Top Tourist Attractions in Mombasa Kenya :  Mombasa is a popular landmark destination found in the heart of Africa, renown as the second famous coastal city after Nairobi –Kenya’s capital city. More so, it is located in southeastern Kenya along the Indian ocean and its beautiful town known as the white and blue city in Kenya. Being the Kenya’s oldest and second largest city after Nairobi City Capital, it has become a great location on the Indian Ocean made it a historical trading Centre and it has been under control by many countries all because of its strategic location thus also boosting with a population of about 1,208,333 people according last few years’ in census record.

Despite Mombasa is one of the ultimate tourism based town, home of the one of the state houses with various large port and famous international airport as well as beautiful Islands and beaches.

Geographically, Mombasa is characterized by a flat topography and its rewardable town is centered on Mombasa Island though it extends to the mainland. This Island is divided from the mainland by two creeks, port Reitz in the South and Tudor Creek in the north.

Climate and weather; Mombasa experiences a tropical wet and dry. More so, the amount of rainfall received depends on the season and the rainiest months are April and May while rainfalls are minimal between January and February.

Top Tourist Attractions in Mombasa Kenya
Fort Jesus

Since the city lies near the equator, Mombasa has only a slight seasonal temperature variation with high temperatures ranging between 29 degrees Celsius and 83.8 F.

According to weather variation in Kenya, the climate change sometime creates challenges for the city and for this reason, coastal erosion has become a problem for the infrastructure in Mombasa, Top Tourist Attractions in Mombasa Kenya

In general, Mombasa Kenya’s second largest city after Nairobi, offers travelers an exotic taste of the African tropics steeped in centuries of seafaring history. Mombasa is one of the Kenya’s tourists hub with stunning Island connected by bridges and ferries to the Kenyan coast, that stretches for miles   along the mainland to the north and south, Mombasa’s beach resorts preside over palm-studded strands fringed by shimmering coral reefs.

Many tourists flock in here to enjoy the remarkable things that marks Mambosa a ranks one of the world’s tourist’s destination with a lot of attraction to explore or to engage in, on visit you can do dolphin spotting trips on traditional dhows and deep – sea fishing to diving and snorkeling the wrecks and reefs as well as engaging in basking on the sun-splashed shores and all this is done in city, a world of its amazing history and culture awaits.

Mombasa is a cultural melting pot that connects different outstanding countries like British, Asian, Arabic, Omanis, Indian and Chinese immigrants who also enjoy the city’s architecture and cuisine and many mosques as well as temples grace the city streets.

On visit here, you can opt to do Mombasa City Tour where you can be able to explore from local markets, step back in time and explore the ancient buildings. Beyond touring the city, you can take part in Wildlife parks, visit villages and ancient ruins round out the wealth of water based fun.

Here are more about the best places to visit with our list of the top tourist attractions in Mombasa Kenya.

Fort Jesus

This is a landmark tourist attraction on African continent in Kenya –East Africa which was built between 1593 to 1569 by the Portuguese and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Mombasa’s top tourists attractions. For its historical beauty and attractive it was made of Italian architect Cairati who designed the structure and for the decades it has become one of the world’s finest examples of 16th century Portuguese military architecture.

The building was built in the shape of a man and in reference given the name of Jesus as a clear religious name. However, the fort changed hands nine times from 1631 and 1875 before the final resting with the British.

Moreover, Fort Jesus houses a museum built over the former barracks for the garrison that includes a vast collection of ceramics and pottery reflecting the various cultures that traded along the coast.

The Fort Jesus offers various battlements and ruined building within the compound attached with Omani house which was built in the late 18th century, there is also houses Omani jewelry and displays on Swahili life.

 Haller Parks

Haller park –Mombasa is a hit with animal lovers, formerly called Bamburi Nature trail which is a project that began in 1971 when Dr. Rene Haller transformed the abandoned limestone quarries here into a thriving nature reserve, Top Tourist Attractions in Mombasa Kenya

With time, Dr. Haller increased the mineral content of the soil, fish farms, planted trees and also created a wildlife park where each animal has a function within the flourishing ecosystem. Wildlife to see here includes Cape buffalos, Zebras, waterbucks, giraffes and hippos. There is giraffe feeding but be sure to check the times before visiting.

This park was once a home to popular interspecies couple that became an internet sensation after the 130-year-old tortoise, Mzee, an orphaned hippo and adopted Owen. It also a home to more than 160 bird species and some of bird species to encounter includes; weaver, birds, cranes, pelicans and storks.

Top Tourist Attractions in Mombasa Kenya
Haller Park

On visit at Haller park, you can take part in walking trip and cycling through interesting paths winding with many attractions like palm garden, butterfly pavilion and crocodile pens as well as a visit to reptile park.

Visit to Mambosa Marine National Park

Mambosa Marine National Park knowns has one busiest Kenya’s offshore reserve and that protects mangroves, seagrass beds, coral reef and sandy beaches. Diving and snorkeling is the main done things especially north of Mombasa from Mtwapa Creek south and to the entrance of Likoni.

There are sea horses where you can enjoy the ride as you explore the beautiful inhabiting the reserve which are the marine creatures as well as MV Dania a famous, wreck dive here. On visit here, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the diverse marine life from a glass-bottom boat.

All the surrounding beautiful beaches like that of Nyali, Bamburi and Shanzu all provide easy access to the Marine Park.

North Coast Beaches

The beaches on the north side of Mombasa are loving and tantalizing than those to the south coast. On visit your free to enjoy palm-lined shores, Crystal-clear waters, coral reefs and a profusion of water sports, resorts and entertainment venues provided to the plenty of tourist action. These resort are positioned closer to the airport and Mombasa City.

Visit the Old Town

The old town is positioned on the southeast side of Mombasa Island and it has been existing since the early days when the Portuguese ruled this important port. These town is absolutely inhabitant mostly to Arabs, Asian and European origin and the architecture reflects their cultures.

There is an old building that jostle cheek to jowl along the narrow streets, where you can do shopping for antiques, fragrant oils, spices and souvenirs. Besides that, there are many good restaurants and cafes in this area, Top Tourist Attractions in Mombasa Kenya

Visit South Coast Beaches

You will enjoy more of a world’s natural beauty coastline, where you can enjoy sprawl under rustling palms, visit the rainforest around and be able to spot various wildlife and bird species on this idyllic stretch of coast and coral reefs.

Amazingly, the south coast beaches are among the most famous places to visit on holidays as individual, person or as a family.

Take hangout to Diani beach one of the most visited beaches as we see European tourists’ flocks in here to enjoy the busy lineup of water sports like windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, kitesurfing and diving to water-skiing and parasailing.

On visit to Kenya Mombasa destination, looking to a place to relax your mind with overlooking of its beauty choose to visit Tiwi Beach located only 17 kilometers south of the Likoni Ferry. To those who are sunbather’s lovers and snorkelers take a visit here and enjoy more of its romantic places around Mombasa.

Visit the Mombasa Tusks

This is one of the city tour tourist attraction to visit within the city, which were built to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Mombasa in year 1952. Due to the construction of aluminum, the tusks mark the entrance to the heart of town where you can find most of the banks, shops and markets.

Mamba Village Centre

Take a visit to Mamba Village Centre which is located in Nyali East Africa and known as the largest crocodile farm in the entire East Africa. Along your visit here, expect to learn about the life cycle and behavior of these impressing amphibians. The activity highlight for the visitors is watching the crocodiles fight for tasty morsels during feeding time.

 This center also offers horseback riding to the tourists and a clean and beautiful botanical garden with an aquarium and displays carnivorous species.

Carnivores can visit the restaurant mainly specializes in game meat like crocodile, Ostriches and zebra.

Visit Bombululu workshops and Cultural center

This is nonprofit organization a project of the Association for the physically disabled in Kenya with four sheltered workshops, restaurant and cultural center.

Around here you can enjoy tribal dance as well as explore traditional homesteads of Kenya culture.

You can visit the workshops and be able to purchase handcrafted souvenirs such as Jewelry, textiles, wood carving and leather crafts. There is a restaurant good in preparing Kenyan cuisine tasty.

Visit Mombasa Go- Kart

This place is good to visit as a family with children, it consists with speedster of kids of all ages and where you can learn to dig in a Bobcat excavator.

The place is full of excitement where even you can enjoy a snack at the family friendly restaurant with computer games, at touched with a large playground as well as a big screen showing sporting events.

Top Tourist Attractions in Mombasa Kenya
Visit Mombasa Go- Kart

Where to stay in Mombasa Tours

However, Mombasa a famous city boosts with lots of best comfortable areas to stay mostly along the northern beaches of Nyali, Shanzu, Mombasa and Bamburi and in every area of the coastline. Accommodations ranges from luxury, Mid-range and Budget hotels as we can see that hotels are more rated in these visited areas;

Luxury Hotels includes;

Sarova White Sands Beach Resort & Spa located along beautiful Bamburi Beach with all good amenities.

Serena Beach Resort & Spa found north on Shanzu Beach

Voyager Beach Resort; Features with comfortable amenities.

Mid-Range Hotels

Sever in Sea Lodge offers perfect value with   two beautiful swimming pools peek out from palm-studded gardens.

Travelers Beach Hotel & Club offers friendly service to guests.

Bahari Beach Hotel; offers a gain view with wide glass doors that slide open to balconies.

Budget Hotels

City Blue Creekside Hotel & Suites it overlooks Tudor Creek and since it lies in between Nyali Beach and Fort Jesus gives a convenient location for those who want access to both attractions.

Kenya Bay Beach Hotel, offers gorgeous value with gainful view of surrounding beauty and it is nearby Kahuma Hotel Bambara Beach.

Lastly, you can visit stunning Mombasa a famously known as second Kenya’s Largest city with plenty of incredible tourist attractions in the place. All you need is to get started planning now for your next unforgettable life safari experience in the heart of Africa –Kenya Safari Destination.