Touring Kampala City

Touring Kampala City: Kampala city is situated in the central region of Uganda and is the capital city of Uganda the Pearl of Africa one of the best and most visited destinations in the East Africa region. Uganda borders with 5 countries including Kenya in the Eastern part, South Sudan in the northern part, Democratic Republic of Congo in the Western part, Tanzania in the southern part, and finally Rwanda as well in the southern part of Uganda. Taking a guided Kampala city tour is such a rewarding experience that brings you closer to the locals in the city different cultures, traditions, religions and many other attractive sites in the city of Kampala. Kampala city initially stood on 7 famously known hills including Old Kampala (Kampala) Hill, Mengo hill, Makerere hill, Rubaga hill, Nakasero hill, Namirembe hill and Kololo hill but currently, Kampala city stands on 21 hills.

At Achieve Global Safaris, we organize a wide range of breath taking safaris including the Kampala city, wildlife viewing, primate viewing, cultural tours and many more for both individuals, family and group travelers depending on the choice of safari, number of days and many other factors. The best way to enjoy Kampala city tour is by taking on a guided walk to various corners of the city while viewing the stunning attractions and meeting the people that make the city very busy all day long.

Apart from visiting the city on foot which is obviously the best way to enjoy Kampala city tour, you may as well opt to explore Kampala city by use a bicycle ride, opt for motorcycle or even choose to explore it in car though it might not be enjoyable in car since there are some places where a car might not reach yet easily reached on foot.

Kampala city has favorable weather conditions that is always warm all year round with 2 seasons including rainy season and dry season making it the best city to visit while on a Uganda tour since even after rain, the sun shines again and people just move on with their activities.

Some of the places never to miss out while on a Kampala city tour include; the market places, churches, Cathedrals, Mosques, local craft shops, supermarkets, slums, Monuments, Idi Amin’s torture chamber, local restaurants to have a taste of Uganda’s local food including Bananas (Matooke), you may as well enjoy our fast foods like Rolex which is the best fast food to enjoy at any time while in Kampala Uganda. Fun lovers can enter into disco halls, night clubs and cinemas to have fun with the locals at night and many more as elaborated below.

Here are top things to do while on a Kampala city tour

Visit the Uganda Museum: Uganda Museum is yet another adventurous place to visit while on Kampala city tour. This Museum stands along Kira road and its one of the oldest Museum in in East Africa established in the year 1908. At Uganda National Museum is the only place where one is able to have a glance at exhibits and display of Uganda’s cultural practices, ethnology, hunting equipment, weapons, archaeology, natural history and playable musical instruments.

Enjoy a Buganda trail: Amongst all the Kingdoms in Uganda, Buganda Kingdom is the strongest and has tried by all means to keep its culture and traditions. During the Buganda trail on a Kampala city tour, you will be rewarded with a visit to the Kabaka’s Lake, the King’s Palace “Lubiri” as well as a visit to Mengo where he Parliament of Buganda Kingdom is situated as well as Kasubi tombs. By the end of this Buganda trail, you will have learnt a lot about Buganda Kingdom.

Visit Market Centers: Kampala thrills with several stunning markets to visit while on a city tour in Uganda the pearl of Africa. The most visited markets visited in Kampala city include Nakasero market, Balikuddembe market and many more. While in the market, you will be able to buy some fruits, Vegetables, clothes and many other. Be aware of thieves along the streets thus ensure that all your valuables are safe at all the time while on a city tour. 

Visit the places of Worship: Uganda is the best Country where you find different people with different religious affiliations. So if interested in visiting some of these religious sites while on a Kampala city tour, you are free to explore the Cathedrals, shrines, Mosques and many more places of worship in Kampala. Some of the most visited religious sites include, Namirembe church, Namugongo shrine, Bahai Temple, Gadhafi Mosque, Rubaga Cathedral, Kibuli mosque and many other religious sites that thrill with in Kampala city. 

Take a visit to the slums of Kampala: While enjoying a Kampala City Tour, we recommend you to take a guided walk through slums of the City to meet the people that reside there, interact with them about their standards of living and view their temporary structures where they sleep. Most of the people in slums that moved from rural areas and decided to come to the city to hustle for themselves and thus the only way they can obtain shelter with their low incomes is by putting up in slums that are cheap to manage and life goes on. You will realize that the biggest percentage of slum dwellers are the youth.

Visit Ndere Cultural Centre: While on your Kampala City tour, you ought not to miss out on this fascinating adventure to Ndere Cultural center where you will experience the culture of different Ugandan tribes. Ndere Cultural Centre lies on a 9acre beautifully maintained place with thrilling flowers and fruits. The performances at Ndere Cultural Center are so rewarding with Music, dance and drama plus show casing of different musical instruments from various tribes around Uganda the Pearl of Africa. In addition to enjoying the Music, dance and drama, Ndere Cultural Center is yet the place to go for story lovers to enjoy listening to stories on every Wednesday at 7pm, Friday at 7pm and Sunday 6pm. Come and enjoy the best of the Ugandan cultural and style of living from over 56 tribes at Ndere Cultural Center.

Conclusion: If you would like to enjoy a Kampala city tour, do not hesitate to contact us and we shall readily be available to make you a memorable adventure.