Uganda safari local games : Every country in Africa has got its own local games that are so mind blowing, and Uganda is one of those countries that have quite a lot of these kinds of games too.

Uganda safari local games are some of the best Uganda safari activities one can get involved in on an adventure in Uganda and get to know the best of all Uganda and its local activities.

Uganda safari has got to bring to you all the local games in the country and have to involve in them under the help of Uganda safaris tours.

There are so very many kinds of local games in Uganda and these can be carried out in different areas of Uganda most especially on a Uganda local safari in Uganda.

local games in Uganda

Here are some of the local games in Uganda that every sightsees would love to involve in and above of it all get to have knowledge about them more.

There is a lot of entertainment to enjoy in this local game safari and even to learn as you get to know more about Uganda and its culture.

Omweso game:  omweso game (local chess) is played with 16 holes for each player and 64 balls. The territory of a player is the two rows of holes that are close to him. The players are supposed to keep sowing seeds in each of the pockets of the board until the opponent does not have room to play.

Ajeri bado: This is in most cases referred to as “hide and seek”. One person faces a wall and closes his or her eyes while shouting “Ajeri bado”. The rest look for where to hide but must be answering to the call by saying “bado” if they haven’t got where to hide.

kwepena (buganda kingdom dodge ball):The game starts off with 2 shooters at opposite ends of each other, one soft ball and 2 or more dodgers between the shooters. Each time the ball is thrown, its aimed at eliminating one dodger at a time. When the ball hits a dodger, they get out of the game and become a shooter

Uganda safari local games

Odede: This word means “kids’ game” in Lango. Odede is built around the idea of having homes with children and living like a family.

Duulu (ugandan floor & finger pool): The Duulu setting is simple. All you need are two or more players and a shallow hole into the ground. All the players must have a marble. Lines are drawn as boundaries and they’re also used to make the first toss. After the marbles are tossed, the owner of the marble nearest to the hole gets to play first.

Kakebe: Another interesting game that can accommodate more than fifteen (15) players but any number from three and above can play it because there’s always the person who searches and others hide.

Ekigo ekiganda (buganda kingdom wrestling):Two contestants are called into the ring to test their stamina and resilience. The contestants are supposed to put their opponents down onto their back in the shortest time possible.

Check pocket or hand: The game is what it sounds like. It should have been in the top three because of its benefits and joy when you get some edibles in someone’s pocket but it had a lot of fights.

Playing games is the most amalgamating factor among kids and teenagers in the north and central regions of Uganda. This is the basis for love and a feeling of a simulated family among the different kinds of children living in a certain neighborhood because it doesn’t recognize tribalism and prestige. You just have to be in or on time or generally be good at playing a game in order to earn a place in any of the competing teams. And on a Uganda safari you get the chance to see or much better involve in these games as you may wish to spend some time with the children or with the Ugandan teenagers

Other activities to do in Uganda

after getting to experience the local games in the country you can as well get a Uganda safari in different areas of Uganda as well and get to enjoy the stunning experiences they provide one with and these Uganda safari activities can include;

Kampala City Tour: Kampala is Uganda’s Capital that as of now sits on 22 hills. Whether you choose the bicycle tour, vehicle ride or a walk tour exploring Uganda without touring her capital Kampala would be an injustice to your Uganda safari. Kampala’s greatness lies in her architectural and historic sites like the Uganda Martyrs Shrine in Namugongo, Rubaga Cathedral, Namirembe Cathedral, the Bahai Temple, the Hindu temple and the independence monument, Kasubi tombs. While the sites are a sight to behold remember to eat a Rolex while on your tour of Kampala; it seals the deal.

Gorilla trekking: Exploring the forest while searching for the famous mountain gorillas feeding their offspring or just being their majestic selves is what a Uganda gorilla trekking experience is about and way more. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park will give you the ultimate feel of a gorilla trekking experience. Remember to heed to your ranger’s instructions, prepare physically for a considerable amount of walking and participate while in good health lest you leave the gorillas infected. Gorilla trekking is an adrenaline stirring experience and worth every minute of your time.

Bird watching: The birds of Uganda chirp by the waters of Lake Victoria, they fly over the current of the River Nile and wade through the swamps of Mabamba Island. With over 1050 bird species recorded in Uganda, a safari in Uganda would be incomplete without engaging in birding. The tropical rain forests, the savanna, the swamps and lakesides are a home to many birds.

Cultural experiences: The birds, animals and plant species are not the only form of diversity Uganda has to offer. Our culture is a cocktail of color, taste, sights and sounds.

Water Rafting: The mighty current, electric breeze, adrenaline stirring waves of the River Nile make White water rafting a bucket list activity while on your Uganda safari.

Canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi: Lake Bunyonyi turns and twists along a picturesque landscape speckled with 29 islands surrounded by prissily terraced food gardens.

Game drives: 4X4 wheels, an open roof, binoculars, a good camera, your eyes, the wilderness breeze and wildlife are a summary of what a game drive involves.