Uganda Safaris in March: Taking on a Uganda Safari in March is as well not a bad idea but obviously it cannot be as good as one in December, January, or February as March marks the beginning of rainy season in Uganda as we mark the end of dry season in February. This implies that during the month of March, the vegetation cover recovers from the drought and blossoms with beautiful flowering plants, the forest become fresh and green, and the entire Country becomes fresh offering stunning views flora across the country offering the best background for photography.

Uganda Safaris in March

Is March a month to visit Uganda?

Any month is good months to explore Uganda on any Uganda safari however, we all know March as the beginning of rainy season thus not the best month for you to travel to Uganda for a safari as most of the accommodations tend to close due to heavy rains that cause floods and wildlife viewing also becomes hard since animals hide deep within the vegetation and the trails within the parks all tend to be slippery and muddy making an entire experience irritating. However, there is always a possibility of sun after a heavy downpour.

Most of park activities like Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, guided nature walks, hikes and many more activities are usually affected by heavy rains in march thus we usually term it as low season. This implies that availability of permits like gorillas and chimpanzee permits is okay as well as availability of cheaper accommodations for those which remain operating since very few number of tourists manage to visit Uganda during this month of March.

In most cases, during the month of March, tourists enjoy a calm ambiance as the parks usually be empty with few tourists unlike in high season where the parks are congested and all accommodations fully booked. So for tourists who enjoy privacy and less congestion can choose to enjoy their Uganda safari in the month of March.

Those going for Gorilla trekking in March are lucky that sometimes you find yourself with a very few people on a gorilla trekking safari and sometimes you might find yourself trekking an entire gorilla family alone or with 2 or 3 members unlike in months of like January and February where all gorilla permits are sold off implying that each gorilla family has to be trekked by 8 trekkers per day. The only challenge is that the trails in the park during the month of march are very hard, muddy, slippery and with a lot of vegetation cover making the trek abit difficult but the good news is that during rainy season, gorillas have abundant of food to eat thus do not mover further within the forest. So you will take a few hours walk to gorillas.

Uganda Safaris in March

For birders, March is the best month of the year where there is a golden opportunity of spotting the migratory birds as they escape from Europe and other countries with winter to Uganda. By April, Migratory birds start returning to their countries till next winter. Uganda is known as one of the birder’s paradise with over 1000 species of birds including the rare shoebill stork which can be spotted in different destinations in Uganda the pearl of Africa plus other endemic bird species, forest birds, water birds and many more.

Other activities like game drive in different savanna parks may not be enjoyable but the stunning views of the flora is incredible. A 4×4 safari vehicle should be recommendable for the game drive most especially during the month of March to avoid getting stuck since most of the roads inside the parks aren’t well developed thus mostly affected by rain.


Rain shouldn’t be an issue to stop your adventure in Uganda since the climatic conditions are always favorable all year round thus you can as well be part of tourists that feel like exploring the best of Uganda in March. But for the bird lovers, this is the perfect month for you to watch as many bird species as possible as long as you have your pair of binoculars to help you view the birds within the thick vegetation.