Swahili poetry.

Best Time to Visit Zanzibar Island 
Stone town

Evening amazing walks along the Islands

Zanzibar is a perfect safari destination for lovers, friendly tour to take a long walk on the beach, relax in cool areas besides the water as you enjoy a drink of cocktails with gainful view of sunsets. More so, a great destination for honeymoon and wedding ceremony.

Zanzibar is one of most rewarding diving sights and warm waters thus a n highlight of safari holidays on African continent.

Get started planning your visit to Zanzibar and get in touch of this beautiful safari destination. If you don’t mind you can book with us Focus East Africa Safari Tours.