Uganda Safaris in January: Wondering about how it feels like being on a Uganda safari in January? Then worry not as the truth is that January is one of the best months one could enjoy the best of Uganda as it lies within the dry season.

The fact that Uganda the pearl of Africa lies on the Equator line implies that even during the dry season like this January, there is possibility of rainfall thus the vegetation won’t be dry and the temperature will be varying with in 20s to 30s degrees centigrade.

During the month of January, wildlife viewing is one of the best excursion you can never miss out on your bucket list as the vegetation cover will be minimal and most of wildlife will as well be easily spotted around water bodies during afternoons as they quench the thirst over hot and scotching sun.

Uganda Safaris in January

Apart from the vegetation itself, the trails within the parks are dry and easily passable making it yet the perfect time of the year to enjoy lots of tourist activities including Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park.

Other safaris to enjoy in Uganda during January include Chimpanzee trekking and Habituation experience in primate parks and other reserves like Kibale forest national park, Budongo forest reserve in Murchison falls national park, Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park, Kalinzu forest in Queen Elizabeth national park, Toro Semliki national reserve and many more.

On top of Gorilla and chimpanzee safaris, during the month of January in Uganda also enables tourists to enjoy hiking safaris of different mountains like a hike to Rwenzori Mountains in Rwenzori mountains national park, volcano hikes in Mgahinga gorilla national park, Mount Elgon Hike within Mount Elgon national park, top of falls hike in Murchison falls national park and very many other guided walks with in the parks and forests like guided walk in Lake Mburo national park, mabira forest, Bwindi impenetrable forest , Mgahinga gorilla national park and many more.

Other things to do in Uganda during January are game drives within different savanna parks for wildlife viewing adventures. Some of the best savanna parks in Uganda for game drive safaris in January include Kidepo Valley national park the most stunning but less visited savanna park in Uganda, Murchison falls national park the number 1 park visited by the largest number of tourists, the oldest savanna park and yet a place to encounter with the big 5 game provided one stops over at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary. Other places to visit for Game drive safaris in Uganda during January include; Lake Mburo national park which is the smallest savanna park and the nearest park to Kampala, Queen Elizabeth national park the only place to watch the rare tree climbing lions in their natural habitats among others.January Safari

January is as well the best month to visit Uganda for the boat cruise safaris with an opportunity to encounter and view several wildlife species. Most of the boat cruise safaris in Uganda are conducted within Murchison falls national park with an opportunity to view the world’s most powerful waterfall, in Queen Elizabeth national park along the Kazinga channel which harbors the largest population of Hippos in Uganda, along Lake Mburo within the park itself for a chance to spot abundant of birdlife and other animals that visit the lake, along the Nile River to visit the source of the Nile, the world’s longest River.

January is as well the best month for Camping and picnic since the camping sites are dry and best for night campfires for those adventurous travels who wish to spend nights under the sun in the jungle.

However much January is one of the months considered to be the best to explore Uganda, it is as well a high season thus Uganda the pearl of Africa receives abundant of tourists worldwide in this month of January implying that there is likelihood of shortage of accommodation facilities and for those interested in Gorillas and chimpanzee safaris could as well fail to get the permits due to high demand. We therefore always advise our clients who wish to travel January and any other high season month to ensure that their accommodation and permits are booked in advance.

At Achieve Global Safaris, we are always available to assist you in making your bookings for the permits and the accommodation as long as you plan your entire Uganda safari with us. Come and explore the best of Uganda in January with us for the best and unbeatable rates!!!!!!!!!!