Uganda Walking Safari

Uganda Walking Safari is one of the Uganda Safari activities that travelers can engage in as they visit different destinations in the country exploring on foot through trails. Uganda is a land of so much fun when it comes to safaris, besides the game drives done in vehicles, the walking safaris in Uganda offer you a chance to stretch your legs as you enjoy the beauty of Uganda. The Uganda walking safaris offer you a chance to get a closer look at the different attractions in the pearl of Africa, from the undulating hills and verdant crest valleys, the thick forests, the plain savannah grasslands, the rivers, wildlife and an array of beautiful birds among others. The Uganda walking safari involves guides nature walks and treks that are being offered from, almost, all the Ugandan major national parks and the other game reserves and sanctuaries in Uganda.

A Uganda walking safari offers you a chance to actively get involved in any safari by walking and using all your tools to see the different wildlife in the national parks of Uganda.  Uganda has a number of places which offer the most wonderful walking safaris over the strolls through forests to the high mountains. The Uganda walking safari is one of the best ways to really learn about the pearl of Africa, and the local people of the different walking safari destinations in Uganda.  Uganda has one of the most breathtaking biodiversity in the different national parks. Uganda is naturally endowed with beautiful scenery, the cosy weather all the year-round, and the smiles of the hospitable local, makes up the best walking safaris in Uganda.

The most popular walking safari destinations in Uganda

Lake Mburo national park is one of the most visited national parks in Uganda. It is a small national park and always underestimated by many travellers but it is the most fulfilling national park. Lake Mburo national park is one of the safest national park in Uganda, this is because it has a few wild animals like lions and leopards among others. Lake Mburo national park is a beautiful place for walking safaris with the common residents of the zebra herds, impalas, elands antelopes, leopards, giraffes among others. The walking safari in Lake Mburo national park offers you a chance to stand next to the zebras, and to see a lot of other animals grazing in the open savannahs.  The walking safaris in Lake Mburo national park also offer you a chance to take epic photography of the land scape, the wildlife, and the birds in the park among others.

Kidepo valley national park is another destination for walking safaris in Uganda. Kidepo valley national park is also known as the natural national park located in the northeastern part of Uganda. Kidepo national park is famous for the walking safaris in Uganda. Despite the few visitors that ask for the walking safaris in Kidepo valley national park, it is one of the most rewarding national parks in Uganda when it comes to nature walks. The walking safari in kidepo valley national park offers you a chance to see the biggest herds of buffaloes, prides of lions from a distance, giraffes among others.  The fact that kidepo valley national park receives fewer visitors, the animals are totally wild animals and can be easily found; they do not hide. Therefore, it is better if you stay close to your walking guide for safety reasons.

Kibale national park offers awesome walking safaris through the thick chimpanzee forests. Kibale national park is a completely forested place, and no game drive can help out, therefore, the only safari you have to do in kibale national park is the walking safari. The walking safari in kibale national park offers you with the best time to see the chimpanzees, the black and white colubus monkeys, l’hoest’s monkeys, the blue colubus monkeys, the grey-cheeked mangabeys and the olive baboons among others.

Bwindi impenetrable national park is yet another destination for the walking safaris in Uganda. The walking safaris in bwindi impenetrable national park offer you with quality time with the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitats. There is more than just one sector where you can go for your walking safari such as nkuringo, buhoma sector Ruhija among others. However, buhoma and nkuringo are one of the most visited by the mountain gorilla trekkers in Uganda. The walking safaris in Uganda offer you quality time to enjoy the natural endowment of bwindi impenetrable national park such as the thick forests, the flowing streams under the thick jungle, birds and the other primates in the forest.  The walking safaris in Bwindi impenetrable national park offer you a chance to visit the batwa community; also known as the pygmy people of the congo forest. The batwa trail is a chance for you to learn about their culture, the way of survival in the forest among others. You can also enjoy the cultural performances from the batwa women groups among other interesting items offered to you.

Uganda Walking Safari
Uganda Walking Safari

Equipment for the best walking safari in Uganda

It doesn’t matter how funny the walking safaris in Uganda are, if you do not have the right equipment, then you enjoyment might be limited.  Most of the travellers to the pearl of Africa can never believe that the walking safaris can be done in the wild places of Uganda. However, the walking safaris in Uganda, offer you a chance to a new safari experience out of your safari open roof vehicle. The following list of equipment will help you to have the best walking safari experience in Uganda and ever in Africa.

  • A pair of binocular, help you to see the animals more clearly
  • Carry enough mineral water for drinking along the way,
  • Wear good hiking boots for the journey, so that you can keep up the pace with others,
  • Carry a rain jacket in you backpack,
  • Do not forget you camera
  • Wear long camouflaging trousers, long sleeved shirts with dull colours among others.

Other destinations for the walking safaris in Uganda include mountain rwenzori national park, semliki national park, kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park, kalinzu forest reserve in kasese, mabira forest in Jinja, mabamba swamp in Entebbe for the bird watchers among others. You can book your walking safari in Uganda by your trusted safari company. You are welcome to Uganda all the yearlong.