Tsavo East National Park attraction: Tsavo East National Park is one of the hallmark  destination  Kenya safaris  located in Taita-Taveta County of Kenya near Voi Town, estimating about 173 kilometers northwest of Mombasa. Despite the Tsavo East was created in 1948 as a gazette area to protect wildlife species and it covers an area of about 1,374 square kilometers. More so, Tsavo East is one of the oldest and largest national parks in Kenya. Eventually, these are two national park namely Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park which are separated by a railway line.

However, the park is comprised of various tourist attractions which are highlight to your visit to Tsavo East national park.

 And below are the astonishing tourist attractions one can encounter on safari to Tsavo East National Park Kenya thus making it the most visited destination on Kenya Wildlife Safaris;

Mudanda rock

 This rock is found in Tsavo East National Park which is an inselberg of stratified rock with measurement of 1.6 kilometers.  The rock is water catchment that supplies water to the natural dam that lies below it and other watering area where animals come to drink mostly during dry season. Mudanda rock is also provides perfect viewing   of the amazing endless plains of the park and a great tourist point of watching wild animals   which come to quench for water such as wildebeest, buffaloes, elephants among others.

Tsavo East National Park Attraction
Mudanda Rock

 Yatta plateau

Yatta plateau is a unique tourist attraction in Tsavo East National Park which is featured as the world’s longest lava flow of over 290 kilometers which is formed as a result of lava to form the Ol Doinyo Sabuj Mountain during the eruption process.  The Yatta plateau also runs its water along the western border of Tsavo East National park above Athi river.

Lugard falls

 The lugard falls is one of the outstanding features in Tsavo East national park and a rewarding feature to visit on Walking Safari in the park. This falls are quite unique feature such as white water rapids and is formed in the Galana river.

Fact about Lugard falls was named after a British explorer and colonial administrators in names of Sir Fredrick Lugard who arrived in Mombasa in 1888.

Galana and Tsavo River

Tsavo East national park looks adventurous with these two beautiful  rivers of Galana river and Tsavo river and these two rivers are the major water sources that feeds the nature in the park and its ecology .

The Tsavo River runs through both national parks that is Tsavo East and Tsavo West national park on its way to join Athi river to form Galana river. Originally, Galana river in the south eastern Kenya highlands and along its way there is Indian ocean where its water can be poured   as well as flowing its water through Tsavo East national park.

While on visit at Galana river you can see number of crocodiles on Kenyan Wildlife viewing safaris in Tsavo East national park.

Tsavo East National Park Attraction
Galana river

Kanderi Swamp

 This is one of the most useful water source that feeds the ecosystem of Tsavo East National Park. The kanderi swamp is one of the main tourist attraction in the park, located along the Voi River and as water source that attracts a range of wild animals. On Game drive around this area, you get to enjoy great view of animals like buffaloes, antelopes, elephants and hartebeests among others.

Aruba dam

This is also attractive area for wildlife most especially during dry season as many animals come to quench for thirsty. It’s a great place to view variety of birds and wild animals.


This is the major tourist’s attractions for the travelers on Kenyan wildlife and Tsavo East national park is among the highlight destination with wide range of mammals with over 675 species.

Animals to see or found in Tsavo East National Park they include; all the big fives –elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes and black rhinos, others animals are waterbucks, civet, caracal , African wild cat ,zebra , gazelle , impala ,aardwolf ,Gravy’s and plains zebras , bush duiker , slender mongoose , white-tailed mongoose , Egyptian mongoose ,marsh mongoose ,  spotted hyenas , African  dormouse , African hunt dog, warthogs ,  red duiker  and blue duiker many more. You as also view primates.

Tsavo East National Park Attraction

 Bird life

 The park is also a stopping haven for birding, boosting with over 500 bird species. They include ; eurocephalus ,female eastern paradise ,golden pipit ,martial eagle ,Rufous chatterer ,slender-tailed nightjar ,Somali bee-eater , Shelley’s starling, African finfoot , lesser kestrel  , Kingfisher ,hornbills ,secretary birds , heron , eastern chanting-goshawk  , African finfoot ,lesser kestrel  among others .The most spotted birds here are resident and migrant species  that come from Europe and northern countries  of Africa .The migrate bird species arrive in Tsavo East national park in November to April.

One to have unbeatable Kenya wildlife safari adventure in Kenya take a visit to Tsavo East National Park.