Lake Nakuru –Bird List Kenya Safari

Lake Nakuru –Bird List Kenya Safari : Lake Nakuru national park is of the best location for bird checklists of the world which have attracted many tourists across the world who are bird lovers to this rewarding destination. Bird watching here is truly unforgettable experience in the heart of Africa/Kenya. Below is the list of birds based on a different authority as highlighted;

Struthioniformes Species

Lake Nakuru Struthioniformes species include; Common Ostrich

Anseriformes Species

Lake Nakuru anseriformes species include White faced whistling duck, fulvous whistling duck, Maccoa duck, Egyptian goose, Garganey, Hottentot teal, Northern shoveler, Eurasian wigeon, African black duck, Yellow-billed duck, Cape teal, Red –billed teal, Northern pintail, Common teal, White backed duck, Spur winged goose, Africa pygmy goose among others


Lake Nakuru –golliformes species include Helmeted Guineafolw, Common quail, Harlequin quail, Hildebrandt’s francolin, Yellow necked Spur fowl, Crested francolin, Coqui francolin, Moorland francolin, Shelley’s francolin many more


Lake Nakuru phoenicopterformes species include Greater flamingo, Lesser flamingo, Little grebe, great crested grebe, black-necked grebe among others.


Lake Nakuru columbiformes species include Speckeled pigeon, African olive pigeon, lemon dove, dusky turtle dove, mourning collared dove, Red-eyed dove, laughing dove, African green pigeon, Emerald spotted wood dove, Blue-spotted wood dove, tambourine dove, Namaqua dove among others


Lake Nakuru – caprimulgiformes species found here are Sombre nightjar, Montane nightjar, Freckled nightjar, Slender tailed nightjar, African palm swift, Mottle swift, white rumped swift, Horus swift, little swift, Nyanza swift, African swift, Common swift many more.


Lake Nakuru -cuculiforemes species include white browed coucal, Jacobin cuckoo, Levailant’s cuckoo, Great spotted cuckoo, Thick-billed cuckoo, Klaas’s cuckoo, African emerald cuckoo, black cuckoo, common cuckoo many more.


Lake Nakuru -gruiformes species found in the park include Grey crowned crane


Lake Nakuru -Otidiformes species include Black-bellied bustard, Kori bustard, white bellied bustard among others.


Lake Nakuru -musophagiformes species found in the park include White –bellied Go away bird, Bare faced Go away bird, Hartlaub’s Turaco among others.


Lake Nakuru -pelecaniformes species include Marabou ,Yellow-billed stork ,African open bill ,black stork ,Abdim’s stork ,Woolly-necked stork ,European white stork ,saddle bill stork ,great white pelican ,pink-backed pelican ,Hamerkop ,little bittern ,dwarf bittern ,black crowned night heron ,Striated heron ,Squacco heron ,Madagascar pond heron ,Grey egret ,grey heron ,black headed heron ,goliath heron ,purple heron ,intermediate egret ,black heron ,little egret ,western reef egret ,African darter ,Long tailed cormorant ,African spoonbill ,Glossy Ibis ,African sacred Ibis  among others

Lake Nakuru –Bird List Kenya Safari


Lake Nakuru -charadriiformes species include pied Avocet ,black winged stilt ,grey plover ,pacific golden plover ,little ringed plover ,little ringed plover ,Kittlitz’s plovers ,lesser sand plovers blacksmith Lapwing ,black-winged Lapwing ,Crowned Lapwing ,African Wattled Lapwing ,Great painted-snipe ,African Jacana .blacks –tailed Godwit ,Ruddy turnstone ,Ruff,Temminck’s stint ,sanderling ,little stint ,African snipe ,Common snipe ,Common snipe ,Terek sandpiper ,common Red shark ,Marsh sandpiper ,Red-necked phalarope ,Common buttonquail ,Collared pratincole ,double-banded courser ,Sauder’s tern ,Gull-billed tern ,Caspian tern ,whiskered tern ,white-winged tern ,African skimmer ,slender billed Gull among others on a kenya safari .


Lake Nakuru accipitriformes species include Black winged kite ,European honey buzzard ,African cuckoo hawk ,African harrier hawk ,bateleur ,black chested snake eagle ,western banded snake eagle ,white headed vulture ,white backed vultures ,Ruppell’s vulture ,Bat hawk ,Crowned eagle ,Martial eagles ,Long crested eagle ,greater spotted eagle ,Tawny eagle ,steppe eagle ,verreaux’s eagle ,Wahlberg’s eagle ,Gabar goshawk ,Dark chanting goshawk ,African marsh harrier ,pallid harrier ,African goshawk ,black sparrow hawk ,African fish eagle ,Grasshopper buzzard ,Augur buzzard ,Eurasian buzzard ,Mountain buzzard ,Long-legged buzzard ,


Lake Nakuru -strugifoemes species found in the park include African grass owl, Common barn owl, pearl spotted owlet, Eurasian scoops owl, Marsh owl, spotted eagle owl, Verreaux’s, Cape eagle owl.


Lake Nakuru -coliforms species include White headed Mouse bird, Speckeled Mouse bird, Blue-napped mouse bird,


Lake Nakuru trogoniformes species includes Narina’s trogon


Lake Nakuru -bucerotiformes species include Southern ground hornbill, crowned hornbill, henprich’s hornbill, red-billed hornbill, Common hoopoe, Green wood hoopoe, white headed wood hoopoe, Abyssinian scimitar bill among others.


Lake Nakuru -picifomers species include Lesser honeyguide, Wahlberg’s honeybird, Scary-throated honeyguide, greater honeyguide, Northern wryneck, Nubian woodpecker, cardinal woodpecker, bearded woodpecker, brown backed woodpecker, Yellow rumped tinker bird, Red-fronted tinker bird, Red-fronted barbet, white headed barbet, spot-flanked barbet among others.


Lake Nakuru -Coraciiformes species include white fronted bee-eater, white throated bee eater, Northern carmine bee-eater, European bee-eater, Cinnamon chested bee eater, Little bee eater, European roller, Lilac breasted roller, broad-billed roller African malachite kingfisher, giant kingfisher, pied kingfisher, woodland kingfisher many more.


Lake Nakuru -falconiformes species include common kestrel, Fox kestrel, grey kestrel, Amur falcon, grey kestrel, Eurasian hobby, African hobby, peregrine falcon, lanner falcon among others.


Lake Nakuru -psittaciformes species found in the park include Red-fronted parrot, Brown parrot.


Lake Nakuru -Passeriformes species include purple throated cuckoo shrike ,black cuckoo shrike ,grey cuckoo shrike ,Eastern Back-headed Oriole ,Eurasian Golden Oriole ,African Golden Oriole ,black throated wattled-eye ,Von Erlanger’s batis ,chin spot ,Greycrested helmet shrike ,brown crowned Tchargra ,black crowned Tchagra ,black backed puff back ,brubru ,Orange breasted bush-shrike ,tropical boubou ,Fork-tailed drongo ,Red-backed shrike ,Turkestan shrike ,Islbelline ,Grey-backed fiscal ,Long-tailed ,woodchat ,Northern fiscal ,white-necked raven ,Fan-tailed raven ,Cape crow ,beautiful sunbird ,Mariqua sunbird ,Variable sunbird ,Northern Double-collared sunbird ,Golden winged sunbird ,Bronzy sunbird ,Scarlet-chested sunbird ,Green headed sunbird ,Cardinal Quelea ,speckle-fronted weaver ,white browed sparrow weaver ,grey headed social ,grosbeak weaver ,Long –tailed widowbird ,Kackson’s widowbird ,Vitelline masked weaver ,Village weaver, chestnut weaver ,Red-headed weaver purple grenadier ,Red-cheeked cordon bleu,blue-capped cordon-blue ,yellowbellied waxbill ,Cut-throat fin chat ,African thrush ,Bare-eyed thrush ,Isabel line wheatear, Capped wheatear ,Mocking cliff chat ,pied wheatear, capped wheatear, Ashy flycatcher ,white browned scrub Robin ,slender-billed starling ,wattled starling ,superb starling ,greater blue eared starling ,Yellow billed oxpecker ,Red-billed oxpecker ,Arrow-marked babbler ,black hored babbler ,African Yellow white eye few mentioned.

Best birding time in Lake Nakuru national park is from June to October when the abundance of food is in the park, the migratory bird species can be seen in November to April .Game viewing and nature walk is also gainful with in this period of the year