Haller Park Mombasa; Haller park is quite sheer adventure you can visit and enjoy the beauty of scenic landscape with variety of beautiful vegetation, animal species, bird species and stunning nature. More so, this nature park is located in Bamburi-Mombasa on the Kenya Coast and it is transformed of a quarry wasteland into an ecological area while on Kenya Safaris.

In fact, the Haller park contains variety of plant and animal species which serve as   a life recreation encounter for tourists and locals as well as the park held various attraction of Owen and Mzee with friendship of a hippopotamus and a tortoise.

Haller Park Mombasa
Haller Park Mombasa

Historically, Haller Park was established in 1952 as a rehabilitation project for Cementia Holding search site at the East African coast to build a cement factory. For this reason, over the decade’s cement production grew from one millions tons to twenty-five million tons. More so, the area became inhospitable and wasteland with brackish water.  The Bamburi cement company which soon turned into the rehabilitate the quarries which seemed to be a difficult task. No plants had been able to establish themselves there. Then in the 1959, Rene Haller was hired as manager of the garden department and this gives a great task to beauty the area. Later on, in 1970 Haller embarked on the reforestation project, Haller Park Mombasa.

The park’s landscape inhabits over 26 plants only three of them survived such as damas, coconut palm and the casuarina.

The casuarina is adapted species that grows under severe conditions up with branch lets with nice look such as pine needle and have a strong outer surface skin which protects the tree against loss of water.  However, they could tolerate salty water which seemed perfect for the environment. Due to the casuarina’s high tannin leads them to be too tough and bitter to be broken down by bacteria into humus for other plants to grow in. Then after five years had passed the casuarina started self –seeding and colonizing the surrounding area. After ten years they make up to the height of 30 meter and beyond those years some of the tree species had a trunk circumference of 2.4 meters and the humus layers has made 10 centimeters deep.

Haller park is home to various animal species such as Vervet monkeys, giraffes and paradise of birders birds to spot here include; Weaver birds, storks, Egrets, Owls, Eagles, Kites, Cranes, Malachite kingfisher, Pied kingfisher, Taveta golden weaver, Golden palm weaver, Yellow tailed egret, Narina trogon, Sacred Ibis plover, White faced tree ducks, Ibis, Sandpipers, Kingfisher, Herons mentioned but few.

Haller Park Mombasa
Wildlife Viewing in Heller

Other attractions to see in Haller Park which is formerly known as the Bamburi Nature Trail, positioned in a former limestone quarry of Bumburi Cement Limited. More so, hosts range of wildlife such as hippos, giraffes, buffaloes and antelopes as well as beautiful smaller mammals and birds.

Activities to do here include Game viewing where you can be able to visit reptile center, butter house, crocodile farm, fish breeding ponds, Game sanctuary activities are worth visit  many more, Haller Park Mombasa.

Giraffe feeding is an amazing activity to do, you feeding the most graceful animals on earth and leave with quite unforgettable, feeding giraffes starts at 400pm and food showdown at the crocodile at 4:30 pm.

Bird watching where you can be able to watch variety of bird species and Guide night walks where you can be able watch nocturnal animals like bush babies, bats, waterbucks, fire flies, genets, Owl bushbucks among others.

How much is the entrance fees at Haller Park? Someone wishing to visit the Haller park is titled to pay USD20 per person per day.

Why Haller Park built or exist? The aim was to build on the lesion learnt in the rehabilitation of degraded landscape in order to  help millions of smallholder farmers living on depleted soils across different regions of Africa with transformation their livelihoods.

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Haller Park Mombasa
Baobab Holiday Resort

Haller park is quite remarkable with safari destination where one shouldn’t miss on visit in Kenya where you will get excited with its stunning landscape. TAKE A VISIT HERE TODAY!! KENYA SAFARIS