Unique Things to See and Do in Zanzibar : Unique things to do and see in Zanzibar; Zanzibar is destination of its uniqueness and worth a place of a visit ,surrounded with impressive islands and other tourists attractions that attracts people from all whole over the world to reach this hallmark Zanzibar’s attractions .Note ,nothing is so pleasing on holiday than visiting Zanzibar’s Island’s Safari Destination and enjoy the  unforgettable dolphin tour ,amazing beach lifestyle ,beauty of the city ,museum  moreover on the African Continent . What a great adventure one experience on untouched country of Zanzibar which is blessed with ornate Omani imperial architecture unique culture and beaches of the purest sand and to be ensure of the best of this Zanzibar’s Island has to offer just check out this list of the unique things see and do in this stopping destination off the East African Coast. All things to do goes at affordable fees.

Below are the unique things to do and see in Zanzibar Safaris as highlighted below;

Stone Town

The place is also locally known as Mji Mkongwe and stone town is the ancient part of Zanzibar city which is the capital of Unguja Island. During your holiday to Zanzibar’s destination you will get a perfect picture of how the old Swahili trading towns of East Africa look, sound, beauty, taste and smell. The stone town is combined of visiting the cathedrals, mosque, malls shops among others. Their settlement is located in the heart and soul of the islands. On visit, you will be admired of tall and unique building, enjoy sip chai and coffee from busy vendors and also enjoy fresh fish dinners laced with coconut. This amazing stone town is mixed with Persian, Arabic, Indian and European legacies a created destination for remembrance.

Unique Things to See and Do in Zanzibar
Stone town

Stone Town Cultural City Tour

However, many tourists come to enjoy our beautiful beaches and we ask you while visiting Zanzibar try to taste our food, get to know the culture and our people.

Jozina Forest Walk –Primates Safari

On visit, travelers tend to enjoy vast and beautiful green, diversity hotspot which is part of Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park and luck enough to view the rare red colobus monkey in their nature environment with other species. You will also be able to walk through interesting nature trials that goes shaft of sunlight where butterflies flicker and continue to walk on boardwalk that descends into mangrove swamps and also having a chance of a leopard exploring.


This is a very awesome place one wouldn’t miss to visit since it is located along the Indian ocean where you can seek your toes into coral sands. The best   place to do Nungwi is visiting the northwestern most tips of Zanzibar. Along, there you will be rewarded with beautiful Double Tree Resort by Hilton plus a few lodges which beautiful gardens, beach cottages and sea-view restaurant. The water sports are plentiful, you can enjoy a sundown cruises and   also be part in organizing deep-sea fishing excursions in search of leaping sailfish and mean-looking bull dorado.

Do Zanzibar private beach safari and tour

Zanzibar as a country boosts with fabulous Island excellent for panoramic beach tour.

Dolphin Tour  

This is a great adventure as you get rewarded with sightseeing dolphins swamping around the Island.

Unique Things to See and Do in Zanzibar
Dolphin tour in zanzibar

Forodhani Market 

The Forodhani market is combined of market, Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Street food and Europeans and best tour to these places is more of enjoyment during afternoon hours and evening. These are some of the places which welcomes you to spectacular night time food market and whirl of chefs juggling spitting pans. The dishes they prepare are taste and   coffee filled with aroma. On visit, you might be familiar with some of the offerings like Kebabs of tandoori lobster, add on their favorite dishes such as the fish plates served with fried potato balls, naan and samosa among others.

Visit the palace museum

The palace museum has been existing for years since 1883 when Sayyad Sir Barghash bin Said Al-Busaid who was the second Sultan of Zanzibar the one who ordered the constructed of this museum. However, the palace museum offers thrilling confection of coral stone, acres of marble underfoot and silver fitting. The museum itself looks like mansion because the Sultan commissioned it as residence and by that time Zanzibar   was under Omani imperial rule for about 200 years from 1698. And by 1990s, the museum set out other three floors with a wealth of stunning royal relics such as furniture, clothing and sheets of writing.

House of Wonders

Zanzibar is filled with old buildings which are UNESCO World Heritage Site like the Aka-Beit –al-Ajaib it has been existing for years and 2020 December have been prompting the Omani government to pledge millions of dollars to renovate the place. This was the largest house in East Africa upon completion in 1883 and first building to have a lift, thus the House of wonders name. Again the first building on Zanzibar to have the luxury of electricity. Despite the fact, about the stone town list check is currently crumbling plight and exhibits which include garments, fishing implement and a traditional Swahili dhow vessel.

Walking tour to the heart of Zanzibar /Spice tour

The spice tour has been existing for over 500 years ago carried by Portuguese traders who could buy them from their colonies in India and South America and for centuries spices have made Zanzibar a trading destination. Today, there are small organic set-ups to produce cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and many more. The easiest way also to enjoy walking tour is to led by an experienced guide who will guide you all around and enjoy aromas of turmeric and vanilla, chili, cardamom and black pepper. At the end of the adventuring, you will have Swahili lunch flavored with what you’ve smelt and be able to buy some of them to take home.

The 4 hours Spice Tour in Zanzibar

During visitor’s visit   Kizimba Spice farms you can be able to explore the Zanzibar’s cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, pepper, cinnamon, cardamom and among others like medicinal and ornamental plants and tropical fruits which attracts traders across the Indian Ocean.

Unique Things to See and Do in Zanzibar
Spice tours in Zanzibar

Old Fort

This is one of the stunning oldest building in stone Town, that lies on the seafront just in front of Forodhani Gardens. It was built in later 17th century for the purpose of protecting the island from the attacking Portuguese and nowadays the building of Old Fort has become a famous touristic attraction in Stone Town. You may wonder around, the remain of the former stronghold where important events and functions usually take place.

The Rock

This rock is combined of restaurant, African and seafood’s meaning it’s a peninsula which is located on the east coast of Unguja Island and offering icon of culinary excellence. The Rock restaurant starts as a subsistence for fishermen and one of best place to enjoy dining experience in Zanzibar. However, there are over 12 tablets which are often fully booked just because you can get yourself a reservation of your taste buds some of prepared include Fish carpaccio with coconut sauce, fried fish and a bottle of crisp South African.

Visit Nakupenda Beach

Visiting one of the beaches its the best activities you can do like visiting Nakupenda Beach which means ‘’I Love You’ ’and it’s the of a slender slice of sandbank just off the coast of Stone Town. This beach is among the perfect a stopping destination for rewardable swimming, snorkeling in clear waters while flickering with marine life and a good place to rest as you cool under the African sunshine.

Changuu Island

This Island is commonly referred to as Prison Island where people go to cool off from much sunshine as you splash into transparent blue waters through snorkeling and also having a great sightseeing of giant tortoises which was brought here from Seychelles for over centuries.

Visit Prison Island Private Tour Zanzibar

You can visit this Island for lifetime enjoyment and prison Island is the most visited Island.