Top 5 Things to Do in Congo : Democratic Republic of Congo is a gifted country with incredible bio-diversity natural resource though tourism is still underdeveloped but few years from now there is hope Congo to be one of the most visited countries in Africa in near future.

Here are the top things to do in Congo Safaris /Best places to visit in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National Park

 First of all, Virunga national park is one of the oldest park in Africa and is a UNESCO World Heritage sites which was established in 1925 and lies in the eastern part of the country, Top 5 Things to Do in Congo.   The park is the most visited national park in Democratic Republic of Congo because of the remarkably bio-diversity of wildlife species such as elephants, hippopotamus, lions, leopards, chimpanzee, Okapi among others. Above all, Virunga National park is a home to unique mountain gorillas and the better way to see them is to engage in Gorilla trekking which is the most popular thing to do on Congo Safaris followed by Hiking Mount Nyiragongo.

Top 5 Things to Do in Congo
Gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park

Gorilla trekking experience is the most incredible thing to do in life of an adventure which starts after morning breakfast with a briefing about dos and don’ts of gorilla trekking. After briefing, a park ranger guide will group you and then accompanies you in the forest trails in search for them. The activity can take 30 to 5 hours depending on where were last seen the precious day.  Endeavor to carry useful essentials like rain jacket, enough mineral bottle, comfortable hiking shoes, warm clothes. Once you locate them one hour is given to you to observe these great mountain gorillas as they play, feed, feed their younger ones, lay their nest on the ground or high on the tree branches as well as enjoying taking future photography. Congo gorilla permits costs SUD400 per person per trek because without permit you cannot access the gorillas. For Gorilla trekking trip you can visit also Kahuzi Biega National Park a home to the largest gorilla species on earth-the Grauer’s gorilla ‘’lowland gorillas and other activity to do include; birding, mountain hiking, nature walks to discover amazing waterfalls.

 Visit to Mount Nyiragongo

The Nyiragongo Volcano is one of the main key attraction to experience while on visit in Virunga National Park. Mount Nyiragongo acts the seven nature wonders and its famous because of being an active volcano with the largest lava lake on earth. Since 1984, this mountain has erupted 34 times with the last occurring in 2011. The place is rewarding though to most people fear visiting it because of unknown lava eruption. But on visit you will experience its beauty of a lava lake up close. If you opt to climb Mount Nyiragongo it takes two days and you will be left in awe at the great view of the lava lake. Hiking permits to Nyiragongo costs USD300 per person day includes the night spent on cabin while at its top.           To most visitors prefer hiking mount Nyiragongo yet also Nyamuragira is also among the stunning natural wonder

Livingstone waterfalls

These Livingstone waterfalls are quite stunning attraction as it collects of its large rapids found in the Congo river. The falls starts from Malebo pool all the way to Bas Congo ‘’Matadi’’. In spite that fact, Livingstone waterfalls ranks as one of the top attraction to be visited on safari or City Tour in the Democratic Republic of Congo and worth visiting site with clear rewarding view and good for memorable photography when planning a safari in the country. However, these waterfalls were named after the prominent British explorer known as David Livingstone.

Visit Maiko National Park

Maiko National Park is one of the largest game park in Africa with biodiversity of wildlife species which are inhabitant of the land covering about 10,885 square kilometers, located in remote areas. This park acts as the Congo’s most inaccessible game park consisting of 3 sectors that is Maniema, province Orientale and North Kivu.   The park is known as a home to the largest subspecies of gorillas which as Eastern lowland gorillas   and other endemic animals to see in Maiko include the Congo Peafowl and Okapi. Still, it’s an important conservation site to see aquatic genet, chimpanzee and African forest elephants, you can also be able to spot leopards and the elusive bongo, Top 5 Things to Do in Congo.

Top 5 Things to Do in Congo
Visit Maiko National Park

Cultural encounter

On visit to Congo Safari never leave without visiting the Mbuti pygmy’s tribes who have lived here for over 10,000 years ago. You visiting the Mbuti pygmies for a week you will never leave disappointed but you will leave with amazing stories to tell the rates.

Visit Museum

Take time visit Congo National Museum where you will be able to experience historical building in Kinshasa a place worth a visit. You will be able to view unique displayed historical things which can be guided by experienced private guide or local tour operator, Top 5 Things to Do in Congo.

Visit Marche Central

 During your visit to Congo Safaris, you can visit the central market that provides a great opportunity to meet up with local people busy doing business and you can choose to buy fresh tropical fruits vegetables, grain, herbs or brand new Congolese fabrics among others.