Top safari activities in Tsavo National Park; Tsavo National Park is a great safari destination that makes first traveler’s dream come to pass since the park hosts   with a wide range of attractions that gives tourists a great opportunity to visit the place. However, they are categorized into two Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park when we combine both national park they form a Tsavo National Park thus covering an area over 22,000 square Kilometers.

 Tsavo national park is landmark of adventuring a wide range of wildlife population on Kenya wildlife Safari with the African big fives ‘’5’’ such as; Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Elephants and Buffaloes’’. Despite the fact, Tsavo National park is a home of both Black and White Rhino species of Rhinos as well as offering scenic views of the great work of the volcanic activity   that led to the formation of the great Yatta plateau and the volcanic in the park features with the fifty million gallons of white crystal water which is formed from the under Neath of the rocks.

Below are the highlight activities to do in Tsavo National Park on your safari.

Bird watching

Tsavo National Parks is a privileged safari destination for birding that boosts with more 500 bird species. Birding here can be done all year around with the help of the park rangers. Around 400 bird species are permanent and over 100 bird species are migratory birds that fly in from different parts of the world, can be viewed from the month of November and April. Although the best time for bird watching is during rainy months when food is abundance   in the March to May and November.

Top safari activities in Tsavo National Park
Marsh warbler

Some of bird species to be spotted here on safari as follows ; Papyrus Gonolek ,River Warbler ,African Finfoot ,Common bull bull ,Little egret ,Love birds , Mourning Dove , trigonoceps occipitalis ,Taita falcon ,Pangani long claw ,Martial Eagle ,Somalia Ostrich , Ephippirhynchus senegalensis ,Golden pit pit ,Black-faced sandgrouse ,Taita fiscal ,Rufous chatterer , Vultures ,Hamer Kop ,Red-Bellied parrot ,Slender-tailed nightjar ,Lesser kestrel, Northern brownbul , Martial eagle , Marsh warbler , Somali bee-eater ,Somali bunting , River warbler ,Red-bellied parrot ,Red-backed shrike many more.

Game drives –Game Viewing

Game viewing in Tsavo National Park is remarkable experience done in an open roof safari vehicle which takes the guest closer to the animals. Done in three sessions; Morning, Evening and Full Day Game drive.

The morning game drive is so rewarding due to its scenic nature landscape and best time to view numerous wildlife species predators like hyenas, leopards, lions these species can be viewed before turning back to their hideouts, the evening game drive is best time to watch some of the shy and nocturnal animals. During the game drives you will have an opportunity to adventure wide population of wildlife species such as; Rhinos, Lions, Zebras, Hippos, Wildebeests, Gazelles, Eland, Leopards, Lesser Kudu, Cheetahs, Elephants among others. Unlike the birding which is encountered during the rainy season and Game viewing –drives are best during the dry season, Top safari activities in Tsavo National Park.

Guided Nature walks –Walking Safaris

Guided nature walk is an interesting activity done on foot under the guide of the park ranger who is armed to protect the visitors from any danger at the park. This activity brings you close to the animal’s experience into special wilderness of the park as well as the better way to feel the fresh breeze of the African bush while touring around.  You can hike to the poacher’s hills known as ‘’ observation hill’’ where you will have rewardable aerial view of the park at 360 degrees.

Cultural tours

However, Kenya sounds as one of the best destination with regard to cultural tours, this is because most of Kenya national parks are bordered by the unique local Masai people who have amazing and unique cultures those to leave dilute with the current modernization.  On visit here you can visit the locals around or visit the Masai people where you will be able to enjoy traditional dances, songs and learn how to make beads together with them.

Top safari activities in Tsavo National Park
Maasai People


In Tsavo National Park you can also have a great sightseeing of the unique fifty million gallons of crystal water produced underneath the rough rocky surfaces. You can as well have chances of viewing Mazima springs and rewarding point within the parks.

 You can combine a visit to Tsavo Kenya Safari to Uganda’s Gorilla Safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park .Combining a visit Kenya Wildlife Safari to Uganda Gorilla Safari can be much easily accessed by traveling by air –domestic Aerolink Kenya from Wilson Airport to fly you to Kihihi airstrip a nearest airstrip to Bwindi in order to encounter  Gorilla Trekking Experience.

 Get started now! Book your safari or combined safari and have unforgettable memories of abundant wildlife species in Tsavo National Park and a great expedition of Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.