Safari activities at Lake Victoria: Lake Victoria is one of the greatest lakes in Africa stretching into three countries; Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania and also the source of the great river Nile as it is called in Egypt or say the Victoria Nile, which is the longest river in Africa, the lake is a fantastic destination to visit while on a wildlife safari into the pearl of Africa.

Lake Victoria is the largest in Africa and the second largest lake after Lake Superior in North America the lake before John Hannington Speke was named Lake Victoria after Queen Victoria due to its natural beauty, the epitome of wonders, wildlife ranging from scenic mountains to islands, beaches, fishing boats, several bird species, and animal species. Was most known as lake Nalubale by the locals.

The lake is also known to many as the Pearl and Pride of Africa because of the distance it covers in the different countries of Uganda while on Uganda Wildlife Safari sightseers can get to explore the beauty of the lake and also know more about its history.

Below are some of the safari activities that can be carried out while on a visit to Lake Victoria giving a true definition as to why the lake is called the pearl and pride of Africa, the lake can be explored throughout the year through. However, for the best experience, it’s best to thrill upon it in the dry season.

Activities on Lake Victoria

Bird Watching

One of the most famous safari activities carried out at Lake Victoria is birding and this can be mostly carried out at the Mabamba swamps as the destination is known to have a variety of birds including the most sought for shoe bill making the destination a great birders paradise.

Chimpanzee Island

While on a visit to Lake Victoria, there are chances to have and experience chimpanzee trekking which is carried out at the Chimpanzee Island or say Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary here is the rehabilitation site for chimpanzees, and treatments, feeding, and care for orphaned chimpanzees.  The place is home to 49 chimpanzees.

Safari activities at Lake Victoria
Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Beach life on Lake Victoria

Sightseers can as well experience the beach life of Lake Victoria as they travel across the lake using several boats ranging from large ferries and transport barges to Ngalawa fishing boats and dugout canoes giving a real thrill of beauty to all those that witness it beyond. This permits sightseers to witness bird species such as the island fish eagles running a spectacular scene diving from high above into the lake water to catch their prey.

Boat cruise

Sightseers can also engage in boat cruises as they get to witness the breathtaking horizon of the waters as the sun sets this makes the experience so stunning, and this can be accompanied by some drinks and snacks.

Sport Fishing

Sightseers can also engage in the most famous water activity, sport fishing where sightseers get to try out game which permits them to catch fish such as the tilapia and other fish species found in the lake, as it is known that the lake is a freshwater lake and hence a habitant to various aquatic species.

These are some of the thrilling safari activities that can be carried out along the most famous lake in Uganda and plenty of other safari activities such as; Canoe rides, Camping on different islands, Picnics, and Photography.

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